Fashion Week: Marc By Marc Jacobs Goes to the Skate Park, Anna Sui Hearts Anna May Wong

Angela Ashman
Marc by Marc Jacobs
If you weren't up on the latest changes in the house of Marc Jacobs, you might have been wondering why two blonde women took a bow at the end of the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. Was the designer taking a sick day? No, he was clapping in the front row right next to Sofia Coppola.

Though Jacobs is still involved with the line, most of the credit this time goes to the brand's new creative director, Katie Hillier, and design director, Luella Bartley, two savvy British fashion veterans with big ideas for shaking things up London-style.

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Fashion Week: Betsey Johnson Sets the House On Fire (Not Literally, But Almost)

Betsey Johnson on Wednesday night.
Betsey Johnson sealed her Fall/Winter 2014 show last night at Lincoln Center with blown kisses before turning her signature cartwheel and split. As spry as ever, watching the septuagenarian designer dance down the runway with her two granddaughters confirmed the show's title: Betsey's Hot.

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Fashion Week: Ruffian's Disco Queen, Cindy Sherman Inspires Timo Weiland

Araceli Cruz
We often wonder if Jerry Seinfeld's infamous puffy/pirate shirt could ever be a genuinely hip fashion statement. Alright, we never truly gave the silly shirt a second thought, but Ruffian's Fall/Winter 2014 collection definitely gave the elaborate white buttoned-down blouse, and the Elizabethan ruff, a disco comeback.

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Fashion Week: MESKITA Favors Neoprene, Pants Not So Much

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Alessandra Meskita, Sao Paulo native, has long been glamming-up the bathing suit with designs she began crafting at 15-years-old.

Last night, in the middle of a snowstorm that shook the tents themselves but -- never fear -- didn't manage to deplete the appearance of stilettos and waxed-down bare legs, she made her NYFW debut, presenting her namesake brand's fall/winter line.

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Fashion Week: Tome Explores the Basics and 5:31 JEROME Delivers a Hot Tomboy

Araceli Cruz
5:31 Jerome
Fashion Week: It makes me ugh, and emit giddiness in the same breathe. Why such mutual disdain and joy, you ask? The circus, before, and after, a fashion show, thanks to fashion-goers (myself included), is pure hell; but when a new collection is presented as beautiful art, I am in heaven. Fashion Week makes me bipolar, and I've accepted this realization completely. Both the Tome and 5:31 JÉRÔME Fall 2014 collections, seen last week, made my head the greatest way possible.

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Fashion Week: rag & bone Forms a Girl Gang, Creatures of Comfort Shows a 'Killer' Collection

Angela Ashman
rag & bone
Bowling shirts, '50s-style high-waisted pants, skirts and denim splattered in what looked like motor oil -- have rag & bone's Marcus Wainwright and David Neville been watching Grease? That was our first thought as we headed out of Moynihan Station on West 33rd Street, where the designers have held their shows for several seasons.

Indeed, there was more than a hint of the Pink Ladies in the satin shirts and short jackets that had some models' first names -- Georgia May (as in Jagger), Joan (as in Smalls) -- embroidered on them.

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Fashion Week: A Charmed Collection From Erin Fetherston Reminds Us of Mad Men

Heather Baysa
A small shuffle from neon hues to vibrant jewel tones and a break-up with fuschia were the only indications that Erin Fetherston's new 2014 collection -- revealed last night at the Union Square W -- is an Autumn/Winter collection. But that's as somber as Fetherston gets.

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8 Reasons Why Fashion Week Didn't Suck

Angela Ashman
We miss these dudes already
Another Fashion Week has come and gone. Naturally, we used all of Sunday to nap and recover from 12 hectic days of runway shows, celebrity sightings, and chain-smoking free e-cigarettes. While in deep coma, we drifted back to all of the thrilling, weird moments that Fashion Week coughed up, without which the entire event would simply be a train of super-thin models wearing overpriced clothes.More »

Fashion Week: A Glittery Hurricane at Marc Jacobs

Angela Ashman
Marc Jacobs
Attendees at this season's Marc Jacobs show couldn't get a break: Outside the armory on Lexington Avenue it was pouring rain, inside it felt like it was a hundred degrees. In lieu of air conditioning, pitifully ineffective paper fans were handed out. Of course, given that this was Jacobs' spring collection, the heat would seem to be a natural fit for all the light, breezy clothes that would surely come down the runway. Right? No.

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Fashion Week: JOIE Travels the Italian Coast, Anya Caliendo Brings the Crazy

Heather Baysa
As NYFW hedged off its last full day, only the discreetly buffed security and a few visibly twitchy out-of-towners suggested that it was the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Yes, as if to issue forth a collective "suck it, terrorists," the tents were more energetic than we've seen them all week, with big names like Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson, and Anna Sui drawing crowds.

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