Yes, There Are Still Fewer Men Than Women in New York City. So What?

It's that time of year when we dredge up old stats and check them again! And in so doing, we can confirm, via Census data and the New York Post, that women outnumber men in the city "by 52.5 to 47.5 percent," translating to 410,045 more women then men overall, and nearly 10 percent more women than men among 25- to 29-year-olds. This, says the Post, echoing many, gives "scientific evidence" to the age-old moan and groan that you can't find a good man in this city, which, paradoxically, they dub "a man's city." Earlier this year I wrote some words on the subject; you can read all that here, but the subject seems worthy of some new discussion.

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Beth Griffenhagen, Author of Haiku for the Single Girl, Shares Her Tales of Plight

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"Sadly, the only
Guy I'm going steady with
Is my bartender."*

Have you heard of Haiku for the Single Girl? It's a new book written by 29-year-old Beth Griffenhagen, who, when not penning haiku, spends her days in the marketing department at Murray's Cheese. We talked to Beth, who happens to be having a big launch party tonight at the powerHouse Arena (drinks, cheese, and Cheetos will be served, and haikus will be read).

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Voyeuristic Commuters With Cell Phone Cameras, There's a Website for You!

Are you dashingly handsome, the type that everyone assumes, immediately, must be a model, or maybe a professional athlete? Are you well-dressed, or perhaps sweatily clad, so coming from your athletic endeavors, and, yet, that is only a benefit to your fine self? Are you a person who takes the subway? Someone is probably taking your picture! (Maybe you are taking your own picture!) The Daily News has discovered, which they dub the "racy new website" that "has straphangers snapping photos of 'hot guys' on the subway." Oh, you straphangers!

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Pretend You Have a Girlfriend With

Ricky Robinett is a software engineer who, in his "down time" from his day job, has given himself the task of launching one project a month in 2011. He's currently done nine, one of which -- we admit, the one that caught our eye -- is, the purpose of which is pretty self-explanatory. As the site says, "Are you tired of being embarrassed by the fact that you don't have a girlfriend? Do you wish that you could get interrupted by a loving phone-call during man time? Let me introduce you to FakeGirlfriend." This is not the first of the many ways technology can make people think you are less lonely than you actually are (here are some great suggestions on how to do that!), but we were intrigued nonetheless. We got in touch with Robinett to find out more.

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Harvard Victoriously Regains 'Most Talked-About U.S. University' Ranking
Breath a sigh of relief, social-media-driven future masters of the universe reading this while debating whether to put on your Harvard or your Northwestern sweatshirt! Harvard is back in business! Horrifyingly, last year the esteemed university had fallen in the rankings, no longer at the top of the list of "most talked-about U.S. universities," failing to meet the high standards expected of it. But according to a new survey, Harvard is back to the number one position on the list, just in time for back to school! What a relief for incoming freshman, who surely were concerned their college experience was never going to compare to what everyone had been saying on Twitter and Facebook.

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How to Get Rid of Your Hurricane Boyfriend

Storm's over, people! But for a bit of wind and face-splashing rain, overall subway paralysis, some downed trees, and quite a few nervously damp moments, we seem to have made it! But is your hurricane boyfriend -- invaluable in a time of need, obnoxious and by this point a little smelly when all you want to do is drain your bathtub, take a long, hot shower, relax in peace, and watch reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 -- still hanging around like a bad penny, eating your granola bars and loafing on the couch with his shoes off? Here's what to do!

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This Man Wants to Be Your Hurricane Boyfriend

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Hurricane boyfriends! Hurricane girlfriends! They are happening! Your time is nigh! We spoke with one aspiring hurricane boyfriend, Matt Langer, who remains, at this moment, uncoupled, busily tweeting his qualifications for hurricane boyfriendhood. Were we impressed? Find out, after the jump.

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How to Find Your Hurricane Boyfriend

Everyone is freaking out about this possible hurricane!!! Let us comfort you with the news that some people are freaking out less than others, and some of those people happen to know a bit about the weather. That is to say, over at the National Hurricane Center, they think there's something like a 10 or 20 percent chance the hurricane will be a hurricane when it gets to New York. And, over at the Awl, they are thinking positively and pointing out that a hurricane could be good for our economy. You know what else a hurricane could be good for? Hurricane make-outs. Here's how to find your hurricane boyfriend.

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StreetMatching.Com Is an Online Dating Site for All Those Missed Connections

There's a dating site for this.
It's the year 2011 and there are waaaaay more options for online dating than Enterprising people all over the world are creating business plans for their particular dating schemes (HowAboutWeOnlyDate
BeautifulPeopleWithDogsWhoKnit), and the latest, which launched yesterday in New York and San Francisco, is one that incorporates some of the magic of a site we all know and love, that is, Craigslist -- and, most specifically, Missed Connections. The site,, promises that "love is just around the corner," and also that geolocation capabilities will change the dating game forever. God, we hope so!

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Pat Singer's Sad Chapter to Her Brighton Beach Memoir: Activist's Office Flooded Out, Her Tchotchkes Washed Away

Brighton Beach memoir: Pat Singer with Ed Koch
The Brighton Neighborhood Association's administrative office used to be known as a colorful Brooklyn spot awash with all sorts of memorabilia and historic photos collected by founder Pat Singer. Now the office, at 1121 Brighton Beach Avenue, is just awash. The sad details in Sheepshead Bites, whose Ned Berke captures the frustration of veteran neighborhood tenant activist Singer, who founded the organization three decades ago.

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