Eliot Spitzer Campaign Throws Mad Shade at Stringer Over "Justin Bieber Appreciation Day"

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My God, the shade.
Just when you thought we couldn't wring any more absurdity out of city elections, along comes the Spitzer campaign with an attack against his competitor Scott Stringer that is more than a little bit childish.

Hari Sevugan, spokesman for the Spitzer campaign, circulated a pie chart calling attention to Stringer's attendance record at NYCERS trustee meetings. (NYCERS is a city agency in charge of the arcana of the city employee pension system. The more you know ... ) The point seems to be to mock Stringer for endorsing "Justin Bieber Appreciation Day" while calling attention to his poor showing at trustee meetings, a shade double-whammy.

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Eliot Spitzer "Steamrolling" Scott Stringer in Comptroller's Race: New Poll

Prepare for a Spitzer-athon! The latest Comptroller's race shows Eliot "The Patron" Spitzer with a 19-point lead over Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. The current gap is 56 to 37, ahead of the looming Democratic primary.

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Eliot Spitzer Says Anyone Who Challenges His Campaign Signatures "Doesn't Believe in Democracy"

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At 10:30 last night, Eliot Spitzer, who very much wants to be your comptroller, submitted a comically large number of signatures to the Board of Elections' Manhattan office. His campaign workers, who may be operating out of his apartment and who sometimes gets a touch squirrelly when being followed by reporters, needed to turn in 3,750 signatures to get him on the ballot. They turned in what they said was 27,000, gathering them in just 96 hours. Now, in indisputable proof that New Yorkers believe in redemption, or maybe just evidence of the power of name recognition, he's leading Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer by nine points, according to one early poll.

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Eliot Spitzer Is Using His House as Headquarters for Petitioners?

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Will Spitzer get enough signatures before today's deadline?
Ladies and gentlemen, do we have an odd bit of news for you: One of our readers, who has asked to remain anonymous for professional reasons, wrote to us about their experience with one of the Spitzer petitioners, and discovered that the place to go "get involved" was actually Eliot Spitzer's home address. I am currently amassing a squadron for a sock-drawer expedition as I write.

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Why Won't Eliot Spitzer's Campaign Talk About His Petition-Signing Operation?

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Dear mic-holders: You are personally responsible for my mental images of Spitzer having sex.
Eliot Spitzer has not been at all gunshy about, well, anything since announcing his candidacy for comptroller. Some of this election year's most bizarre soundbites have been crammed into the single week since Spitzer announced his candidacy. We now know his thoughts on those carnal "urges" within all of us, and that he does not in fact have a sock fetish. So why keep mum on the petition campaign he needs to complete successfully to get on the ballot at all?

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Eliot Spitzer Wants a New Job, Forgiveness, and for Everyone to Stop Comparing Him to Anthony Weiner

"Please let this work, please let this work..."
A few years after all that unpleasantness with the prostitutes, Eliot Spitzer would very much like to be your comptroller. In a Sunday night interview with the New York Times, the former attorney general and governor announced he would be running for the office, which, by the way, is the chief fiscal and auditing officer in the city. He added that he's also "hopeful" there will be "forgiveness" from the voters, which does indeed seem crucial to his success here.

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Eliot Spitzer Chimes In On Pregnancy Of Hooker Who Ended His Career

The hooker who brought down shamed former Governor Eliot Spitzer is preggers and gettin' hitched. So how does her most infamous client feel about his former gal-pal's pending nuptials? Jealous? Elated? Glad he's not the father?

Well, Spitzer's not talking about it -- only he is talking about it...without actually talking about.

"Client No. 9" appeared on Geraldo Rivera's radio show yesterday, where he was asked how he felt about his former gal-pal's pregnancy and upcoming marriage to New Jersey businessman Thomas "T.J." Earle. The former governor answered by saying "I just don't respond to that stuff" -- right before he responded to "that stuff."

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This Is The Guy Who's Marrying The Hooker Who Ended Eliot Spitzer's Career In Politics

Thomas "T.J." Earle
Meet Thomas "T.J." Earle -- asphalt magnate, former married guy, and the soon-to-be Mr. Ashley Dupre.

Earle, the New York Post "exclusively" reports, is now engaged to former Elliot Spitzer hooker Ashley Dupre, a.k.a. "Kristen," a.k.a. "client number 9's" favorite escort.

Additionally, Dupre -- who made the jump from high-priced hooker to Post columnist by simply fucking a sitting governor -- is preggers with Earle's kid.

Earle used to be married. Then he met Dupre, and the two shared a drunken afternoon "drinking, dining, shopping and snuggling in limos" shortly after Dupre brought down Spitzer in a hooker scandal that ended his political career.

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Mega Millions Winners Sold In Illinois, Kansas and Maryland; Olbermann Fired, Replaced by Spitzer; State Budget Approved

You probably didn't win the $640 million Mega Millions jackpot -- the chance of winning was 1 in 176 million -- but the money will be divided up by at least three people. Lottery officials said winning tickets were sold in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland. In New York, 17 people will get a second-prize of $250,000 each. And the lucky numbers? Those were 02-04-23-38-46 with a Mega Ball of 23. People around the country collectively spent about $1.5 billion for a chance to get their hands on the winnings. [CBS New York, NYDN]

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Eliot Spitzer CNN Show, In the Arena, Cancelled, Freeing Him Up to Run NYC

After a prolonged period of subpar ratings, even canning cohost Kathleen Parker (and changing the show's name) couldn't save CNN's In the Arena, where our former, prostitute-loving governor Eliot Spitzer did his redemption time, however brief. The network announced today that the program is being scrapped, with Anderson Cooper's show moving to the 8 p.m. slot, thereby giving Spitzer plenty of free time to eventually become the mayor of New York City (or so the thinkpieces will wonder!), while the man previously slotted for that job post-Bloomberg, Anthony Weiner, he too a tad too horny for public office, can cycle onto the cable networks, bluster a bit and if he does it all right, service his ego once again with a place in politics. If you can make it here... you can screw up, fail and then come back later.