Suspected Serial Armed Robber Orders Smoothie Before Holding Up a Long Island Jamba Juice

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Suffolk County Police Department
An image of the suspect in question.
Suffolk County Police are seeking a man in connection with eight armed robberies across the county. No one has been harmed in the course of the hold-ups. It's also unclear how the man escapes after each one -- witnesses say he just strolls out. He tends to favor gas stations -- one each in Eastport, Calverton, Mastic, North Babylon, St. James, Dix Hills, and Bohemia -- but last night the suspect also held up a Jamba Juice in Stony Brook.

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Has This Guy Punched You in the Head Recently? (Updated)

Jason Commisso

Updated 1:30 p.m.:

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly says the suspect was caught on a Texas-bound Greyhound bus and arrested. Police tracked his cell phone to a bus station, then stopped both buses that had departed the station overnight. Commisso was found on one of them, asleep.


While Chris Brown spent his weekend punching R&B sweetheart Frank Ocean over a parking spot, this guy has allegedly been roaming around East Harlem, hitting Asian people in elevators and taking their money. Rude.

His name is Jason Commisso and the NYPD suspects he's behind all eight of January's elevator robberies. He's 6'1" tall, 200 pounds, and apparently really into breaking people's noses.

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This Guy Robbed and Sexually Assaulted a 19-Year-Old

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The NYPD is looking for any leads in connection with a robbery/sexual assault that took place in the Bronx late last month.

It happened on November 26 around 6:15 p.m. An unnamed 19-year-old girl was in an apartment building at 56 184th Street, not too far from Fordham University, when a Hispanic male, about 55 years old, 5-foot-5 and around 160 pounds approached the victim.

The suspect was wearing a long, green military jacket, a skull cap, and blue jeans. When he reached the girl, he grabbed her cell phone and forcefully took it from her. According to police, he then grabbed her breast. Next, he grabbed her privates. After he finished, he fled the building on foot.

Authorities tell the Voice that they don't have any leads or any further information beyond the sketch of the suspect. If the illustration looks familiar, or if it is you, call the anonymous Crime Stoppers line at 1 (800) 577-TIPS, or visit the Crime Stoppers website.

Prospect Park Robberies Have More Than Doubled in the Past Year

As New Yorkers, we're accustomed to the news of robberies -- especially with the insane rise in smartphone theft recently (and the interesting stories that come out of those). We have all read about Central Park's creepiness at night and some of the crime that goes down there, but rarely do we hear about Brooklyn's equivalent. 

Yes, Prospect Park does have its fair share of robbery, too. And, as of this year, the rate of those getting their stuff jacked from them has more than doubled, according to the New York Post.

Just because you're in Brooklyn's big brownstone backyard doesn't mean you're safe. It just means you're a little bit safer than you would be in Central Park. But is that really saying much?
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Teenage Pizza Delivery Boy Indicted For UWS Rape And Hell's Kitchen Burglary

rape1n-2-web (1).jpeg
Cesar Lucas's Facebook
A little more than a month ago, we told the story of Cesar Lucas - a 16-year-old who worked for Sal's Pizzeria on Tenth Avenue and, after making a delivery, reportedly entered an Upper West Side apartment to find a woman inside. The woman told authorities that Lucas proceeded to rape her while her 7-year-old daughter slept nearby; she soon fended him off and then he left the apartment with the woman's iPhone. The reason he gave for doing all of this in the court papers? He was horny.

Soon after the horrific encounter, Lucas returned to Sal's Pizzeria and was immediately arrested on the spot, thanks to the help of the customer and doorman. He was then arraigned on several charges and held at Riker's Island without bail. However, the woman who was reportedly raped is currently suing everyone involved: Lucas, the pizzeria, the apartment's doorman, the apartment owners and whoever else might have a connection to the events of that night.

The case of Cesar Lucas remained silent until yesterday. Indictment commence.
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Duo Pulls Off Robbery Almost Exactly the Way It's Done in the Movies, Then Decides to Run Out With the Safe

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Astramed robbers.jpg
NYPD say that yesterday, two robbers robbed a physician's office, because as everyone who has watched a good heist film knows, one guy isn't enough, and more than guarantees that someone's going to snitch.

