High Concept Item: Pizza Delivery Cocaine Dealers!

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Not a huge case, just kind of amusing: Drug dealers went back to the future with a scheme revealed yesterday to deliver cocaine through a pizza delivery service, special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan says. Let's hear it for synergy!

Just kidding. Brennan says there were two dealers arrested, one of whom worked as a delivery man for a Papa John's outlet in Brooklyn. That guy, dressed in his delivery uniform, sold coke to undercover cops some 19 times, including Wednesday night, when he handed over a kilo worth $27,500 to authorities, along with a pizza and chicken nuggets.

Ceferino 'Papo' Perez, Cocaine Kingpin and Photoshop Aficionado, Gets 20 Years to Life

Recall Ceferino "Papo" Perez? He's that humble East Harlem coke king who Photoshopped his pic on top of Al Pacino's photo in a Scarface movie poster -- and displayed the masterpiece on his nightstand(!)

Perez, 45, pleaded guilty this month to mastermining a massive cocaine ring, which got busted in June. But today, Seferino got a 20-years-to-life prison sentence, according to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Twenty one of his cronies have also been sentenced.

The op was said to include both a $650,000 delivery biz and a $1.1 mil wholesale subsidiary that distributed blow and crack-cocaine to dealers throughout the city for 25 years.

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Get Your At-Home Cocaine Test at the Williamsburg Duane Reade

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File this under "good to know." Should you be wandering about Williamsburg on your way to your appointment to pee in a cup and get approval for your new job with the CIA, or for your court appointed biweekly drug test, and experiencing qualms that you may not pass it, you can stop by the Duane Reade on Bedford Avenue and N. 3rd Street (the one with the growler bar) and purchase a handy Quickscreen At Home Drug Test, "the most sensitive test on the market today"! It is 99.9 percent accurate! Why would you purchase anything less?

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The Wild Outdoors: Trace Amounts Cocaine and Weed are Floating in the Air

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Remember when your parents used to constantly bug you to go outside? They may have been acting like nothing more than common pushers. According to ScienceNow, researchers in Italy have found that trace amounts of illicit drugs float in the atmosphere at a higher rate near areas with more drug activity. You are now free to follow Phish around the country with a vacuum sealer and start bottling that precious, heady air.

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Worst Criminal Ever Leaves $667,000 Worth Of Cocaine In Full View Of Cops

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The spin on this story at Hero Cop-loid the Daily News is all about the "quick-witted" and "eagle-eyed" rookie cops involved in this weekend's surprise bust of 29 kilos of cocaine on a street corner in Inwood. Kudos to them; that's a huge coup for 4 p.m. on an otherwise-uneventful Saturday patrol. But how eagle-eyed and quick-witted do you even have to be to notice that something is up when a guy is walking down the street with two duffle bags, spots you, grows visibly nervous, drops the bags on the street and books it? Which is what happened, by the way.

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Discerning Cokeheads Choose Money Before Cocaine (Study)

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For the sophisticated cocaine addict, when it's a choice between "money now, coke later" and "coke now, money later" (or "coke now, no coke later"? or "money now, no money later"?) the winner is usually "money now, coke later." This is according to a study led by a psychology professor at Virginia Tech, in which recovering coke addicts were given a choice between all of these options. (We assume that they were not given any actual cocaine, and that it was more of a thought experiment, given that they were all addicts.)More »

U.S. Seizes $180 Million Worth of Cocaine From "Semi-Submarine" off Honduran Coast

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Cocaine, but not this cocaine.
The Coast Guard announced they intercepted and seized a semi-submersible vessel, its five-man crew and 7.5 tons of cocaine. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection airplane spotted the fiberglass semi-submarine and a Coast Guard cutter caught up to it off the Caribbean coast of Gracias a Dios, Honduras. The Miami Herald reports the traffickers sank the ship, but this weekend an FBI dive team was able to find it and its cargo: $180 million worth of cocaine.

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Harrison David, Columbia Dealer in Operation Ivy League, Gets Six Months for Guilty Plea

One of the drug dealing frat boys busted at Columbia University late last year pleaded guilty today to the criminal sale of a controlled substance, accepting felony charges in exchange for light sentencing. Now he's off with just six months in jail and five years probation, though the felony charge will tar his record, much to the chagrin of the Ivy League school he's still suspended from. With time served, he'll likely only do three-and-a-half more months behind bars. David, 20, sold cocaine to an undercover cop (who was later arrested himself), making him the only of his cronies -- including the still plea deal-less Christopher Coles, Adam Klein, Jose Stephan Perez and Michael Wymbs -- to get busted moving coke, while the others worked with marijuana, LSD and MDMA. David was reportedly the main target of the investigation, and told a detective, "Why do you think I have to do this shit? He [my father] won't pay my tuition." [DNA Info]

Someone Left Four Pairs of Sneakers, Five Pounds of Cocaine at JFK Airport

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Nearly five pounds of cocaine were found hidden in the soles of sneakers in a suitcase at John F. Kennedy Airport last week, Customs and Border Protection Officers announced on Monday. No one ever picked up the luggage, which came from the Dominican Republic, perhaps because they thought airport agents were on to them, and on Thursday officials noticed the kicks were a little heavier than usual. A search revealed them to be filled with white powder -- the kind worth about $107,000 on the street. Meanwhile, the two white pairs in the middle say "Hang Ten" on the back and could probably fetch a pretty penny at a vintage store, especially with this backstory. Just sayin'. [NBC NY]

Was William Shakespeare A Pothead?

Did Shakespeare get the inspiration for his plays and sonnets from smoking weed? A South African anthropologist named Francis Thackeray is seeking permission from the Church of England to exhume Shakespeare's body and analyze it, determining whether the Bard liked to chill with a fat joint every now and then. Science serves an important purpose in our society by answering these urgent questions.

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