Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Candyland: How Pepsi and Walmart Are Helping New Yorkers Recover

Thanks, Wal-Mart.
Nobody tell Mike Bloomberg, but hurricane-ravaged New Yorkers are drinking free Mountain Dew right now -- and probably more than the allotted 16 ounces of which he approves.

Walmart and Pepsi Co. are among the first big-time corporations to donate a large amount of supplies to aid in the Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

We got a list of what the companies have donated, and it's bound to piss off a nutrition bully like Bloomy.

Walmart has donated the following:

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Is A-Rod Expanding?


When your team loses 3-2, as the Yankees did last night to the Orioles, and you leave 10 runners on base, it doesn't come down to the fault of just one batter. But when you're batting 3rd and being what Alex Rodriguez is being paid, you're the one everyone points a finger at. And in this case, justifiably so.

Last night was positively embarrassing for A-Rod, who went 1-for-5, struck out twice, and left 5 runners on base. And this follows his three strikeouts in game one.

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California Gov. Jerry Brown Vs. Chris Christie In A Foot Race: Christie's Odds Now At 5,000/1

Categories: Fat Chance, Fatsos
Chris Christie's a bit of a fatso.
Regardless of whether you like him, agree with him politically, or hate his guts, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a bit on the husky side. At a stunning 5-foot-11 and upwards of 285 pounds, Christie's bod resembles that of "Vito" from "The Sopranos" -- sans the appeal to burly bikers -- which is essentially what California Governor Jerry Brown pointed out over the weekend while challenging the outspoken Republican to a foot race.

Brown, who Christie bashed in his address at the Republican National Convention last week by basically calling him old, acknowledged his advanced years during a speech at the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770 on Friday. He then threw in a little humble brag about how he's pretty much the fastest 74-year-old governor in America.

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New Yorkers Think Skinny People Are Happier And More Successful Than Fatsos, Poll Shows

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Not according to the majority of New Yorkers...

Bad news, fatsos: according to the vast majority of New Yorkers, you are more miserable and less successful than non-fatsos. That's according to a recently released Marist/NY1 poll, anyway, which shows that more than 70 percent of New Yorkers think fat people are more unhappy and less successful than skinny people.

So, does this mean it's impossible to be fat and happy? Of course not -- it's just the opinion of the majority of New York's pretentious population.

According to the poll, only 13 percent of New Yorkers don't agree that thin people are happier than their full-figured counterparts. Seventy-two percent, however, think thin is in, and skinny folks are happier than fatsos.

When it comes to success, 72 percent of New Yorkers think skinny people are more successful, with only 8-percent of those polled disagreeing with the claim.

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