Felix Rodriguez, Another Doctor Feel Good, Pleads Out to Dealing Painkillers

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Yet another disgraced doctor has pleaded guilty to dealing out highly addictive painkillers like candy, federal prosecutors in Manhattan say. This time, the axe fell on Felix Rodriguez, a 52-year-old Manhattan physician living in the Bronx, who pled out to distributing 1,000 Oxycodone pills. He'll be sentenced in May.

Like other bent doctors caught up in a law enforcement crackdown on illegal distribution of painkillers, for more than a year, Rodriguez, a doctor of internal medicine, was writing hundreds of prescriptions for people who he hadn't ever examined or even met. The pills were going to a drug gang who then resold them on the street for as much as $30 each. When he was arrested in 2011, authorities estimated that as many as 50,000 pills were involved.

As the Voice noted in its report in December, more people fatally overdose on prescription painkillers than cocaine and heroin combined. More people die from painkillers than are killed in traffic accidents. Authorities say it's the fastest-growing drug problem in the country.

"Rodriguez made a deal with the devil and profited by the sale of
powerful pain medication for illegitimate use," says DEA Special-Agent-in-Charge Brian C. Crowell.

Black Folks, Fried Chicken, Mary J. Blige, and Voice Alum Chloé Hilliard [VIDEO]

Black folks have been in the news a lot recently and, despite the fact that an African American is in the White House (and according to recent polls stands likely to stay there for the next five years), a lot of that news has been extremely depressing in the past month. From "Stand Your Ground" to why John Derbyshire might be considered racist, Americans have had a cantankerous time discussing race (and especially black culture) in the past few weeks.

On a much lighter note, Mary J. Blige has hilariously brought the age old question of how much black folks can talk (sing?) about eating fried chicken in public out of the closet and into the bright, fluorescent lights of a Burger King .

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Ceferino 'Papo' Perez, Cocaine Kingpin and Photoshop Aficionado, Gets 20 Years to Life

Recall Ceferino "Papo" Perez? He's that humble East Harlem coke king who Photoshopped his pic on top of Al Pacino's photo in a Scarface movie poster -- and displayed the masterpiece on his nightstand(!)

Perez, 45, pleaded guilty this month to mastermining a massive cocaine ring, which got busted in June. But today, Seferino got a 20-years-to-life prison sentence, according to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Twenty one of his cronies have also been sentenced.

The op was said to include both a $650,000 delivery biz and a $1.1 mil wholesale subsidiary that distributed blow and crack-cocaine to dealers throughout the city for 25 years.

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James Carter, Convicted Murderer and Gun Trafficker, Gets 16 Years in Prison (UPDATE)

James Carter, an ex-con with murder on his rap sheet, will spend 16 years behind bars for illegally selling firearms -- including semiautomatic handguns and a sawed-off shotgun, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance announced today.

Carter, 45, was just sentenced. He had pleaded guilty Jan. 23 to criminal sale of a firearm in the first degree.

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If You Give Directions, You Might Get Robbed at Gunpoint -- Even in Williamsburg and Bushwick

Hey, New Yorker! Yeah, YOU! Now you finally have good reason to be that asshole -- you know, that guy or gal who doesn't want to give directions. It could be dangerous!

Cops say the four scumbags pictured here are preying on the city's good Samaritans -- they'll stop and ask you for directions and rob you while you're distracted.

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Reggie Allen, 'MetroDunce,' Indicted on Weapons Charges

Reggie Allen is no criminal mastermind.

Cops say that 34-year-old Allen brought two loaded firearms -- including a Tec-9 semi-automatic pistol and a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun -- into a crowded Times Square subway station on New Year's Day.

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Fake! DMV Clerk Clarence Jenkins Sold Drivers Licenses, Manhattan Prosecutor Alleges

Money can't buy happiness -- but it might buy you time behind the steering wheel if you're a felon who has been kicked out of the U.S.

The Manhattan District Attorney says that Clarence Jenkins, a 56-year-old DMV clerk, sold three fraudulent drivers licenses to New Yorkers -- including "at least one deported felon who illegally returned to the country."

The D.A., which announced Jenkins's indictment today, said that the ruse worked like this: Jenkins would process fake IDs from Puerto Rico -- which he knew were bogus -- and use them to issue valid New York drivers licenses.

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Tiger-Smuggling, the TSA, and Steven Slater: 2010's Craziest Moments in the Sky

We saw everything and more in 2010
As you head off to wherever you're going for the holidays, or simply stay home and count your blessings that you're staying put, let's recap the year in flight. It was exciting! Here are our craziest moments in the sky for 2010.

Steven Slater!: The Jet Blue flight attendant who went completely crazy while on the job was a "national hero" for 3 seconds. But then everyone realized that he was just a crazy person, so they stopped caring.

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American Gangster Inspiration Frank Lucas Still Keeping It Gangster: Wife Arrested With Four Pounds of Yayo

I have this theory about movies with plots that involve serious drug trouble: the second a woman causes trouble, everything goes to shit. This isn't to say that's how it actually is in real life -- I wouldn't know -- but if you watch Blow, Scarface, Goodfellas, or even Pulp Fiction, you'll start to see a little bit of a pattern. American Gangster, the Ridley Scott-directed movie about Harlem heroin kingpin Frank Lucas, was kind of a story that worked as an exception to said theory.

Until now.

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New York's Bootleg Ciggies Go Up In Smoke, Remain Expensive Enough to Make You Quit

If you're a smoker, you likely know by now that New York City has found the best way to make you quit: not by ads that prominently feature large, grossly cancered body parts or by offering up free gum and patches. No. It's by jacking up the price to the point where you're basically in one of the "higher" tax brackets if you're both a heavy smoker and can afford to pay your rent. Which has yielded a black market economy of bootleg cigarettes. Which just got busted in a big way.

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