Lhota Accuses de Blasio of "Role" in 1991 Crown Heights Riots, Says He Caused "Further Violence and Division"

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Young Bill, in phone mode.
This year's mayoral election is doubling as a kind of history lesson, as taught by two increasingly cranky middle-aged men who can't stop issuing passive-aggressive press releases about each other. First, we learned about Bill de Blasio's past as a young ├╝ber-liberal who spent time in Nicaragua, pulling for the Sandinistas. Then we heard about young Joe Lhota's love for Barry Goldwater and hatred of "Marxist tyranny." We are, thank God, moving forward in time just a bit, and appear to have made it all the way to the 90s: now Lhota is accusing his rival of having a "role" in the deadly Crown Heights riots of 1991, which pitted the neighborhood's black and Orthodox residents against each other.

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The Nostrand Avenue Shop Bicycle Roots Is By Crown Heights Residents, For Crown Heights Residents

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Photo Credit: Bob Jagendorf via Compfight cc
Crown Heights is changing. There is no mistaking the churn of gentrification in this central Brooklyn neighborhood as it moves eastward on Eastern Parkway. But it's too easy to write off all the new brunch places and sleek bars as yet more signs that something in Crown Heights has been irrevocably lost--some new businesses are looking to serve the existing community, not supplant it with a new one.

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Here's A Fairly Horrifying Photo Of One Of The Stabbings At The West Indian Day Parade

Putting an end to the West Indian Day parade might be a good place to start.
The West Indian Day parade in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn has proven itself to be one of the more popular events in New York City at which to become a victim of violent crime -- and we've come across a pretty gruesome photo to illustrate that fact.

Since 2003, the parade has been marred by violence, and this year was no exception -- there were at least three shootings and two fatal stabbings, which, as we reported yesterday, is a bit of an improvement from last year, when there were at least five shootings.

One of the fatal stabbings happened near Bedford Avenue and Eastern Parkway, where a man was fatally stabbed in the neck.

The photo we've included after the jump was taken by a first responder at the scene of the stabbing on Bedford Ave. It was provided to the Voice by a source who wishes to remain anonymous. He says he had to walk through "nothing but a pool of blood." It's pretty brutal and definitely NSFW.

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Only Three People Shot At West Indian Day Parade. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, Crown Heights

Only three people were shot during this year's West Indian Day parade in Crown Heights yesterday, which -- sadly -- is an improvement from last year. However, two people also were stabbed to death during yesterday's festivities, so don't wave the victory flag in the war on Brooklyn violence just yet.

Last year, at least five people -- including a cop -- were shot at the parade.

The Crown Heights section of Brooklyn is a cultural cross section that epitomizes what makes New York New York. Caribbean islanders coexist with Orthodox Jews in a cultural (ahem) melting pot that just screams "you stay out of our way, we'll stay out of yours." This unspoken agreement has only produced one noteworthy riot.

As a current Crown Heights resident, I can honestly say that it's a great place to live -- assuming you're into guns, gangs, violence, and the occasional sexual assault. Below I will submit to you a few of my favorite tales from the 'hood.

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