The robbery took place in the 43rd Precinct of the Bronx on 2029 Westchester Avenue (Manhattan is generally a bad idea, per films). The office robbed was an Astramed, a small New York chain, because there's almost assuredly less foot traffic and witnesses there. Astramed doesn't have a Wikipedia page, so you know it's real.

The first suspect was a Hispanic male between 35 and 40 years old with a graying beard, sunglasses, a navy skullcap and beige jacket. The second was wearing sunglasses, a blue, oversized hoodie, and a ball cap. His disguise was so effective that authorities couldn't decipher his age or race from the surveillance footage.

The suspect in the beige jacket was photographed brandishing a pistol at the front desk. According to cops, robbers demanded money then rounded the staff up and moved them to an office in the back, because there's always a silent alarm under the front desk.

Then they started to diverge. There was a safe in the back office where they moved the staff. They went for the safe.

And though authorities couldn't tell us how big the safe was, or its contents, they know that suspects escaped on foot. Strike two.

No one in the office was injured. The NYPD urges anyone with any knowledge to tip Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-577-TIPS or

And Here's the Guy Who Has Been Robbing Everyone at Gunpoint

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robbery pattern 89 pic1.jpg
In a 10-minute span, he robbed two victims at gunpoint 50 yards apart. Allegedly.
NYPD is now looking for a man who pulled off a quartet of robberies over the past 48 hours, including two on the same street 10 minutes apart.

The suspect, who has only been unidentified from security cameras as a bald, black male, started his string of crime around 4:20 on Sunday morning, robbing a 51-year-old man at gunpoint on East 88th Street. An hour later, the suspect robbed a 25-year-old man on East 70th.

According to police, the suspect started again nearly a day later, robbing a 42-year-old woman at gunpoint at around 2 a.m. on Monday morning on West 55th. Ten minutes later, the suspect robbed a male on the same block less than 50 yards away.

Police are asking you to contact them if you know who this robber is, or if it is you.

Bronx Seniors Expected to Protect Themselves from Robbers With Whistles

Seniors south of Bronx Park say they don't feel safe because of a recent rash of robberies. So the City is arming them with...whistles.

Yep, you read that right. Whistles.

Here's what's up: Robberies have swelled by 41 percent in the 48th Precinct, the Daily News notes. This includes West Farms and other Community Board 6 neighborhoods.

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More iPhone-Related Crime: Arrests Tied to Chef's Murder and Early Morning Subway Stabbing

via Apple.
Two news stories are developing this weekend that involve iPhone-related violence.

The New York Post is reporting that a teen is now fighting for his life after he was stabbed early this morning during a fight over an iPhone at a Fordham Heights subway station.

Apparently, the 19-year-old saw that a friend's phone had been snatched after the two fell asleep on a downtown 4 train. When he realized the phone had been grabbed, he spotted someone who he thought looked suspicious and began fighting with him over the missing iPhone. The fight made its way to the Fordham Road station platform, and the man repeatedly stabbed the 19-year-old in the face and chest. The suspect fled the scene around 4 a.m. The teen is in critical condition at St. Barnabas Hospital.

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Let's Catch These Creeps: Two Wanted for Marine Park Sex Assault, Robbery

Two scumbags attacked a 60-year-old woman on Tuesday -- one of them sexually assaulted her while the other suspect robbed the victim, cops say.

The first slimeball rang the doorbell on a Marine Park, Brooklyn business and asked whether the owner was available, "because he had some papers for him."

While chatting, the second sleaze knocked on the door. The victim let him into the biz, and he immediately put her in a chokehold. The first suspect picked up a box of files and left. He came back twice after that, taking another box of files with him each time. Meanwhile, the pervy perp pushed the victim into the bathroom and sexually assaulted her. The two crims then fled. The victim was hospitalized and released.

Now, cops want your help finding them.

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