Awful March Madness-Themed 'Study' Ranks Columbia Coeds Among the Nation's Hottest

Courtesy of WhatsYourPrice
The March Hotness Bracket
OK, so Columbia didn't qualify for the men's NCAA basketball tournament. They didn't join their fellow Ivy Leaguers at Harvard — nor their fellow New Yorkers at Manhattan College and St. John's University — in the Big Dance. But who cares about a silly basketball tournament when there are sexy coeds at your school to be bought online for hundreds of dollars?

Despite this blow to its otherwise formidable athletics department, Columbia can still claim victory in the form of a coveted (?) No. 8 spot on the "March Hotness" Sweet 16 bracket created by the ethically ambiguous date-auction site The Harvard Crimson and Princeton Tigers may have crushed the Lions on the court, but Columbia triumphed where it really counts: babes.

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Love (and Methane) in the Air at Valentine's Day Tour of Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pranay and Erin Reddy
Like most successful romantic endeavors, the Valentine's Day tour of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant began with a release form.

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Want to Find Love in NYC? Put a Bag Over Your Head

Photo credit: Irene Chidinma Nwoye
Monica Siu has never been in a relationship.

The 23-year-old is not unattractive. In fact she is quite beautiful -- quick to laugh, with long black hair that falls past her shoulders, and cheeks that flush pink easily.

But in high school, while "everyone else was dating and getting all those feelings," Siu, the oldest of her siblings, was saddled with adult responsibilities because of problems at home.

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The Looking-For-A-Girlfriend Guy Is Now Looking For Your Business

Categories: Dating
Dan Perino -- the gentleman behind Looking For A Girlfriend, a massive flyer campaign for love that got play on CBS and Gothamist -- has decided to take his talents back to the streets, putting up posters for his new, er, poster-putting-up business. He first wants you to know that he doesn't lack in experience -- in a way, the new venture is a return to his roots. "A long time ago I put up flyers," he tells the Voice. "Like 20 years ago." More »

Gaggle Girls Jessica Massa and Rebecca Wiegand Hold Funeral For Dating (VIDEO)

Jessica Massa and Rebecca Wiegand, the ladies behind WTF Is Up with My Love Life? and The Gaggle, have talked to us before about how the dating landscape ain't just changing. Rather, they claim that it's outright dead.

But Massa and Wiegand aren't wasting good mascara crying about modern romance.

They recently held a funeral for dating, and have given us an exclusive sneak peak of the vid chronicling the event (the embed is at the top of the page!)

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Here Is The Best (Or Worst) Relationship Resume. And Yes, Relationship Resumes Are a Thing

Gentleman: Lock up your daughters, sisters, and wives!

And ladies: Thank the Internet for Dillon Casey, and start lining up to meet this keyboard Casanova.

This smooth-typing panty dropper/actor has publicly posted his relationship resume online, and he's asking you to Tweet him if you're interested!

The self-professed "nerd in a jocks body" ("that's why I'm always beating myself up") is looking for a"fun girl with a great sense of humor. It doesn't have to be anything serious, but if something happens organically then hey - that's just great! I'm open to casual dating and physical experimentation as well (with the opposite sex). This includes having two or more partners at the same time, however I cannot guarantee satisfaction for all parties involved."


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Female Non-Masturbators, Not Normal? Dan Savage Seems to Think So

It's Wednesday. Have you read Dan's new column yet?
In this week's Savage Love, Dan answers questions on gay dating, co-habitation, and woman-pleasing -- you know, pretty standard stuff for a sex column.

Now, I like and respect Savage's work a lot. That said, I'm not entirely sold on several bits of advice he offers up in this edition: There's too much talk about masturbation and not enough about oral sex.

Allow me to explain.

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Is Dating Dead? Jessica Massa, Rebecca Wiegand Talk Modern Romance in The Gaggle

30408 The Gaggle 3D Book Shot.jpg
Dating is dead -- so say Jessica Massa and Rebecca Wiegand. They say that dating doesn't lead to love like it reportedly did in the past -- instead, Massa and Wiegand say, women nowadays just have men informally orbiting them, and it's up to us female folk to take the relationships where we want them.

Their ideas stem from their stint as roommates in Brooklyn. The pals -- apparently BFFs since age 12 -- decided that they should reexamine America's romantic landscape instead of lamenting their love lives. So they launched WTF Is Up With MY Love Life?! a few years ago, a website aimed at "redefining romance and dating for the modern generation," Massa told us.

That project, which included countless countrywide interviews, morphed into a movie optioned by New Line Cinemas. That then turned into a book, The Gaggle , which came out yesterday, and stands poised to become the next big ladybook. (Massa authored the book, but both co-created the project.)

So what the hell is a gaggle, anyway?

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This Map Shows You Where to Find Single People in NYC

Should you be one of those people who assumes that your dating "issues" in the city stem from the fact that there are fewer men than women here, there's a map for that, and, no, we're not saying you have issues. But there is an interesting new twist. Economists at the NYCEDC ran the numbers, and, according to the latest census data, New York City's population is 53% female and 47% male. But, of unmarried singles between 20 and 34, men actually outnumbered women, 742,400 to 729,500. As for people over 34, they are geriatrics too old for love and unworthy of acknowledgment.

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The MTA Wants to Know About Your Subway Crush

Thumbnail image for rsz_romanceqtrain-thumb-550x412.jpg
In preparation for a Valentine's Day event (a "Love-in-Transit Party," to be specific), at which the New York Times' Alan Feuer will read poems based on Missed Connections and Sophie Blackall of Missed Connections illustration fame will sign copies of her book, the gossip-hungry MTA is seeking tales of your transit romance. "Did you find love on a bus? Feel your heart race on a subway? Make shy eye contact on the evening commuter train?" Get in touch and tell them! If you did anything more graphic, obscene, or animalistic, tell us!

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