Facing Eviction Tomorrow, Hurricane Sandy Evacuees Living In Hotels Say They Won't Go Without a Fight

Anna Merlan
Cherell Manuel, one of 300 Sandy evacuees the city is trying to evict from her hotel
Since May, New York City officials have been trying to evict over 300 people from the hotels where they've been staying for nearly a year, after becoming homeless during Hurricane Sandy. The city says the hotel program has cost $73 million in FEMA funds so far and that now that FEMA has stopped reimbursing the city, they can't afford to shoulder the cost on their own. The Sandy evacuees will have to go into homeless shelters.

But at a press conference Friday on the steps of City Hall organized by New York Communities for Change, a couple dozen of those evacuees made it clear they weren't going anywhere without a fight. "They act like we asked to be here," says Cherell Manuel, 46, formerly of Far Rockaway. She and her four children have been at the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel for the past three months, their third hotel this year. "We're victims of a devastation."

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FEMA's Revamped Flood Maps Add Thousands Of NYC Homes To Danger Zone

Sam Horine
Looks like this is the first step of the post-Sandy future preparations.

Yesterday, FEMA released an updated version of flood maps for New York City; most notably, in the boroughs of Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn. The gesture is a sign that the City needs to start thinking about what it can do to prevent another superstorm from wreaking as much havoc as what we saw after Sandy. In total, 35,000 households have been added to 'in trouble' section.

These additions will have to adjust appropriately to their new placements - this means new insurance rates and zoning rules will take effect. Also, it's assumed that those rebuilding properties will be asked to add a few feet to construction for safety reasons. If not, they'll face higher insurance rates in wake of whatever's coming next to New York.

Let us hope that these preparations start off on the right foot.

You can check out all the FEMA's new map here.


Emergency Alert System to Interrupt All Television Wednesday, Cause Mass Hysteria

Will Skynet become self-aware as well?
This Wednesday, a day after we narrowly avoid being hit by an asteroid, America will face yet another threat: television interruption. On November 9th, the FCC, FEMA, Homeland Security, and the National Weather Service will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. Mediaite reports this is the organizations' "first all-inclusive, national test," and it will occur at 2 p.m. EST. For a couple minutes this week, there will be nothing on TV. May God help us all.

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Obama to Help Clean Up NY Tornado Damage

The federal government has approved New York State's request for aid in cleaning up the wreckage from last month's severe storm and tornadoes. According to a press release issued by Governor Paterson's office this morning, President Barack Obama has declared Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island "federal disasters," making them eligible for federal reimbursement of up to 75 percent of the costs involved in response, debris removal, and public property repair.More »