Missing New York Times Journalists Return; Famous Women, Blow Jobs Save Newspapers

Though reporters are still missing, being killed and deported across Syria, Libya.html and the upheaved Middle East, there was some cause for celebration among the media today as the four missing New York Times journalists came home to a hero's welcome. The group has already detailed the brutality they faced in two articles and now there's an accompanying video feature, which notes that their Libyan driver is still missing, but has the four talking candidly about their experiences. "In six days we didn't see one Libya, we saw three Libyas," one explains. The quartet was greeted in the Times newsroom today and even for an outsider, it was quite moving. More on newspaper woes and wins inside our daily media column, Press Clips.

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Death of the Newspaper Vs. Birth of Second Ave Subway Line

On the T Train?
Ross Dawson, author and media-thinker, has released a report chronicling the extinction of the newspaper. He predicts that the American newspaper will die out by 2017 (the first in the world!). The MTA also predicts that the 2nd Avenue Subway line will be completed by 2017. So: Which is more likely to happen: The death of print media, or the birth of East Side transportation?More »