Will Brooklyn's Insane Real Estate Market Doom This Long-Stalled Park?

Courtesy NYC Parks Department
Bushwick Inlet Park, as it stands now in its nine acres of glory
Hundreds of Brooklynites flooded City Hall on Thursday to protest the city's slow action on buying land for Bushwick Inlet Park, as real estate prices have soared in line with condo construction along the East River.

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Make Your Own Crisis Mode de Blasio Meme

"In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups..."
By now you've heard the news: A 33-year-old doctor who recently traveled to Guinea to treat patients with Ebola tested positive for the disease on Thursday here in New York. Craig Spencer is currently in isolation at Bellevue Hospital. His girlfriend and two friends who had contact with Spencer are in isolation as well.

But don't panic -- de Blasio has got this, guys. If there was any doubt in your mind, just look at the photo he posted to Twitter last night, then let sweet relief cascade over you in slow, soothing waves.

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Report: New York City's 911 System Upgrade Still Isn't Going All That Well

Photo Credit: Timothy Wildey via Compfight cc
Sort of a metaphor for what the 911 system looks like today.
A report released yesterday only slightly improved the outlook for a major overhaul of New York City's 911 emergency response system, a project that spanned 10 years, cost hundreds of millions more than expected, and been marred by poor management and infighting among city agencies.

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De Blasio Appoints Richard Emery to Chair Police Oversight Board

NYC's new Civilian Complaint Review Board chair has a long history of civil-rights advocacy. | photo: Vincent Desjardins via Flickr
After a long vacancy, New York City's Civilian Complaint Review Board will have a new leader at its helm. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at a city hall news conference this afternoon that longtime civil-rights attorney Richard Emery will assume the chair of the agency. The CCRB is an independent body that reviews citizen complaints against NYPD officers and sends recommendations for disciplinary action to the police commissioner.

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De Blasio Stops By The Colbert Report, Is a Little Boring

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on The Colbert Report

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went seeking the "Colbert Bump" last night in what turned out to be a relatively brief, bland interview.

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De Blasio's Half-Percent Tax Bump for the Rich Is Just Like "Eugenics," Says Glenn Beck

Image via.
As you may have heard, Bill de Blasio, Communist in Chief, is busy bleeding the wealthy dry, literally hanging them up from the walls of his Park Slope crash pad and flogging them with frozen tree branches until the pocket change jingles from their pants and the blue blood runs freely from their veins. As a result, according to the latest incisive editorial in the New York Post, the city's rich are plotting their escape from the brutal gulag this city has become.

Michael Goodwin writes that de Blasio's proposed tax hikes on the wealthy have become so outrageous, "talk about quitting Gotham is surging in some circles. One friend says 10 wealthy people have told him they are leaving and another says disgusted New Yorkers bought $1 billion in residential property in Florida since the November election. The Sunshine State confers an automatic tax cut of about 12 percent because it has no city or state income tax, nor does it have an inheritance tax."

In case two anonymous rich people saying things doesn't convince you, Glenn Beck, radio show host, certified rich person and New York-leaver, also believes that a "mass exodus" is underway, due to de Blasio's brutal new proposed tax increases on the rich.

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Schools Are Open Today, and the Kids Are Not Happy About It

David J via Flickr
Mayor Bill de Blasio handled his first snowstorm -- the one that hit just two days into his administration -- with aplomb. He gave good advice, posed for photos, made sure the roads were plowed, and canceled school.

It was enough to save de Blasio from the fate that befell Mayor John Lindsay in 1969. Lindsay's bungling of a snowstorm that hit shortly after he was sworn-in haunted him for the rest of his term.

De Blasio dodged that first storm bullet, but the second storm? That's a different story altogether.

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Free Tickets to Bill de Blasio's Inauguration Being Scalped For $100 on Craigslist


If you were planning on nursing a hangover on New Years Day instead of sitting in the freezing cold for two hours squinting at a cluster of figures in the middle distance, there's still time to change your mind.

Free tickets to Bill de Blasio's inauguration, released at noon on December 26, ran out within two hours. If you weren't among the lucky 1,000 who procured a ticket, you can purchase one on Craigslist -- just don't expect it to come cheap.

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