While Manhattan Rages, Eric Garner's Family Protests Alone in Staten Island

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Katie Toth, the Village Voice
Erica Garner adjusts a rose on the memorial for her father, Eric.
Over the last two weeks, New Yorkers have disrupted commuters at Grand Central Terminal, snarled traffic on the city's streets and bridges, and occupied a handful of Manhattan's major retail stores. The actions were all staged in the name of Eric Garner -- the Staten Island man who was killed this summer as an NYPD officer deployed a chokehold while trying to arrest him. After the announcement on December 4 that a special grand jury was not going to indict the officer, Daniel Pantaleo, protestors have been willing to stop traffic to get their point across

But just a ferry ride away in Staten Island, the response to Garner's death has been eerily silent.

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Police Supporters Plan to Hold #ThankYouNYPD Rally Outside City Hall. This Should Go Well

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CS Muncy for the Village Voice
Police officers in Times Square hold zip ties for handcuffing protesters.
After weeks of anti-police protests, advocates for the New York Police Department are planning a rally to show their support for the NYPD, which has come under fire in the wake of the Eric Garner decision.

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The NYPD Wants You to Know It's Shooting Fewer People Than You Think

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Photo credit: Eino Sierpe via Flickr

Last year, eyewitnesses were certain that 16-year-old Kimani Gray was unarmed when two plainclothes officers shot him seven times in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. But the officers alleged that Gray pointed a .38-caliber Rohm's industry revolver at them.

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At Eric Garner Protests, Some White Activists Are Being Called Out for Their Behavior

C.S. Muncy for the Village Voice
They were trying to get into Target.

The crowd pushed its way through Atlantic Terminal Mall in Brooklyn on December 8, banging on windows and ignoring the hapless security guards. Hundreds of people streamed up the escalators and stopped in front of the giant discount store, whose employees were trying to close its doors to avoid a confrontation.

But that didn't satisfy the protesters who were trying to get in. They'd been demonstrating in retail spaces all across the city over the past week, after all: Toys "R" Us, Macy's, Forever 21 -- they'd lie down for their "die-in," say their piece, make folks uncomfortable, then move on.

As some tried to push their way into the store, Michelina Ferrara and Cherrell Brown talked them down. "White people, check your privilege!" Brown shouted into a megaphone. "We don't need you to provoke stuff right now."

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The NYPD's Moment of Restraint Is Over: 200+ Arrested

Stacy Lanyon
Police douse protesters in pepper spray at 14th Street and Eighth Avenue. See all the photos from last night's protests.
No sooner had the NYPD received praise for respecting peaceful protests than the force doubled back and reminded everyone that while officers might have let people on a couple bridges this week, they're still very adept with a bottle of pepper spray.

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As New Yorkers Protest Eric Garner Decision, NYPD Appears to Show Restraint

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After a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the white police officer who placed 43-year-old African American Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold in July, protests erupted throughout New York City against what many consider a culture of unaccountability, brutality, and racism in the New York Police Department.

After the announcement on December 3 that the grand jury would not indict Pantaleo, New Yorkers took to the streets for a long night of angry -- but largely peaceful -- protests and marches. They were the latest in a string of demonstrations against police impunity that have been held almost daily since November 24, after a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, announced that former police officer Darren Wilson, who is white, would not face charges for fatally shooting Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old African American.

But despite 25 local arrests in the wake of the Ferguson announcement and more than 80 during the protests that followed the Staten Island grand-jury decision, some observers say they're noticing one striking fact about law enforcement at these events: The NYPD has become more tolerant and less physical with demonstrators under Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton than it had been under previous mayoral administrations.

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No Indictment From the Grand Jury Convened in Eric Garner Chokehold Case

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Update, 2:34 a.m. Thursday, December 4: Protesters Sweep Manhattan After Eric Garner Decision
A grand jury convened to determine whether to bring criminal charges against Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer who killed Staten Island man Eric Garner, has returned no indictment, multiple outlets are reporting.

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NYPD Watchdog Chair Says Chokehold Report Will Be 'Troubling'

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Source: CCRB Video
The Civilian Complaint Review Board is preparing to release a "troubling" chokehold report.
The new chair of the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the agency charged with reviewing citizen allegations of misconduct against the NYPD, said last night that a forthcoming study would reveal "troubling" findings about the alleged use of chokeholds by police officers in the city.

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Staten Island Teachers Furious Their Union Didn't Want Them to Wear NYPD Shirts to the First Day of School

Image via Facebook
A group of teachers, reportedly from P.S. 220 in Queens, posted photos of themselves in NYPD shirts.
A group of public school teachers in Staten Island planned to wear T-shirts supporting the New York Police Department to the first day of school yesterday, but most backed off after warnings from their union, the United Federation of Teachers. The Staten Island Advance reports that more than 600 shirts reading "New York's Brightest Supports New York's Finest #ThankYouNYPD" were purchased from a specialty T-shirt printing company in Staten Island earlier this month. A group of teachers, pictured above, reportedly from P.S. 220 in Queens, posted photos of themselves in NYPD shirts in an apparent act of solidarity, although it's not clear if they actually wore them to class.

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Wide Racial Divide on How New Yorkers Feel About NYPD & Eric Garner's Death, Poll Shows

One thing most New Yorker agree on: Officer Daniel Pantaleo should face prosecution for killing Eric Garner.

In a new Quinnipiac University poll, 68 percent of New Yorkers said that "there is absolutely no excuse for how the police acted" and 64 percent believe that Staten Island Distriact Attorney Daniel Donovan should press criminal charges.

But even within that general point of agreement there are stark racial divides.

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