NYFW: Custo Barcelona Wants You to Go Tribal This Fall (VIDEO)

Apparently, Friday night's Snowpocalypse didn't keep the fashionistas or the queens from coming out in droves to see Spanish designer Custo Dalmau strut his signature print and graphic designs down the runway at Sunday's Custo Barcelona 2013 fall/winter collection.

Known for his flair for the dramatic, Dalmau drew from a bejeweled tribal aesthetic at his show, aptly titled "The Beauty and the Beast." Inspired by feminine and bionic concepts that brought out "The Beauty" and voluminous materials that catered to Nordic winters to unleash "The Beast," the designer impressed us with what we like to call very "Aztec chic" designs. Rawrr.

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NYFW: Move Over K-Pop, Here Comes K-Fashion at Concept Korea

Concept Korea
Despite debuting right off the heels of the K-Pop phenomenon "Gangnam Style," Fashion Week's Concept Korea 2013 collective held its own on Thursday night with five new buzzworthy designers...and thankfully, they didn't play Psy's freaking song over the speakers.

As the show was running late and the traditional Korean music "gukak" was soothing me into Ambien mode, I was jolted by three fierce and pungently perfumed musketeers flanking my left side. The photogs went ballistic at their presence and publicists kowtowed to their every gesture...all the while, everyone else in the audience, including myself, was like: "Who the hell are these cats?"

At first glance, I thought the chick with the neon orange hair ensconced in Gaga-esque shades was Gwen Stefani and that sandwiched in between her was Vanessa Paradis and a chunkier version of Miss Lawrence from the Real Housewives of Atlanta...but alas, I found out their real identities after the show.More »

Subway Rant: Keep Your Music in Your Ears, Not Ours!

no mobile.jpg
Every once in a while (okay, maybe more than that), something really annoys us. Often, it's on the subway, because, let's face it, that's where a lot of annoying shit goes down. We're not talking about blaring headphone seepage or full-body-against-pole offenses -- at least those assholes are oblivious. We're talking about the teenage/early twentysomethings who walk onto the train and treat their cell phones like an '80s boom box, openly blasting their ditties for the rest of our ears to bleed.

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Six Ways Lindsay Lohan Might Spend Her Time in Jail

If only the public humiliation had ended with that Fire Crotch moniker, dear LiLo's troubles would've been so yesteryear. But now that the synthetically swollen-lipped Mean Girl is being sentenced to 90 days in the slammer for probation violation, we're actually chortling like the Pillsbury Dough Boy (along with Avril Lavigne and that waitress who punched her last week on her 24th birthday). Why? Because Lindsay has been stagnant in a slimy larva stage for way too long while the world waits for her to become a full-fledged butterfly and escape her own Vortex of Suck.

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Ciao, Bryant Park! The Top 10 Trends For Fall

David Wentworth
Backstage at Betsey.
Alas, another thrilling Fashion Week has come to an end. We partied at LNA with Metric and Patti Smith (who gave a heartfelt tribute to Alexander McQueen), cozied up to the handsome men modeling at the GQ Best New Designer showcase, got snowed on at Isaac Mizrahi, tried to guess the winner of Project Runway, learned that models do really suffer sometimes, and said good-bye forever to the tents in Bryant Park. We received plenty of generous and head-scratching swag including earplugs at Vena Cava, a Stila make-up box with built-in MP3 speakers from Betsey Johnson, and a shaving kit from Duckie Brown. And we rubbed elbows with Donald Trump at Michael Kors, David Byrne at Narciso Rodriguez, and Alexa Chung at 3.1 Phillip Lim. But Fashion Week is, of course, all about the clothes, and we saw plenty to make us long for fall. Of the shows we attended, our favorites were Betsey Johnson, Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B., Diane von Furstenberg, Rebecca Taylor, Charlotte Ronson, Vena Cava, Rag & Bone, and Zero+Maria Cornejo. And what will you want to buy? We've narrowed it all down to 10 outstanding trends.

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Project Runway: Ankle Biters Rule the Runway

pr kids.jpg
​Forget sleek and sexy and bring out your best Punky Brewster look: It's back to being a kid again, as noted in this week's installment of Project Runway. The challenge: Make kids clothes that are fashionable and age appropriate. Yay, the workroom turns into a romper room!

As Heidi ushers the choo-choo train of munchkin models onto the catwalk, the designers realize they'll have to squeeze their big ambitions into pint-size duds. Of course, there were mixed reactions. Seth Aaron is rocked out over the idea, especially since he's baby daddy to a tween daughter. However, Jonathan is less than amused. "I am scared of children. I don't surround myself with children, I don't have any children...and they are very small," he says with a frozen look on his face. Even southern belle Anthony is finding it difficult to come up with a crumb-snatching design, as he's used to creating looks for ladies with junk in places where it counts: "Honey, these girls have got no booties and no breasts, so I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work."

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Isaac Mizrahi Tells Trippy Fairytale Story

Thumbnail image for leafy green cocktail.jpg
Fashion Week ended with a fairytale happy ending, thanks in part to Isaac Mizrahi's "Central Park Story Book" fall collection. So what's it like getting a fifteen-minute peek into the mind of the fashion-forward fairy godfather? Think: the Upper East Side on ecstasy. Elevated bag ladies, fanciful fairies, haute game and wildlife, and samurai warrior princesses floated within a bling'd-out urbanosphere.

For Mizrahi, this year's fall femme fatale is soft, relaxed, and feminine with a finesse of understated badass--the badass part being especially attributed to his "Society Samurai" chapter, which was inspired by the Met's Japanese Armour Show.

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