UPDATE: A Drone Flies in Brooklyn? Pilot Reports Unmanned Aircraft Sighting

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Wiki Commons
Okay, the pilot definitely didn't see anything like this predator drone, but this pic does make things more dramatic.
Cue the heavy drums and eerie science-fiction score. It looks like drones have already made their way to New York City skies, according to a CNN report.

The pilot of an Alitalia passenger jet heading in to John F. Kennedy Airport for landing yesterday afternoon reported sighting a small unmanned aircraft flying near JKF, according to the report.* The report indicates that the drone came within a few hundred feet of the jet, but luckily didn't interfere with its landing.

It makes it a little less spooky that the aircraft wasn't one of those large fixed-winged drones that the U.S. uses to execute bombing strikes in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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