We Spent a Night on the F Train With Two Showtime Dancers

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All photos by Jason Speakman for the Village Voice
"For me, it's either this or the shelter," says showtime dancer Antonio.
It didn't take long for Eli and Antonio to count up their earnings: Each of the subway dancers took home about $11 for two hours of work on a recent Friday on the F Train, from 34th Street to Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn and back, or as they call it, an "up-and-down."

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This Rodeo Clown Dances Like Nobody's Watching

Although he clearly has this routine timed to the beat, professional rodeo clown Flint Rasmussen seems utterly carefree in those shorts and Nike soccer shoes. He just dances like nobody's watching. Watch as his movements become more fluid and exaggerated. Then you'll notice audience members start to clap along to "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Once he's got them right where he wants them, he begins to really flourish.

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Here Is Charlie Rangel's "Waiting To Go On Television" Dance

Rangel's also still spry enough for a hearty double thumbs-up
Congressman Charles Rangel has held some kind of higher office pretty much continuously since 1967. He's 84 now, still serving, still nattily attired, even when exercising as vigorously as someone in his 80s probably should.

He's so spry, in fact, that as recently as December, during a press conference kicking off his re-election campaign, he was moved to talk about his amazing dance moves, telling the assembled reporters: "Right now I find myself on the dance floor doing things I haven't done in a long time." Then he invited a reporter to get up and dance with him (she declined while "smiling painfully," according to Politicker).

According to the Congressman's Vine account, we've now learned that he'll also bust out his moves in the brief moments while awaiting the start of a live interview.

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Here Is a Michael Jackson Impersonator Dancing on the NYC Subway

This has happened before, yes, but that doesn't mean it's not special each and every time, down to the white socks. So much better than a mariachi band. Or a stripper, in our humble opinions.

Lap Dances Will Be Taxed, Rules Court

According to a recent ruling by a state appeals court, strip clubs will have to pay sales tax on lap dances. The law requiring dances to be taxed had been in effect since 1965, but an upstate club called Nite Moves recently argued that stripping was "performance art" -- like, you know, ballet -- and therefore should be tax-exempt. However, the judges did not take such a high view of stripping, pointing out that the club's dancers didn't have formal training, and it was actually not like ballet at all.

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Robert Jeffrey, Dancing Madonna Boy of 1991, Truly Embodies Summer Fridays

Robert Jeffrey has 61,000 views and rising today alone -- a Friday, not coincidentally -- on the perfect above clip of him lip-synching Madonna's "Vogue" back in the summer of 1991, at the Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. May all men learn to match his shorts game this weekend before we melt or miss out on fun of this caliber.

Staten Island Dancer Is New York's Newest Celebrity Weirdo

People dancing excessively in public is usually best left to flashmobs and those annoying fountain guys in Washington Square Park. But Staten Island has now been blessed with the presence of their own street dancer. And this guy isn't just your three-minute-and-leave-type dancer. He wears head-to-toe black and dances and jogs around for what seems like 24 hours a day. There are currently two Facebook fan pages for the local celebrity: "The Dancing Black Man of Staten Island" and "The happy guy who frolics around Staten Island."More »

Michelle Obama Can Dance. Obviously.

It comes as no surprise that the First Lady is skilled in any number of areas, including the Dougie, which she demonstrated at a D.C. school yesterday as part of her "Let's Move!" campaign. She can do the Running Man, too. Of course she can.

Boy Asks Girl to Prom by Dancing His Heart Out

It's almost May, and that means prom is coming up! Have you asked that special someone yet? If not, we're sorry to have to tell you that no matter how you ask your date to join you on the"best night of your life," you're going to be completely upstaged by this kid. He puts on an awesome routine to "Fantasy" by Breakbot with his friends and gives his object of affection some nice flowers. Step your game up, other 17-year-olds! [Note: Video really starts up at 1:20]More »

Royal Wedding Looks Pretty Groovy

Look at how the Archbishop of Canterbury gets down. Would that this were real, but alas, it's a T-Mobile ad.

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