Sexy Banker Debrahlee Lorenzana Passes on Playboy

The Village Voice's story of Debrahlee Lorenzana, the banker too hot for her job at Citibank, penned in June by Elizabeth Dwoskin, still has legs. The media went wild for the tale when it broke -- and the pictures didn't hurt -- but months later, after Facebook groups, TV appearances and more, Lorenzana is back in the press this Sunday, telling the Daily News that she does not want to be famous. Too late maybe?

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Citi to Women: Grow a Pair, But Don't Be Too Hot?

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Blogs on Friday lit up about a memo handed out to Citibank employees which suggested that female employees needed to act more like men in order to succeed at work.

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Was Debrahlee Lorenzana's Former Lawyer Jack Tuckner Fired for Being Into Spanking?

Yesterday the New York Post said that Debrahlee Lorenzana changed lawyers (from Jack Tuckner to Gloria Allred) after reading the words of Andrea Peyser. Today, they seem to have scrapped that theory. "Sources tell Page Six" that Debrahlee made the move after learning that Tuckner was sued for sexual harassment by his former office manager, Lisa Brockington, in June 2008. He'd hired her after representing her in her own sexual discrimination suit.

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Debrahlee Lorenzana Trades Up: Gloria Allred Takes Her Case, Jack Tuckner Wishes Her the Best

RadarOnline has reported that former Citibanker Debrahlee Lorenzana has had a change of heart with regard to her legal consult Jack Tuckner, who arranged for all of those original office photos and stood behind her before the media shitstorm began. She's now hired Gloria Allred -- defender of Rachel Uchitel, fighter of sexual discrimination whatever the cost, even if it's wearing a medieval suit of armor in a lady-mag photo shoot -- to take over Lorenzana's case against Citibank (a/k/a make her a star).

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Andrea Peyser Takes on Debrahlee Lorenzana; Gets Called Jealous By Her Own Readers

Trust Andrea Peyser to know the "sweaty stench of a lady's desperation as she watches her biological clock wind down, along with her fame" when she sees it: She tackles the phenomenon of Debrahlee Lorenzana in her column in today's Post and despite her imploring us to "call off the bod squad," she devotes 553 words to the plight of the former Citibanker.

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Hot Banker Debrahlee Lorenzana is Not Done Yet, Starting Anti-Sexual Harassment Group

We showed the beautiful Debrahlee Lorenzana to the world and now they can't get enough of her. She made a splash in photos, on Facebook, on television, in fashion, and all over the rest of the internet. Today, she's in the newspaper again, like a true local celeb, and she has big plans for the future.

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So, Did Sarah Palin Get a Boob Job?

Palin, pre alleged boob job.
Wonkette recently posited the question of whether the former vice presidential candidate did or didn't buy herself "a couple of luxury items," based on a certain white tee Palin was wearing and a photo comparison of that with other non-white zippy-uppy shirts she's worn previously. (We do have to say...she's looking a little more luscious in the white -- see for yourself after the jump -- but there's also a low-cut U in effect, and that can draw the eye, as you all know.)

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Discovery Health Catches Debrahlee Fever (Video)

Discovery Health is jumping on the Debrahlee Media Express and re-running their reality TV episode in which the former Citibanker appeared holding up melons and whatnot.

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Debrahlee Watch Day 9, in Which She Wears Louboutins. Plus: Her Facebook Fan Page Creator Speaks!

Via New York Post
The New York Post is first to the table on Debrahlee Watch today with this titillating tidbit:

The Queens stunner walked into the Chase branch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she currently works, this morning wearing a tight-fitting black dress and shiny black stilettos with bright red soles, a signature look associated with Christian Louboutins, and carrying a red handbag.
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Debrahlee Lorenzana's Big (Boob) Mistake: Ever Going Into Banking

The problem with ever being on a reality TV show is that if anything happens to put you in the public eye again (or if you put yourself there on purpose), people are gonna dig up clips of that old show -- where, say, you professed your love for plastic surgery and your desire for 32 DD-breasts, which you showcased using an array of fruit -- and nobody's going to take you seriously ever again. Well, at least for 15 minutes.

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