NYFW is Over! Here are 20 Things We Actually Would Wear

Me, now that fashion week is over.

After 10 fun-filled days of New York Fashion Week chaos (it's never just a week), the fog has finally lifted, sort of. Aside from actual proof that we were there -- mounds of fashion-week swag and countless Instagram images -- it still feels as if it never happened. Like it was one big dream in which we'd leave work in the middle of the day, take the subway uptown, and enter a world of pure fantasy. But then I look, with pride, at my calloused feet, and remember, yes, it did in fact happen.

So before we truly get back to our boring lives, we'd like to snuggle with our fashion-week memories and recap the very best Spring/Summer 2015 pieces that we liked this season.

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NYFW: Inside Karen Walker's Secret Garden

Nikkitha Bakshani
Karen Walker
Gardens have been a popular theme this Fashion Week, but Karen Walker's models are not in the expected garden party dress code. Her models wear dungarees, pinafores and potter's jackets; gingham and pictures of burning gazebos; denim and suede. Self-described as "high casual," the brand eschews pretentiousness -- the Karen Walker girl knows how to wrestle with her plants, not just look pretty amongst them.

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An Orthodox Brooklyn Clothing Line Shared a Photo of a Woman In a Hijab, and Their Customers Flipped Out

Image via Hipster Hijabis
The "controversial" skirt photo.
We'll begin with the nice, non-controversial part of this story: Mimu Maxi is a small clothing line in Brooklyn, owned by two sisters-in-law from Crown Heights, Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik. Hecht and Notik are observant Orthodox Jews, and as such, as they write on their website, they've often struggled to find clothes that were stylish but still as modest as Orthodox custom requires. "But instead of bemoaning the trials and tribulations of shopping with modest sensibilities in mind," as their company bio puts it, "they took matters into their own hands and set out to create the ultimate pieces they so needed for their wardrobe."

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Supreme Foamposite Sales Show How Secondary Market Dominates Sneaker Trade

Retail prices are meaningless in the sneaker scene these days. Only way you pay retail for a pair of fresh, high-demand Jordans or Foamposites or SB Dunks is: 1) stand outside the sneaker store for at least several hours--several days in some cases; or 2) get lucky and snag them online in the five minutes before they sell out.

The large crowd that gathered outside Supreme New York last Wednesday night arrived with pipe dreams of paying $250 (plus tax) for the Supreme X Nike Air Foamposite One the following morning. So many dreamers packed the sidewalk and spilled into the street that the NYPD shut down the release for public safety reasons.

It was a spectacle that sparked headlines. But this isn't 1994; the setting for sneaker madness is not a sidewalk in front of a storefront. Madness in 2014 is not standing in line the night before a release; madness is having to pay $690 for a pair of sneakers on eBay the day after a release.

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NYPD Shuts Down Foamposite Sneaker Release Because of Big Crowd

Supreme New York
Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One sneakers, released Thursday April 3 at 11 a.m., retail for $250. They sold out by 11:05 a.m. April 3, but you can cop a pair on eBay for $900.

That sort of appreciation rate explains why a crowd of sneakerheads and sneaker investors and the kind-hearted girlfriends/boyfriends of sneakerheads packed the sidewalk in front of Supreme New York in SoHo on Wednesday afternoon. By Wednesday night, the crowd had spilled into Lafayette Street. Most of these folks were too late. The line had started forming on Monday, when Supreme announced the release date.

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Fashion Week: Marc By Marc Jacobs Goes to the Skate Park, Anna Sui Hearts Anna May Wong

Angela Ashman
Marc by Marc Jacobs
If you weren't up on the latest changes in the house of Marc Jacobs, you might have been wondering why two blonde women took a bow at the end of the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. Was the designer taking a sick day? No, he was clapping in the front row right next to Sofia Coppola.

Though Jacobs is still involved with the line, most of the credit this time goes to the brand's new creative director, Katie Hillier, and design director, Luella Bartley, two savvy British fashion veterans with big ideas for shaking things up London-style.

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Fashion Week: Betsey Johnson Sets the House On Fire (Not Literally, But Almost)

Betsey Johnson on Wednesday night.
Betsey Johnson sealed her Fall/Winter 2014 show last night at Lincoln Center with blown kisses before turning her signature cartwheel and split. As spry as ever, watching the septuagenarian designer dance down the runway with her two granddaughters confirmed the show's title: Betsey's Hot.

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Fashion Week: MESKITA Favors Neoprene, Pants Not So Much

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Alessandra Meskita, Sao Paulo native, has long been glamming-up the bathing suit with designs she began crafting at 15-years-old.

Last night, in the middle of a snowstorm that shook the tents themselves but -- never fear -- didn't manage to deplete the appearance of stilettos and waxed-down bare legs, she made her NYFW debut, presenting her namesake brand's fall/winter line.

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Fashion Week: Tome Explores the Basics and 5:31 JEROME Delivers a Hot Tomboy

Araceli Cruz
5:31 Jerome
Fashion Week: It makes me ugh, and emit giddiness in the same breathe. Why such mutual disdain and joy, you ask? The circus, before, and after, a fashion show, thanks to fashion-goers (myself included), is pure hell; but when a new collection is presented as beautiful art, I am in heaven. Fashion Week makes me bipolar, and I've accepted this realization completely. Both the Tome and 5:31 JÉRÔME Fall 2014 collections, seen last week, made my head spin...in the greatest way possible.

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Fashion Week: rag & bone Forms a Girl Gang, Creatures of Comfort Shows a 'Killer' Collection

Angela Ashman
rag & bone
Bowling shirts, '50s-style high-waisted pants, skirts and denim splattered in what looked like motor oil -- have rag & bone's Marcus Wainwright and David Neville been watching Grease? That was our first thought as we headed out of Moynihan Station on West 33rd Street, where the designers have held their shows for several seasons.

Indeed, there was more than a hint of the Pink Ladies in the satin shirts and short jackets that had some models' first names -- Georgia May (as in Jagger), Joan (as in Smalls) -- embroidered on them.

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