Julian Assange & the News Cycle: Guantanamo Bay Info Starts With WikiLeaks

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Earlier today, we reported on the new information available about Guantanamo Bay, as some of the world's largest news organizations began publishing piles of previously classified documents about more than 700 prisoners detained there since 2002. The information was leaked to Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks organization, but the New York Times and the Guardian, both of which pissed off Assange personally and have ended their working relationships with the polarizing figure, also had scoops of their own based on the same info, adding a complex media component to an already multifaceted story. Yes, Obama promised to close Guantanamo and hasn't, all while human rights violations continue, but in Press Clips, our daily media column, we'll spell out the behind-the-scenes drama in publishing this week's leak.

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New York Times Journalists Free From Libya, Paywall Gets Internal Investigation

Two of the missing NYT journalists
On Friday, the New York Times was told that four of its reporters being held by government forces in Libya would be freed. Meanwhile, bombing commenced from allied forces and Gaddafi's troops struck back against their own people in the embattled African nation. As Times executive editor Bill Keller put it in a memo this morning, he and his colleagues held their "enthusiasm and comments in check until [the journalists] were out of the country," but the paper has indeed confirmed that Lynsey Addario, Tyler Hicks, Anthony Shadid and Stephen Farrell have arrived safely in Tunisia. Still, at least 13 journalists covering the conflict remained detained in Libya. More on the Times group's release, plus more media news inside Press Clips, our daily round-up.

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Like Lawyer, Like Son: Mediaite Toots a Horn Too Far

Hey! Big day for Mediaite! The website owned by Dan Abrams -- the former MSNBC talking head, sworn enemy of Keith Olbermann -- took in a new employee today in the form of MediaBistro blogger Alex Alvarez! Yet how have they pissed on their own parade?

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Press Clips: Does the New York Observer Have a Dealbreaker?

The Village Voice's media column makes its triumphant return after a hiatus; contrary to non-popular belief, we have not been purchased by AOL or -- like every other media reporter in New York, apparently -- changed jobs. Press Clips, Day 10, Late Afternoon Edition, right here:

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Dan Abrams, Man, to Write Book About the Superiority of the Female Gender

If you Google image search "Dan Abrams," along with his pretty mug, you will also see quite a few beautiful women. In this age, that is something of an accomplishment. (Some he even dated!) Paired with a law degree, that is enough of a qualification to write a book entitled Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else. Abrams, of course, is also a man of many hustles, including: NBC chief legal analyst, media consultant, television host, and budding blog mogul with the Mediaite network, where he (disclosure!) employed me for a time. He's adding author (and feminist?) to his arsenal of trades (and pick-up lines!), just in time for Mother's Day. Page Six has the scoop -- er, press release -- or, ah, you know:

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Internet Week: 'Future of Media' Function of Corporate Incest

In case you haven't heard, it's Internet Week here in New York City! One wonderful event that's taken place was a panel yesterday to discuss the "Future of Media," which we writers and bloggers and alt-weeklies are invested in, along with most of the information consuming population. The talking points of the panel were nice -- yes, nice -- but the real message lay in the assemblage of panelists heading the discussion.

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