Is Exposing Racist A-Holes OK If Those Racist A-Holes Are High School Kids?

As we reported earlier, there's a racist "tweet" war waging against re-elected President Barack Obama. The words "nigger" and "monkey" are popular slurs directed at the president by presumably white morons who are upset that they must endure four more years of Obama (gasp!).

But many of these racist assholes aren't your run-of-the-mill, bearded, hillbillies from bum-fuck Arkansas -- they're dopey high school kids, some of whom are from New York.

There's nothing we love more than exposing a-holes for the a-holes they are -- and subsequently making their lives as difficult as humanly possible. But we also took a few journalism ethics courses, where we learned that -- with a few exceptions -- kids are off limits, regardless of how ignorant they may be.

That said, Jezebel over the weekend published a brilliant blog post that not only named several of these racist, teenage idiots, but called their high schools. In some cases, the website contacted colleges at which the students (supposedly) were set to receive scholarships.

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Here's the Official Post-Election Petition Asking Obama to Let New York Secede from the Country

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Up until election night, there was a legitimate, widespread fear that President Obama was going to lose the 2012 election. Liberals were pissed; many even spoke about moving to Canada, or Australia, or Britain, or any place that wasn't the United States but where people still spoke English.

Then came the Jeep bounce and the Sandy/Christie bounce, and Obama did exactly what Nate Silver said Obama was going to do, destroying challenger Mitt Romney in a lopsided race to 270 electoral votes, finishing with a total 332 to Romney's 206. Conservatives panicked and many spoke about moving to Canada, or Australia, or Britain, until they looked the destinations up on Wikipedia and realized that nationalized healthcare, women's rights and the like exist there, too.

So some brave, pioneering, conservative souls did the next best thing and said, "Fuck it, we're gonna secede."

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FoxNation's 2 a.m. Wishful Thinking

This screengrab was snapped by our own Alan Scherstuhl from the FoxNation blog at 2 a.m. -- several hours after Governor Mitt Romney conceded defeat in last night's presidential election.

It came roughly four hours after precisely none of these predictions came true.

Wishful thinking?

To quote Alan, "Dewey, Truman, etc."

"My Job Is Fucked": NY Republicans Respond to Four More Years of "Obamunism"

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James King
The man on the left was unwilling to concede defeat even after Fox News had declared Barack Obama the winner of last night's election. "Trust me, I took a math class in grad school," he said.

New York Republican Party chairman Ed Cox started last night's "victory party" in a ballroom at the Westin Grand Central hotel in midtown by assuring the roughly 300 attendees that he was confident that Mitt Romney would be the country's next president.

By the end of the night, Cox looked like someone shit in his cereal -- and he wasn't the only one.

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President Barack Obama Just Won the 2012 Presidential Election

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MSNBC just called the state of Ohio, with 18 electoral votes, for incumbent president Barack Obama. That gives him 274 votes in the 2012 presidential election. He needed 270 to get re-elected.

That's all, New York. Let's go drink.


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MSNBC has just called Iowa, with a total of six electoral votes, for Barack Obama. The incumbent is now 14 electoral votes away from winning the 2012 presidential election, up on Romney 256-203.

SWING STATE UPDATE: The North Carolina Decision

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In his first swing state win of the night, NPR calls North Carolina, with 15 electoral votes, for Mitt Romney. The electoral college now stands at 244-178 for Barack Obama.

Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Virgil Goode, Rocky Anderson, et. al: How Did They Do?

So how are the other candidates doing? Other candidates? No, not the senate or house folks, but the other presidential candidates.

Yes, there are actually people who aren't in the two main parties who have their own ideas about fixing this country, who had the courage to run for president. Number 3, behind Obama and Romney, was Gary Johnson, a Libertarian who had 348,000 votes by 9:47 p.m. Not bad for raising only $1 million bucks.

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Johnson backs abolishing the IRS, legalizing marijuana and creating alternate currencies. He's a triathlete who has climbed Mt. Everest, and he started his own multimillion dollar construction company.

More after the jump...

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SWING STATE UPDATE: The New Hampshire Decision

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MSNBC has just called New Hampshire's four electoral votes for Obama. He's now up in the electoral college 162-153. The president is now 108 electoral votes away from reelection.

SWING STATE UPDATE: The Wisconsin Decision

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NBC has just called Wisconsin, with a total of 10 electoral votes, for Barack Obama. Wisconsin is the first contested swing state to be called. Obama now leads electoral votes 158-153.