Man Who Attacked Hijab-Wearing Woman In Times Square Released With Just A Ticket

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Atef Sabry Abu El Enin in Times Square on Saturday
Rachel Gunnoe, a stay-at-home mom from New Jersey, was in a Times Square on Saturday, taking part in a demonstration against the military coup in Egypt, when she was accosted by a man who grabbed her protest sign, threw it in her face, and called her a "fucking terrorist."

Her assailant, identified by the NYPD as Atef Sabry Abu El Enin, 33, of Washington D.C., was quickly restrained by officers but, the Voice has learned, he was not charged with assault.

Instead, he was taken to a local precinct where he was given a ticket for disorderly conduct and dismissed. But he may face more charges soon--the NYPD confirms the attack is being investigated as "a possible bias incident."

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UC Davis Chancellor Announces Pepper Spray Review; Japan Earthquake; Violent Protests in Egypt

After footage of a police officer dousing students with pepper spray went viral, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi announced she is forming a "task force" to look into the incident. She told CNN, "We really want to look into this very carefully and take action ... make sure that it will never happen again on our campus." She added that the task force would be "made of faculty, students and staff," and they "will review the events and provide a report within 90 days." [CNN]

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Israeli Ambassador Airlifted Out of Egypt; Japanese Man Questioned About Air Force One Leak; State of Emergency Declared in Texas

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Scenes from Springtime anti-Mubarak protests
Israel airlifted its ambassador out of their Cairo embassy after protesters swarmed the building, the Washington Post reports. Protests have been growing after the deaths of three Egyptian border guards who were killed by Israeli troops who say they mistook them for militants crossing from Gaza. Israeli guards were also forced out, as they were "eventually extricated at about 5 a.m. Saturday by Egyptian special forces and escorted to the airport, where they were flown back to Israel on an Israeli air force plane." [Washington Post]

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Egypt Recalls Ambassador to Israel; West Memphis Three Freed; Gadhafi Staying in Libya

Egyptian protests from earlier this year.
The Egyptian government announced it plans to recall its ambassador from Israel. The move was sparked by an event when three Egyptian military officers were gunned down by an Israeli warplane after they were mistaken for suspected militants. The New York Times says this "marks a level of antagonism not seen since Egypt and Israel signed the historic Camp David accords three decades ago." [NYT]

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Obama Ordered Bin Laden Raid On 50/50 Chance; Cairo Mobs Attack Churches

OBL home video.jpg
  • National Security Adviser Tom Donilon told CNN that President Obama decided to go through with the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden based on "what was probably a 50-50 case that Osama bin Laden was there." In light of that info, it's interesting to read this alternate history of what would have happened had we not succeeded in killing Bin Laden. [CNN, NYmag]
  • Mobs in a Cairo suburb set fire to two churches yesterday amid bloody fighting over a woman who converted from Christianity to Islam. 10 people have died so far in the clashes. [MSNBC]

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Lara Logan Speaks on Her Sexual Assault in Egypt

Lara Logan in Cairo
As the deaths of photographers Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros sadly reminded us last week, journalists continue to face dangers all over the globe, and especially in the volatile Middle East, where a rash of uprisings have created historic opportunities to capture news, but also high-risk zones. Lara Logan, the CBS correspondent on the ground in February during the protests that eventually toppled President Hosni Mubarak, "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating," according to initial reports back in February, when she was separated from her team and overtaken by a mob. Questions arose at the time about the details of the assault Logan suffered, but with the exception of a few choice assholes, her privacy was largely respected by her viewers, colleagues and contemporaries alike. Now, Logan has deemed it time to talk about her experience, telling her side of the story to the New York Times ahead of a 60 Minutes segment about her assault this weekend. There's more on Logan's ordeal inside Press Clips, our daily media column, plus news on Michael Arrington's money-making and the forthcoming website from ESPN's Bill Simmons.

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Barack Obama to Unveil Budget Plan; Hosni Mubarak Detained; Advocates Meet With Developer of 35 Cooper Square

• Following last week's near government shutdown, President Obama will lay out his deficit strategy today in a speech at George Washington University. According to a White House official, the speech will emphasize "shared prosperity and shared responsibility," a balanced approach to control expanding deficits, and the protection of "vital spending for education, innovation and clean energy" along with "holding down domestic spending, cutting defense spending, reducing costs while strengthening Medicare and Medicaid, and tax reform." [CNN]

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Maikel Nabil, Egyptian Blogger, Sentenced to 3 Years in Jail for Criticizing Military

Maikel Nabil, a 25-year-old Egyptian blogger, has been sentenced to 3 years in prison after criticizing the military for supporting "the corruption and anti-democratic practices" of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Nabil, who describes himself on Twitter as an "Egyptian Blogger, Activist believes in Liberalism, Secularism, Pacifism, Peace & Realism," was sentenced by a military tribunal for insulting the military, disturbing public security, and spreading false information about the armed forces in a single blog entry.

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Mystery Facebook Co-Founder Is Trying to Sell 10 Million Shares; Egyptian Prime Minister Resigns; DEA Bans Synthetic Pot

• Some mystery person at Facebook is apparently trying to sell 10 million shares in the company, which could mean a profit of $300 million. The New York Post thinks this person, who has been looking for a buyer on Wall Street, is either Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz or Eduardo Saverin -- one of the four founders of the site. 10 million shares would mean "about a half of 1 percent in the company," which may be up for IPO by mid-2012. [Pat's Papers]

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Egyptian Man Names Daughter 'Facebook'

A young Egyptian man has honored Facebook's important role in the recent protests by naming his daughter after the social network. According to Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, newborn Facebook Jamal Ibrahim "received many gifts from the youth who were overjoyed by her arrival and the new name." There are five million Facebook users in Egypt, more than any other Middle Eastern country. Welcome to the world, Facebook! I mean Facebook the baby, not Facebook the Facebook. You know what I mean.