Donald Trump: "Nelson Mandela and Myself Had a Wonderful Relationship"

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I mean, they did stand next to each other once.
When a towering figure like Nelson Mandela dies -- a revolutionary, an emancipator, South Africa's first black president, one of the most beloved figures ever in the struggle against not just apartheid, but racism and oppression in all its forms -- the most important thing to do is immediately establish, Oh yeah, I totally knew that guy. At least, that's the route Donald Trump took.

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Here's Donald Trump Losing It on Twitter After the New York Attorney General Sued His Ridiculous Faux University

Two years ago, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office started investigating a number of for-profit colleges, suspecting they were exaggerating the ability of their graduates to get jobs, downplaying the cost of attendance, and over-hyping the generally crappy quality of their instruction. Last week, the A.G.'s office got a $10.25 million settlement out of one of those schools, an august learning institution called Career Education Corporation. We thought the next target on the AG's list would likely be Trump University, now called Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, which is where you go to learn the secrets of business from a man who's filed for bankruptcy four times.More »

Donald Trump's Latest Twitter Target: Cher and Her "Plastic Surgeries That Didn't Work"

Billionaire blowhard Donald Trump is notorious for his vicious attacks on female celebrities -- like a teenage girl, he often uses Twitter to point out the physical flaws of his enemy du jour.

His most recent celbu-spat is with Cher. And, per usual, juvenile insults have (pardon the pun) trumped maturity, poise, and any sense of class.

Macy's is catching heat over its decision carry apparel that dons the name of the world's trashiest billionaire. The company has partnered with "The Donald" to sell his line of retail crap for years, but Trump's recent ramblings that America needs to stage a revolution against President Obama has prompted a petition urging the company to dump Trump. The petition has garnered more than 500,000 signatures.

Over the weekend, Cher chimed in.

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Donald Trump Lays Claim On Phrase "Never Give Up"

Mitt Romney's Under-Utilized Secret Weapon: Donald Trump (According to Donald Trump)

Sign Our Petition To Kick Donald Trump Off The Internet

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Donald Trump Lays Claim on Phrase "Never Give Up"

Here's some sports trivia you probably didn't know: When legendary North Carolina State University basketball coach Jim Valvano courageously told the world "Don't give up. . . . Don't ever give up," he was actually just paraphrasing billionaire wordsmith Donald Trump.

That, of course, is according to history's best revisionist, Donald Trump -- and his factually incompetent ego.

Trump's Twitter follies have been well chronicled by this publication. We often give daily updates on how "the Donald" makes an ass of himself on the social media website on any given (every) day. And on Saturday he credited himself with the phrase "never give up" -- as though those words were never uttered before Trump's breakthrough manual for greed and manipulation, The Art of the Deal.

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Mitt Romney's Under-Utilized Secret Weapon: Donald Trump (According To Donald Trump)

Pardon our redundancy, but the sun came up today, which, of course, means one thing: America's stingiest billionaire made an ass of himself on Twitter.

On Wednesday, we started a petition to get Donald Trump kicked off the Internet, and we did so as a favor to him -- to keep things like this from continuously happening.

But Trump is still granted Internet access, so his 140-charecter or less nuggets of wisdom persist.

The latest: Mitt Romney could have won the the presidential election if he'd only asked Trump to campaign for him.

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