Podcast: In Defense of Tomorrowland...and Judd Apatow

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In this episode of the Voice Film Club podcast, LA Weekly's Amy Nicholson shares her story of Judd Apatow hate-following her on Twitter for a single day, but only after she and the Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl discuss Tomorrowland, which is often surprising and beautiful. Remember to follow us on Twitter at @VoiceFilmClub and read all our interesting film and TV coverage at villagevoice.com/movies.

How Amy Schumer Became This Generation's Latest Truth-Teller

Schumer: Comedy Central, C.K.: FX
Schumer as she appears in "12 Angry Men" and C.K. in an FX promotional photo for Louie.
During "Compliments," a first-season sketch on Inside Amy Schumer, a group of female friends respond to every bit of praise with a verbal self-maiming: "I tried to look like Kate Hudson but ended up looking like a golden retriever's dingleberry," says one. Sighs another, "Of course I see everyone when I look like Susan Boyle's toothbrush."

It was sympathetic satire about female self-loathing and how women are socialized to downplay both their beauty and their achievements. A year later, Schumer floored me again with "A Very Realistic Military Game," which simultaneously skewered rape culture in the armed forces and casual misogyny in the gaming world. Last month, the third season began with another bang: "Last Fuckable Day," a viral sketch in which Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey, and Patricia Arquette torch the "Is she fuckable?" yardstick by which women are judged in the entertainment business.

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Podcast: The 'Mad Men' Ending Was the Real Thing

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The final episode of Mad Men was upbeat — if you enjoy the death of the counterculture. On this special episode of the Voice Film Club podcast, Village Voice film editor Alan Scherstuhl and editorial fellow Lara Zarum, along with Voice TV critic Inkoo Kang, discuss the final episode of the series. Later, the trio is joined by Voice art critic R.C. Baker, who puts Coca-Cola's advertising in perspective. As always, follow us on Twitter at @VoiceFilmClub and read all our movie reviews, interviews, and news at villagevoice.com/movies.

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Podcast: Is Pitch Perfect 2 Racist? And Mad Max Rules

Categories: Film and TV

Photo by Richard Cartwright - © Universal Pictures
Here's Anna Kendrick reacting to this week's podcast.
Pitch Perfect 2 hits a few wrong notes for the Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl and special guest Monica Castillo, but LA Weekly film critic Amy Nicholson interpreted the film's humor a little differently. We circle back to Sofía Vergara's performance in Hot Pursuit before arriving in the desert for Mad Max: Fury Road, a sequel that might be one of the best action movies of the year.

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Fury What? Here are Six Indie Films to See This Weekend

Categories: Film and TV

Mad Max will be around forever. See one of these movies this weekend instead!
Each week new movies open in New York (and online) by the dozen. The Voice reviews almost all of 'em. Here are some you might not have heard about that got our critics excited, for better or worse. Browse our entire film section over at villagevoice.com/movies.

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New Doc Thought Crimes Dives Into the Fantasy World of the 'Cannibal Cop'

Categories: Film and TV, NYPD

Courtesy of HBO
Gilberto Valle
When Gilberto "Gil" Valle visited HBO's headquarters near Bryant Park recently to watch Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop — the documentary about him — he didn't like what he saw.

He saw himself, pale, with dark, baggy circles under his eyes, sitting in his mother's living room while under house arrest. He saw TV news reporters calling him the "Cannibal Cop." And he saw the messages, one after another, that he exchanged with another anonymous user of the Dark Fetish Network (NSFW), detailing how he would do away with his victims.

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Podcast: Stop Laughing at Old Movies, You $@%&ing Hipsters!

Categories: Film and TV

Warner Bros.
"I'm over people who think they're funnier than the movie," says LA Weekly film critic Amy Nicholson, in the wake of her recent piece "Stop Laughing at Old Movies, You $@%&ing Hipsters." Joining her — *in the same room, for the first time ever on the podcast* — as usual are Alan Scherstuhl and Stephanie Zacharek of the Village Voice. The trio also praise Hot Pursuit, the flagrantly silly comic vehicle for Sofía Vergara and Reese Witherspoon. Alan also heartily endorses Niger's own Purple Rain, a film starring guitarist Mdou Moctar that's "a striking, gentle bliss-out of a feature." Keep up with the latest movie reviews, essays, and interviews at villagevoice.com/movies, and follow us on Twitter at @VoiceFilmClub. If you like the podcast, give us a nice review, won't you?

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A New York Photographer Documents a Still-Segregated Southern Town for HBO

Categories: Film and TV, Race

Gillian Laub/Courtesy of HBO
Sha'von Patterson, holding a picture of himself and his brother Justin, who was shot and killed in 2011
Gillian Laub knows what it's like to feel unwelcome. As a New York–based photographer who spent several years photographing residents of a small Georgia town, Laub has had to stop at a gas station to duct-tape the tires on her rental car after they were slashed. She once left a Ruby Tuesday's restaurant after police told her that the townspeople liked to take matters into their own hands. And she's had a sheriff reach into her car and grab at her camera to physically stop her from taking pictures.

"I think that incident was really important to have happen to me, because I was fine," she says. "But it made me realize I was fine because I was very conscious that I got to leave. They had to stay here and deal with the fact that authority is not there to protect them."

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Weekend Recap: May Day, the Fight for Legal Weed, Blur in Brooklyn, and Wiz on SNL

Photo by Kathleen Caulderwood for the Village Voice
May Day 2015. See more photos from May Day in our slideshow.
American Pharoah and Floyd Mayweather each had a great weekend, even if the latter's victory was as boring as the former's predicted win was thrilling. If you were at home, shelling out $100 for pay-per-view or shopping for the best whiskey for your mint julep, you might have missed these events happening in New York.

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Infamous 'Club Kid' Michael Alig Takes to eBay to Auction off Artifacts From His Glory Days

Maro Hagopian for the Village Voice
Michael Alig in September 2014, shortly after his release from prison
Almost a year has passed since Nineties nightlife icon Michael Alig was released from prison following his 1997 manslaughter conviction for his role in the murder of fellow club fixture and drug dealer Andre "Angel" Melendez. Although he has reportedly reappeared on the nightlife scene since his release, he has also resurfaced in a less likely place: eBay.

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