WNYC's Drunk Fundraising Pledge Drive Was Delightful

Screenshot via WNYC
Studio 360 Host Kurt Andersen narrates drunk WNYC listener Zack Poitras' deep thoughts
For public radio fans (i.e., huge nerds), pledge drive season is the worst. No matter how self-effacingly Ira Glass asks for money, pledge drives still invoke an intense mixture of guilt and boredom in the public radio listener, an existential push-and-pull between "Wow, I should really drop a couple bucks on this programming I so enjoy" versus "I haven't had an extra $20 since the seventh grade, when the Bar Mitzvah money stopped coming in. Please just go back to Morning Edition."

This year, WNYC tried something a little different for their pledge drive messages. They made them drunk. Real drunk.

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Coors Light Giving Away $1 Million in NYC Cab Fares This Holiday Season

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It's the holiday season, which means mostly good food and good times. But there's that one perennial menace that comes around this time of year, following on all the egg nog and hot toddies: drinking and driving. It goes without saying that drunk driving is a serious problem. Who would have thought a little corporate social responsibility might provide a pretty great solution, or at least the beginnings of one? Coors Light is partnering with taxi-hailing app Hailo to give away a total of $3 million in cab fares to encourage partiers this holiday season to ditch their keys and catch a taxi home -- and $1 million will go toward app users right here in New York City.

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A Drinking Game for Tonight's Mayoral Debate: Let's Talk Policy and Get Hammered, Too

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Nitpicky policy debates get me all the way #turnt up.
The primary season's umpteenth mayoral debate will be broadcast live on NY1 and streaming on its website at 7 p.m. tonight. We here at Runnin' Scared thought, hey, what better way to endure the sloganeering and the personal barbs then to get really, really drunk while it's happening.

(hat tip to redditor u/brooklynbitch for giving us the idea.)

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20,000 New Yorkers Will Soon Be "Bus People" Thanks to New Drunk-Driving Regulations

If you have three drunk driving convictions, one of these is probably in your future.

Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday laid out new regulations for when dangerous drivers can regain their driving privileges after getting convicted of serious driving offenses, and it seems a lot of people will soon be taking the bus.

The new regulations, designed to keep drivers with a history of driving wasted off the road, will keep an estimated 20,000 New Yorkers from getting their driving privileges reinstated -- in many cases, the revocation will be permanent -- according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

"We are saying 'enough is enough' to those who have chronically abused their driving privileges and threatened the safety of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians," Cuomo says. "This comprehensive effort will make New York safer by keeping these drivers off our roadways."   

The new regulations -- issued by the DMV as "emergency regulations" -- are among the toughest in the country and include the following measures:

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Possibly Drunk Driver Crashes Into Shuttle Van Outside Radio City Music Hall

Racing up Sixth Avenue at 5 in the morning will usually leave you in a heap of trouble, either with the passengers or with the police. Or, in this case, it could lead to disastrous consequences, like crashing into the side of a hotel shuttle van right outside of the famous Radio City Music Hall on 50th Street.

Apparently, a Mercedes-Benz was booking it down Sixth Avenue and steamrolled right through a red light, leading to complete full-on impact with the hotel shuttle bus. Soon after, parts of the avenue were shut down as police investigated the scene. The five passengers in the shuttle bus were taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for non-life-threatening conditions; however, reports say that two were left in critical condition.

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With DUI's, Long Islanders Have Already Had a Rough Memorial Day Weekend

At the beginning of the month, Runnin' Scared mentioned that Nassau County police officers were getting a grant for the month of May to ramp up the amount of police officers on the lookout for drunk drivers. Looks like it came just in time for the holidays - what perfect timing.

Over the past two nights, at least seventy-one (count 'em, SEVENTY-ONE) people were arrested for drunk or drugged driving across Long Island, according to Newsday

Just look these statistics:

"Twenty-five people were arrested on DWI charges in Nassau County last night between 7 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday."

And here's a few more, provided by Gothamist

"In Nassau County, 39 people were arrested on DWI charges between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. the next day on Friday-Saturday and Saturday-Sunday. Suffolk County saw 21 arrested for "DWI and driving-while-ability-impaired charges between 4 p.m. Friday and 5:30 p.m. Saturday" (the numbers for Saturday-Sunday aren't available yet)."

We know Long Islanders love drugs and booze but come on.
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Westchester Man Passes Out On Sidewalk And Gets Robbed...Repeatedly *VIDEO*

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Regardless of how drunk you are, this is not a good place for a nap.

We've all been there (at least that's what we tell ourselves) -- you're drunk, you're heading home, and an inviting piece of sidewalk lures you in a for a quick roadside nap. In most cases, you wake up, say "how the hell did I get here," and spend the rest of the day ashamed and trying to forget the whole thing ever happened.

That wasn't the case for a Westchester County man, though, who ended a night of drinking by crashing on the sidewalk in front of a home in Port Chester. And of the dozens of people who passed him -- many of whom simply stepped over his unconscious body -- nobody bothered to call an ambulance, or attempt to help him. They did, however, rob him -- multiple groups of people walking past the man were caught on surveillance video bending down to steal his stuff. One woman went so far as to steal his belt. Another thief even takes off one of the man's shoes, presumably looking cash in his socks.

WABC's got video of the sidewalk free-for-all, which you can see below.

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Assemblyman Micah Kellner: Let's Bet at NYC Bars Again

The more, the merrier. Or, in this case, the more vices, the better. At least that's what New York Assemblyman Micah Kellner thinks and just in time for the Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo.

In an interview today on the radio station WCBS 880, he introduced his plan to bring back the betting kiosks of old to local drinking holes in the Big Apple. 

These terminals allowed hoppers and party-goers to legally put money down on horse races, as well as other sporting events, and were usually funded by the now-defunct Off-Track Betting Corp. (better known to us as the dark green letters, "OTB"). It was a supplement of gambling to drinking and, according to Kellner, raised $165 million a year. Now we're listening.

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Teachers, Cop Nabbed In Separate DWI Cases

This weekend news broke of two separate incidents in which people who should be counseling against drunk driving were caught, well, driving drunk. The first, and arguably more outlandish case, happened on Friday night on East Fordham road and involved public school teachers Diana Mancusco, 29, and Karen Aguilar, 26. After finding that both women were drunk, cops searched the car and found a small amount of cocaine and a dagger. Mancusco and Aguilar were charged with drunk driving and drug and weapon possession. They both work at the Entrada Academy in the Bronx.

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Sen. Chuck Schumer Pushes For Crackdown On Drugged Driving

In New York City, 357 drivers were arrested in 2011 for being under the influence of drugs -- up from 81 ten years prior. That's more than a 300 percent increase.

That's why Sen. Chuck Schumer is making a funding push to crackdown on "drugged driving" through new on-site technologies that would identify drivers under the influence and through additional training for officers.

He made the call for stronger enforcement at a press conference yesterday with Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, where he argued that despite a growth in drugged driving arrests over the last decade, the number of arrests pale in comparison to drunk driving -- due to the challenges of identifying drivers on drugs on the road.

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