Larry Davis, Accused Granny Killer, Also on Trial for Killing Trans Lover

DNA Was Recovered From Cigarettes
There's a lot to process here, but we'll give it our best shot.

Larry Davis took a hooker back to his apartment in April 2011. She noticed that his grandmother was dead and stuffed in the closet, according to cops.

So, Davis got busted for that crime, the Daily News reports, but his DNA appeared to be a match for another grisly offense -- the strangulation of Richard McCoy.

Turns out, the saliva on a cigarette recovered at the Brownsville crime scene was Davis's, police say.

Now, Davis is on trial for McCoy's death. Authorities accuse Davis of asphyxiating McCoy during an "hours-long pot-fueled romp in August 2010."

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Cynthia Lopez Murder: Daniel Elias Allegedly Claims Self-Defense — 'She Tried to Stab Me. I Choked Her. Is She OK?'

‚ÄčIf the relationship between Sunset Park couple Cynthia Lopez, 29, and Daniel Elias, 28, was as stormy as reported, its ending (her body was discovered shortly before 6 a.m. Monday, April 11) was all too predictable. But Elias got in the last word, accusing her of trying to stab him and then choking her to death in self-defense, according to info gathered by the Wall Street Journal.

Will Elias stick to that story? His family sure is.

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