Bid Now For a Nude Casey Anthony Oil Painting on eBay [NSFW]

casey anthony painting .png
Bidding stands at $20 on eBay for a  nude painting of Casey Anthony. In case you needed more proof that everyone in the world is an utter psychopath! The person responsible for this is one Francesco Salomoni, an Italian-born artist now based in Florida. The rest of his oeuvre consists of naked women, more naked women, more Casey Anthony paintings (one of which is already sold), and photos of, like, leaves and stuff. Click through for the Casey Anthony nude, which is kind of NSFW but it's "art nudity," so maybe it's SFW. Your call. More »

Bree Olson Analyzes Marcel Duchamp

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It's painful at this point to write anything related to the bogeyman known as Charlie Sheen, but here we are. One of his "goddesses," Bree Olson, who stars in porn films and tweets dirty things ("Once you fuck me it'll be hard to go back to that tired worn old bitch. Lol I'll ride it like a rodeo."), bumped up against prewar French conceptual art and didn't quite get it. The above is a picture of her with Marcel Duchamp's 1917 "readymade" Fountain in the background. Quoth Bree, "Art museum in Philly last week. They had some creepy shit!" LOL art is so weird.

[via The Daily What / Dangerous Minds]


Grubwithus Allows You to Pay to Eat With Strangers Without Difficulty

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Do you hate your friends and would rather eat with a bunch of strangers instead of them? Would you like to shell out thirty dollars to do so? There's a new application called Grubwithus which is built just for you. Basically, it lists a bunch of meals organized by people using the service, for which there are a number of spots available. If, say, you're looking for a way to avoid your friends on June 9th, you can buy a ticket to eat at 4food in Murray Hill for $17. Per the Times, Grubwithus "is using contemporary techniques to foster a kind of social networking that predates the dawn of services like Facebook and Twitter: old-fashioned conversation among casual acquaintances, without keyboards and screens." Or you could always just meet people out somewhere in real life and eventually invite them out to dinner; that remains an option. More »

New Dating Opportunity For Reclusive Weirdos!

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The world of online dating is full of misleading profiles. It's a huge cliche, really. Remember what happened last week with the OkCupid lonelyhearts 4chan tried to prank? Anyway, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. A new dating website called "Cloud Girlfriend" casts off any pretense of realism and offers people a place to come and openly pretend to be other people. The premise is this: you cobble together a profile out of thin air, making yourself seem like whoever you want to be. Obviously you don't use your own photo. And then you meet people who have done the same. So it's fake people meeting fake people, getting in fake relationships, getting fake-married, and eventually having fake babies?

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Man Licks Own Shoe on 5 Train: Has Civilian Subway Journalism Bottomed Out?

For as long as we can remember, we (and, basically, the Internet) have had a certain fascination with people doing weird and freaky things on the subway. Perhaps it is because a subway train -- about the size of this blogger's studio apartment -- is a compact moving container for an array of diverse humanity, all packed together and, on a good day, surviving in harmony and reaching their intended destinations without harm or difficulty. On a bad day, however, a piece of the puzzle fails to fit, the precarious peace ruptures, and all goes ape shit. A video taken in these circumstances is far more interesting than one taken out in the whole wide world, because the subway rules for co-existence are more stringent based on the fact that space is at such a premium, even in tightly constructed New York City. It is a cross-section of life, a tiny microcosm reflecting our larger world, or at least, that's what we'd say if we were anthropology majors. More »

Guns For Girls Who Need Girlier Guns: A Review

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Don't you love when condescending "girly" marketing even extends to firearms! Our friends at the paper of record's revamped weekend mag have a handy roundup of some of the most cloyingly "feminine" guns on the market these days, as four states now allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit. So for those who want to carry a gun in their purse that is as cute as the purse itself, here are a few options, reviewed by yours truly:

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Kentucky Town Threatened by Cat Menace, Questionable Signage

There's a small town in Kentucky called Taylorsville that is infested with cats. Nobody knows how it happened (it happened because people need to spay and neuter their cats, is how it happened). The video from NBC News is rather charming in a Christopher Guest kind of way:

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Drunk Men Think They're Hot, and Other Facts (Study)

Looking good, feeling good.
An explosive new study out of Australia is showing that drunk men think they're more good-looking than they actually are. We've seen this phenomenon in action at every single social gathering we've attended, ever. The ones that involve alcohol, that is. Which is most of them.

News. This is newsy, newsy news.

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Benjamin Franklin Had More Than 200 Ways to Say "Drunk." Here Are Our 10 Favorites.

Dude was nonstop party.
Ben Franklin was just like us. Except, more prolific. With a hairstyle that would really not work for us. And then there's that electricity thing. But regardless of our differences, he would have made an amazing blogger (Poor Richard's the Tumblr!), and it goes without saying that we would have jumped at the chance to party with him. Thankfully, his legacy lives on in myriad forms, not least, in his cataloging of the many, varied, and special ways you might explain to friend or foe that you are "under the weather" in "that way."

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French Children Grapple with Vintage Gadgets (Video)

Today in You're Old: young French children try to figure out what the hell a Game Boy is (also: floppy discs and video game cartridges). One kid thinks an 8-track is a bomb. This blogger is 21 and remembers Game Boys and floppy discs, at least.

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