Child Molesters Lose Access to Video Games for Children, AG Eric Schneiderman Announces (UPDATE)

Time for some good news and some bad news.

The good news? The online video game accounts of 3,500 sex offenders registered in New York have been closed.

The bad news? Apparently, 3,500 registered sex offenders were able to get gaming accounts with platforms frequented by children -- such as Electronic Arts and Disney Interactive -- in the first place.

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Can an App Prevent Rape?

Sometime last year, Nancy Schwartzman came across a tech competition -- the 2011 White House "Apps Against Abuse Technology Contest." The Brooklyn filmmaker and founder of The Line Campaign wondered: can a simple app prevent sexual assault and dating violence?

So the Sunset Park resident partnered with Deb Levine, ISIS founder and mobile app expert, to design Circle of 6 -- which sends out a help-seeking text alert to six friends with two taps. The pair submitted their prototype to the contest and won, but the iPhone app just launched several weeks ago. It has already been downloaded some 20,000 times.

Schwartzman tells Runnin' Scared: "We basically just wanted to make it really easy for people to get out of bad situations."

How does it work?

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Larry Davis, Accused Granny Killer, Also on Trial for Killing Trans Lover

DNA Was Recovered From Cigarettes
There's a lot to process here, but we'll give it our best shot.

Larry Davis took a hooker back to his apartment in April 2011. She noticed that his grandmother was dead and stuffed in the closet, according to cops.

So, Davis got busted for that crime, the Daily News reports, but his DNA appeared to be a match for another grisly offense -- the strangulation of Richard McCoy.

Turns out, the saliva on a cigarette recovered at the Brownsville crime scene was Davis's, police say.

Now, Davis is on trial for McCoy's death. Authorities accuse Davis of asphyxiating McCoy during an "hours-long pot-fueled romp in August 2010."

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Let's Catch These Perverts

Picture 41.png
Cops say this creep exposed himself to a woman on the northbound 4 train on February 8, around 12:30 p.m., and they want your help finding him.

The incident took place at the 149th Street/Grand Concourse subway station in the Bronx. After the incident, the perv fled the station on foot.

The 30- to 40-year-old perv is described as 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-9 and 175-190 pounds.

The scumbag is said to have a shaved head.

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Joe Paterno: Rest in Peace?

Joe Paterno has now been gone a week, and it would be nice if we could simply honor his memory without reservation.  I can't. And frankly, it troubles me that so many want to bury Paterno's faults along with the man.
Maybe it isn't the time to talk about such things so close to his death, but when exactly will the right time be?  Anyway, there's the story by Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden in the current issue. Paterno, he writes, "sought to transform the phrase student-athlete from an increasingly belittled oxymoron to the essential truth of his program. Football success would only come hand-in-glove with academic excellence."

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BK Sex Offender Arrested; Cops Say He Snapped Pics of 9-Year-Old Girl

Categories: Crime, Sex Murder

A convicted pedophile has been arrested on charges of child endangerment --- cops say that David Zimmer recently took photos of a 9-year-old girl, and they want to know whether you've seen him hanging around other kids.

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Sexy Tiger Love Triangle Results in Murder

via Wikipedia
A three-year-old Malaysian tiger in captivity at the El Paso Zoo killed her mate after she became jealous of his blossoming relationship with another tiger. Reuters has all the steamy details of this crime of feline passion that occurred Thursday afternoon. Seri attacked and killed her mate, six-year-old Wzui, after he fell in with 15-year-old Meli, an older seductress that was on loan from a zoo in Fresno. Hell hath no fury like a 220 lb Malaysian tiger scorned.

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Carlotta Brett-Pierce Could Be Convicted of Murder of Her 4-Year-Old on Testimony of Her 5-Year-Old

Carlotta Brett-Pierce: Accused of starving and beating her little daughter to death.
​Bad stuff:

"The words of a [5-year-old] son could doom a Monster Mom accused of starving and beating his 4-year-old sister to death." (Daily News)

"Strangulation, bludgeoning, face-stomping, castration with a corkscrew — put them all together and you still get second-degree murder." (Post, Voice)

Lindsay Lohan flaunts necklace that looks suspiciously like the one she's suspected of swiping from a jewelry store. (Post)

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