Great: N Train Workers Found Bedbugs in Their Lockers

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Photo via the Armed Services Pest Management Board on Flickr
This is what an adult male bedbug looks like. If you need us we'll be scratching our arms till they bleed.
Well, here's some good, reassuring, non-itchy news: just days after three N train cars were discovered to have bedbug stowaways living in them, two N line workers have found bedbugs in their lockers . Metropolitan Transit Authority spokesperson Kevin Ortiz confirmed to the Voice this morning that itchy little jerks were found in lockers at a crew room in Astoria.

The union that represents the Metropolitan Transit Authority's workers, TWU Local 100, tells the Daily News that not only did the two N workers discover bedbugs, but so did a conductor who hasn't even worked on the N recently. She found a bedbug at her house. (MTA spokesperson Ortiz said he was unable to confirm that incident.)

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Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle's Conviction Overturned, After Judge Rules He's More of an Imaginary Cannibal [Updated]

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Image via Facebook
Gilberto Valle in 2012
Gilberto Valle, the NYPD officer who was arrested in October 2012 after plotting online to kidnap, torture and cook multiple women, including his wife, has had his conviction overturned by a federal judge. The New York Times was first to report that U.S. District Judge Paul G. Gardephe had acquitted Valle on charges of kidnapping conspiracy, for which he was facing life in prison after being convicted in March of 2013.

Valle's lawyers, both public defenders from the Federal Defenders of New York, had been pushing the judge to grant him a new trial. In his ruling, according to the NYT, Gardephe wrote that the evidence in the case suggests that is "more likely than not" that Valle's online chats, in which he fantasized about spit-roasting various ladies, "are fantasy role-play."

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Chobani Identifies Mold That Caused Nationwide Recall, Claims It's Unlikely to Harm People

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Photo Credit: bpende via Compfight cc
In a conference call arranged by the company Friday, Chobani named the mold behind last week's voluntary recall of the yogurt company's product. The mold Mucor circinelloides is allegedly behind the contamination at Chobani's Idaho production facility, responsible for less than five percent of the company's total output. While M. circinelloides is a common cause of fruit, vegetable, and yogurt spoilage, it poses no serious threat to most people. But how did the contamination happen in the first place?

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Want To Host A Rat 'Party?' Have A Car In the City

Screen shot 2012-03-18 at 10.35.53 AM.png
Forget lack of cheap or available parking, the Daily News today has another reason not to keep a car in the city: rats. Yes, according to an opinion piece by ABC News writer and producer Joel Siegel, the city's furry/gross friends . Siegel tells the tale of the multiple rat "parties" -- his mechanic's words -- that took place in the hood of his Volvo. We're just imagining all the city's rats getting together and saying, "look we've gotten recognition for our domination of the subways and parks, how can can we promote our work in other fields?"

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Terrible Injuries Can Come From Not Wearing Seatbelts In Cabs

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Putting on a seatbelt in a cab sometimes seems like the biggest effort in the world. Because, really, you're only going to be in the cab for five minutes, you don't know where that piece of fabric has been or whose neck it has touched and you also want to be able to lean forward when the meter goes on so you can turn off the Taxi TV the instant it starts to jabber away. However -- if those ads instated back in December (on the TVs, mind you) didn't send a motherly reminder to buckle up -- then maybe these New York Daily News stories today will. Daily News explains how people who don't put their seatbelts on in cabs are getting gruesome injuries after their faces slam into the plastic partitions in between riders and drivers. And there's a picture!

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EPA Releases Report on Dangerous Dioxins After 27-Year Delay

The Environmental Protection Agency has finally released its report on the non-cancer dangers of dioxins -- toxic chemicals that abound in most consumer products.

Though health advocates have been wary of dioxins for years, the FDA has said after a nearly 3 decades-long delay that the nasty carcinogenic chems -- in everything from office paper to computers to building materials -- can cause "chloracne, developmental and reproductive effects, damage to the immune system, interference with hormones, skin rashes, skin discoloration, excessive body hair, and possibly mild liver damage."

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Uh-Oh: You Might Have an STD! The Whole World Might Know, Too

Love is supposed to be everlasting. Unfortunately for many, the only permanent thing to come out of a relationship is an incurable sexually transmitted disease.

And that's why Cyrus Sullivan, of Portland, Ore., claims that he runs STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services, a website that lists claimed and confirmed carriers by their names, locations, descriptions, and sometimes their photos.

The database is completely open to the public -- you don't have to login to browse the listings, and many of the recently added carriers' pics are displayed prominently on the site's front page. Users submit photos freely. There are about 1,500 listings.

From the workmanlike design and sluggish flash slideshow and bizarre comparisons between Pearl Harbor's "hostile Asian men" and STD awareness, you might get the impression that Sullivan, who also runs an online reputation-management business, operates with a tongue-in-cheek M.O.

And you'd be wrong: Sullivan is for real and his work (for better or for worse) is heartfelt, -- and he has updated his site just in time for Valentine's Day.

From the mission statement: "It is our goal that by promoting the sharing of information that we can ultimately protect you health from dangerous diseases while protecting your civil liberties and providing quality entertainment."

Oh boy.

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Bad Boats: Cruise Ships See Outbreak Of Norovirus

Cruise ships have never been something we've found appealing, personally. Really, there's something about being trapped in a large vessel on the open sea with a bunch of people we don't know that has always kind of freaked us out. The boats themselves haven't been doing a lot to prove us wrong recently. First, the Costa Concordia tragedy. Now, CNN reports outbreaks of Norovirus on two Princess Cruise ships. Cruise ships, you aren't doing yourselves any favors here.

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Enjoy Looking At Subway Rats? Play 'Rate My Rat'

Screen shot 2012-01-13 at 6.22.10 PM.png
Did you enjoy looking at that picture of the giant rat in the Bronx Foot Locker? Yes? First, ew, and second, we've got the perfect quest for you. As part of their "New Yorkers Deserve A Rat-Free Subway" campaign, the city's Transport Workers Union has started a "Rate My Rat" contest.

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Here Is a Picture of a Giant Rat Supposedly Found in a Bronx Foot Locker

Have you witnessed the latest giant dead rat of New York City, as photographed in what appears to be a Foot Locker stock room in the Bronx? It is a beaut! Actually, it is horrifying. The picture was tweeted by @TheGoodfella, who writes, "SON THEY FOUND MASTER SPLINTER AT A FOOTLOCKER IN THE BX...THIS SHIT WILD."

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