More iPhone-Related Crime: Arrests Tied to Chef's Murder and Early Morning Subway Stabbing

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Two news stories are developing this weekend that involve iPhone-related violence.

The New York Post is reporting that a teen is now fighting for his life after he was stabbed early this morning during a fight over an iPhone at a Fordham Heights subway station.

Apparently, the 19-year-old saw that a friend's phone had been snatched after the two fell asleep on a downtown 4 train. When he realized the phone had been grabbed, he spotted someone who he thought looked suspicious and began fighting with him over the missing iPhone. The fight made its way to the Fordham Road station platform, and the man repeatedly stabbed the 19-year-old in the face and chest. The suspect fled the scene around 4 a.m. The teen is in critical condition at St. Barnabas Hospital.

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Tyrone Hunter Could Spend His Life in Prison for Burglarizing Upper East Side Women

Tyrone Hunter, who terrorized three Upper East Side women in a creepy 2010 crime spree, will spend anywhere from 18 years to the rest of his life in prison, the Manhattan District Attorney announced today.

Indeed, the deets of Hunter's crimes are chilling, and it's a good thing he's going to be behind bars for a long time.

Here's what he did: Hunter accosted a woman in the hall of her apartment building on East 69th Street on Nov. 24, 2010, around1:15 p.m. He forced her into her apartment, made her undress, blindfolded her, and then stole her jewelry, TV, and laptop.

Around 9 p.m. that same day, he followed another woman into her building on East 83rd Street. He placed his hand over her mouth and demanded cash.

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If You Give Directions, You Might Get Robbed at Gunpoint -- Even in Williamsburg and Bushwick

Hey, New Yorker! Yeah, YOU! Now you finally have good reason to be that asshole -- you know, that guy or gal who doesn't want to give directions. It could be dangerous!

Cops say the four scumbags pictured here are preying on the city's good Samaritans -- they'll stop and ask you for directions and rob you while you're distracted.

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Anthony Smith, Michael Smith, and Melvin Peters Get Prison for Murder of Roy Huntley

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Roy Huntley died at the hands of a gang of thugs during a grisly robbery-turned-slaying that took place on Sept. 28, 2008.

Michael Smith, Anthony Smith, and Melvin Peters roughed up the 24-year-old husband and father of two in 2050 Eighth Avenue, stealing his watch and other small property before dragging him outside, where Anthony then shot him in the head. Two other men are said to be involved in the crime.

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Chelsea Transit Robber On The Loose

RMA #790-11 Manhattan Transit Robbery Pattern.jpg
Cops are looking for a man wanted in connection to four robberies in Chelsea, three of them involving the subway. In the first incident, on Saturday, August 13 at about 7:30 a.m. at Broadway and West 28th, the suspect went up behind an elderly man as he walked into the entrance to the N train and choked him from behind, snatching his wallet. The suspect fled on foot in unknown direction. Horribly, the victim sustained a stroke because of the robbery. More »

Anthony Weiner Target of Fake Twitter Accounts; Convict Says Amanda Knox Is Innocent

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  • There's evidence that at least one person was involved in creating two fake Twitter accounts with the intent to gather information about Anthony Weiner, the Times reports. One phony account was of an alleged 16-year-old girl who tried to get Weiner to be her prom date; another one posed as the first girl's classmate. Whoever is behind these accounts contacted #bornfreecrew, the conservative watchdogs who kept a close eye on Weiner's Twitter behavior in recent months, but never gave them any information. They did, however, question other women they suspected of having contact with Weiner, like Ginger Lee and Gennette Cordova. Cordova said "there was something weird about it." [NYT]
  • An Italian prison inmate testified that a fellow convict confessed that Amanda Knox, the American student convicted last year of killing her roommate in Italy, is innocent. The inmate, Mario Alessi, testified that Rudy Guede, who was also convicted in connection with the murder, told him Knox isn't guilty of the crime. [CNN]

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Gerald Abramovitz, 82, Noted Designer, Dies After Mugging

​Elderly designer Gerald Abramovitz, 82, died Thursday from injuries he suffered after being mugged May 25 on the Upper West Side. The scumbag who did this to Abramovitz is still at large.

Born in South Africa, Abramovitz was trained there and at the Royal College of Art in London. Well-known as a furniture designer, his Cantilever desk lamp of aluminum and steel rests in MOMA's permanent collection.

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Five Women Attacked in Four Days in Downtown Manhattan

Security footage/NYPD
A mugger has been targeting women in downtown neighborhoods and attacked five people in four days in May, "sometimes showing a knife and physically assaulting his victims," according to DNA Info. His first reported attack occurred at East 18th Street at 10:30 p.m. on May 12. He threatened a 26-year-old woman with a knife, but fled empty-handed. The next day, he grabbed a 27-year-old woman on 2nd and East Houston and tried to take her wallet (unsuccessfully). Then, on May 14, he attacked a 32-year-old woman at Lafayette and Bleecker and a 24-year-old woman at East 6th Street. On May 15, he pushed a woman at 44 Wall Street, taking her cell phone. The guy is described as in his 30s, six feet tall, and 200 pounds. If you have any info, call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). [DNA Info]

85-Year-Old Woman Brutally Assaulted on Upper East Side

Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 8.46.14 AM.png
In a shockingly awful Monday morning attack, "a light-skinned Hispanic man, 25 to 30 years old" snatched an 85-year-old woman, dragged her into a stairwell, sexually assaulted and robbed her on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. The crime occurred before 6 a.m. near 81st and Madison Avenue, close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The woman is in stable condition. Depraved and disgusting -- find this man: Tipsters can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or submit tips at or text info to 274637 (CRIMES), entering TIP577. [PIX11]

Gay Bars' Patrons Targeted by Thug Robbers in West Village

Suspects in muggings
​Cops are looking for a team of thugs preying on men leaving gay bars in the West Village. The bad people have mugged and robbed at least five men in the past 2 and a half weeks, in the area of Seventh Avenue South and Christopher Street.

The crew of scumbags may be as large as five, or there may even be several crews. So far, though, the cops have released only these two mugshots of suspects; one's a woman, the other's a man. Tipsters can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or submit tips at or text info to 274637 (CRIMES), entering TIP577.