Bronx Woman Arrested for Starving Her Pups

No one likes a canine abuser so here's a story that most likely will not cheer up your Saturday.

At the end of February, the Humane Law Enforcement responded to a complaint in the north borough by neighbors who had spotted two frail pups hanging around an apartment building on Webster Avenue. The dogs belonged to Gillian Irving, a 27-year-old woman who reportedly ignored her two seven-month-old pit bulls for weeks on end. 

Yesterday, the American Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to Animal (ASPCA) - a group that conducts large-scale SWAT-esque raids of places involved in animal abuse - concluded that the woman was not only neglecting her pups but starving them to boot. Yes, people like this exist in the world.
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Puppy Eats Like an Adorable Idiot [VIDEO]

Have you ever been so excited to eat that you started levitating above your plate and the only thing that prevented you from floating off into space was your jaw which was firmly locked onto your meal? If so, the puppy on the right can relate. Check out the video after the jump.

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Lucy Cooke, Sloth Documentarian, Shares About the Animal She Calls 'Cute Crack'

Lucy Cooke may have one of the best jobs on the entire planet. She's a documentarian, a sloth documentarian; you've probably seen her work in the happiness-producing "Meet the Sloths," her video about the Aviaros sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Animal Planet has realized her talents (and the great power of sloths) and will air an hour-long documentary called Too Cute! Baby Sloths this Saturday at 8 p.m. The trailer is above. Set your DVRs now.

We got in touch with Cooke, who is also writing a book called The Little Book of Sloth, to ask her a few questions about our possibly most favorite animal, aside from the slow loris. Our Q&A, after the jump. Happy Friday.

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Central Park Zoo's Baby Penguins Have a Blog

Have you seen the baby penguins of the Central Park Zoo? There are eight of them, and they are adorable. And like anything adorable, or moderately savvy about the internet in the year 2011, they have a blog! It is called The Real Chicks of Central Park, and it promises "chick flicks, chick pics, and chick lit: Our team of bloggers will be chronicling the lives of the Real Chicks with regular posts over the next few weeks."

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Dog Balances Things on Nose, Is Awesome

Have you heard of Jub Jub, a St. Bernard who can balance, like, ANYTHING on his nose, from iPad to carrot to baseball to wastebasket to booze to Egg McMuffin? He can also balance a 6-week-old kitten on his head. Clearly, everyone should have a Jub Jub, who, his owner says, "Is a good dog and especially obedient... He got more treats than he should have during the shooting of this..."

He deserves them!

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Willow the Cat's Family Eyeing Children's Book

Willow the Cat has finally been reunited with her family, who flew all the way to New York to retrieve her. The cat, whose path from Colorado to New York was a mystery till Gothamist got a tip that she arrived here on a plane with a post-ski-trip New Yorker, met the Squires family again for the first time in five years last night. And this morning the clan appeared on The Today Show:

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Bronx Zoo Bears Celebrating Halloween Way Early

On the Bronx Zoo website, this video is called "A Bear Halloween." The zoo says, "To the Bronx Zoo's brown bears, pumpkins are for eating and batting around, not decorating or carving." As you can see.

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Willow the Cat Meets Anderson Cooper

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It's no great surprise that the story of Willow the cat, who went missing in Colorado five years ago and was just found on 20th Street in New York City, has captured the hearts and minds of Americans and beyond. After all, she's a cat -- people love cats! -- and the mystery of what she was up to all that time is delicious. More »

Willow, Cat Lost in Colorado 5 Years Ago, Was Found on East 20th Street

Five years ago, a calico cat named Willow went missing from her Rocky Mountain home. She was found yesterday, in New York City, on East 20th Street -- more than 1,600 miles from where she escaped on a day in 2006 or 2007 when contractors left a door to the house she lived in open. It's definitely her, because she was microchipped as a kitten. The Squire family -- "in which two of the three kids (17, 10, and 3) and one of the two dogs (a yellow Lab named Roscoe) may remember her" -- is floored.

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Police Horse and Bulldog are Best Friends [VIDEO]

Animals: When they aren't killing us or each other, they can be pretty damn cute. The above video shows Eddie, an NYPD horse, licking the face and body of his new best friend, an English Bulldog named Potato. Here's hoping they go on many adventures together and realize that friendship comes in all shapes, sizes, and smells. Awful, horrendous smells.
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