John Sampson, State Senator, Indicted; Brooklyn Relieved He Wasn't Elected DA

Well, we guess the voters were right to re-elect Charles Hynes back in 2005, when he was pushed fairly hard in the democratic primary by challenger, state Sen. John Sampson. (Hynes won by about four percentage points.)

Sampson, a 15-year veteran of the Legislature and chair of the senate ethics committee, was arrested today on two counts of embezzlement for, in part, using money embezzled from accounts of sales of foreclosed houses--over which he was supposed to be the protector--to finance that campaign against Hynes. He was also charged with tampering with evidence and witnesses.

Say what one wants about Hynes--and we have--but then imagine if Sampson had actually defeated the long-serving DA. Brooklynites would have an accused embezzler and evidence and witness tamperer in the most powerful law enforcement position in the borough. Yikes!

"Senator Sampson allegedly stole that money to fund his own ambition to become Brooklyn's top state prosecutor, then engaged in an elaborate obstruction scheme to hide his illegal conduct, going so far as to counsel lies and the hiding of evidence," U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said.

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GOP Super PAC Gunning for Shelly Silver -- and Why It Won't Make a Bit of Difference

A recently formed GOP Super PAC has Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver in its sights and says it will actively campaign -- and drop an estimated $1.5 million -- to see to it that he's not re-elected as Assembly speaker.

The Super PAC -- which is being financially fueled by the group Americans for Real Change -- cites Silver's handling of Assemblyman Vito Lopez's pervy-ness as the reason for the push to oust him from his position.

Silver has a history of sweeping allegations of sexual misconduct in the Assembly under the rug -- his coverups have caused his foes to compare him to deceased Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

But the push to give him the boot probably will do precisely nothing -- at the end of the day, Shelly Silver's still Shelly Silver.

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Pedro Estrada Gets Last Word In Feud With Andrew Cuomo: "Guilty." Former Senator Faces 43 Years In Prison

Cuomo Laughing.jpg
Kingston Progressive
Governor Andrew Cuomo gets the last laugh in his ongoing spat with shamed former state Senator Pedro Espada -- Espada faces up to 43 years in prison after pleading guilty to embezzlement charges this afternoon.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Disgraced former state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada have had a fairly touchy relationship -- the gov accused Espada of being a criminal back when he was attorney general, and Espada charged that Cuomo was just an overzealous prosecutor on a witch hunt.

Today, as the governor puts it, Cuomo let Espada have the last word: "guilty."

"Nearly three years ago, my Attorney General's Office brought a case against then Senator Pedro Espada for looting his taxpayer-funded not for profit and abusing his position of public trust," Cuomo says in a statement issued this afternoon.

"Mr. Espada's reaction was to lash out again and again and to falsely disparage and accuse my Office of engaging in a politically-motivated witch hunt. Today, I give Mr. Espada the last word - when he says, 'guilty.'"

And utter the word "guilty," he did.

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