Woman Who Killed Her Alleged Rapist Must Be Granted New Parole Hearing, Judge Rules

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Taconic Correctional Facility, where Pulinario is now serving her time.
Seventeen years after a woman murdered her alleged rapist, a State Supreme Court judge has issued a rare decision, ordering a parole board that declined to set her free to reconsider. The current case stems from a September night in 1995, when 21-year-old Imagio Santana was found shot to death on a street corner in Brentwood, Long Island. Santana carried no ID; he was identified by his fingerprints and by the tattoo of the word "Dominican" he had on his right arm.

The police discovered heroin on Santana's body, and learned he'd been arrested the previous month for drug possession. Lieutenant John Gierasch, who headed the Suffolk County Homicide Squad, said that the killing "had the markings of a drug hit," according to a New York Daily News account from the time.

But on October 18, a month after the murder, police arrested a 21-year-old woman with no criminal record, Keila Pulinario. She told police that she had shot Santana, with whom she had an on-and-off relationship for the past five years. The reason, she said, was that several days earlier, Santana had raped her in his car. When she confronted him about it, he laughed and threatened to rape her again.

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New Video of Suspected East Village Rapist

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The suspect sought in connection with Monday's rape
A 22-year-old East Village woman was returning to her home on East 7th Street around 3:30 a.m. on Monday when a stranger followed her into her building, forced his way inside her apartment, and forcibly raped her.

Neighbors told EV Grieve police began canvassing the neighborhood around 6:45 a.m.

The investigation turned up this surveillance camera footage of the suspect in question.

According to the NYPD, the suspect is described as Hispanic, 5'6, and 170 lbs. He was last seen wearing a white hat, blue sweat shirt, and blue jeans.

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Progress High School Administrators William Abreu and Juan Martinez Raped Students, Used Threats of Deportation To Keep One Quiet, Investigation Reveals

Image via NY1
It's pretty clear at this point that a pair of former high school administrators shouldn't be allowed near high school girls anymore, or perhaps women in general, or maybe just other carbon-based life forms. William Abreu was yanked from his job as assistant principal at Progress High School in Williamsburg last year, after an investigation revealed that he had made "inappropriate sexual remarks" to female students applying for summer jobs in 2011. According to a newly-released investigation from the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District, that's one of his lesser offenses. Commissioner Richard J. Condon reports that Abreu also raped and sexually assaulted female students, threatening to report one to immigration authorities if she refused. And he wasn't the only one.

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Have You Seen This Bushwick Sexual Assault Suspect?

Courtesy NYPD
Because the NYPD has video this time.

Police said that the suspect sexually assaulted two women roughly two months apart. During the first attack, which took place on February 1, the suspect grabbed a 39-year-old woman walking down Woodbine Street in Bushwick, pushed her down, and grabbed her breasts and behind. The survivor was able to fight off her attacker, and he fled on foot. Video of the suspect below.

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Teenage Pizza Delivery Boy Indicted For UWS Rape And Hell's Kitchen Burglary

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Cesar Lucas's Facebook
A little more than a month ago, we told the story of Cesar Lucas - a 16-year-old who worked for Sal's Pizzeria on Tenth Avenue and, after making a delivery, reportedly entered an Upper West Side apartment to find a woman inside. The woman told authorities that Lucas proceeded to rape her while her 7-year-old daughter slept nearby; she soon fended him off and then he left the apartment with the woman's iPhone. The reason he gave for doing all of this in the court papers? He was horny.

Soon after the horrific encounter, Lucas returned to Sal's Pizzeria and was immediately arrested on the spot, thanks to the help of the customer and doorman. He was then arraigned on several charges and held at Riker's Island without bail. However, the woman who was reportedly raped is currently suing everyone involved: Lucas, the pizzeria, the apartment's doorman, the apartment owners and whoever else might have a connection to the events of that night.

The case of Cesar Lucas remained silent until yesterday. Indictment commence.
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Grace Perez, Domestic and Sex Offense Expert, on Nechemya Weberman and Ultra-Orthodox Jews' Reactions to Sex Abuse Allegations

If you have been following the story of Nechemya Weberman, an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man accused of being a child molester, you might have thought that it sounds all too familiar.

Weberman, 53, had been working as an unlicensed therapist in the uber-insular community. One of his patients, a young girl who attended "sessions intended to promote her religious practice," accused him of sexually assaulting her beginning when she was 12, according to the New York Times. The community has rallied behind him, it seems, with thousands attending a fundraiser for his legal defense Wednesday evening and a mere hundred people protesting in defense of the victim, who has been lambasted as a "liar."

Rewind to May 2011. The Voice detailed a similar saga taking place in El Barrio: Juan Caceres, a prominent leader of the Mexican community, had been convicted of repeatedly raping his own daughter. Instead of rallying behind her, they publicly villified her.

The Voice wanted to get a better understanding of why this shaming takes place. So we reached out to Grace Perez. She has worked as a sex abuse and domestic violence victims advocate in the New York metropolitan area for some 30 years and organizes the annual Brides March. What did she say?

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Child Molesters Lose Access to Video Games for Children, AG Eric Schneiderman Announces (UPDATE)

Time for some good news and some bad news.

The good news? The online video game accounts of 3,500 sex offenders registered in New York have been closed.

The bad news? Apparently, 3,500 registered sex offenders were able to get gaming accounts with platforms frequented by children -- such as Electronic Arts and Disney Interactive -- in the first place.

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Can an App Prevent Rape?

Sometime last year, Nancy Schwartzman came across a tech competition -- the 2011 White House "Apps Against Abuse Technology Contest." The Brooklyn filmmaker and founder of The Line Campaign wondered: can a simple app prevent sexual assault and dating violence?

So the Sunset Park resident partnered with Deb Levine, ISIS founder and mobile app expert, to design Circle of 6 -- which sends out a help-seeking text alert to six friends with two taps. The pair submitted their prototype to the contest and won, but the iPhone app just launched several weeks ago. It has already been downloaded some 20,000 times.

Schwartzman tells Runnin' Scared: "We basically just wanted to make it really easy for people to get out of bad situations."

How does it work?

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Vandals Advocating Free Subway Rides Spawn Investigation; OWS To March Across Brooklyn Bridge; Pena Witness 'Disturbed'

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Police are now looking for a group of vandals that worked Wednesday morning to let subway riders at thee stations across Manhattan and Brooklyn ride free. The group -- wearing masks, hoods and gloves -- chained open emergency gates, taped over the MetroCard readers and posted signs that read, "customers ride for free." According to the New York Times investigators are still trying to determine whether the group acted "as part -- or in sympathy with --" Occupy Wall Street or another protest group. "We don't know who is behind the incidents or what the motivation is," an NYPD spokesman said Saturday. On Thursday, reports emerged that about 20 stations across the city saw gates opened to protest MTA cutbacks. [NYT]

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Assemblywoman Takes Aim At New York's Rape Laws In Light of Pena Conviction

Aravella Simotas
Following a jury's failure to convict Michael Pena, the NYPD officer on trial for allegedly sexually attacking a teacher at gunpoint while off-duty, of rape, the New York Daily News reports that Queens Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas wants to introduce a bill that would broaden the state's definition of rape and therefore harder for people like Pena to avoid that conviction. Pena was found guilty on Tuesday of criminal sexual assault and predatory sexual assault. That said, the jury could not reach a verdict on two counts of rape, and on Wednesday a judge declared a mistrial.

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