Obama's DOJ Compares a "Reporter's Privilege" For Leaks to Buying Drugs

The Obama administration has had a tough time fighting the War on Leaks. From Bradley Manning's arrest in the WikiLeaks controversial to the successful subpoenaing of Twitter, critics have heralded the Presidency as one of the most anti-leak executive reigns in recent history.

And a new chapter was written in the War's history books yesterday.

Four years ago, Pulitzer-Prize winning New York Times reporter James Risen wrote a book entitled "State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration." In it, Risen used leaked information from former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, who is now being charged with releasing classified details about a botched plot against Iran. That little inclusion led Attorney General Eric Holder to subpoena Risen three (failed) times to testify against Sterling. 

He has pleaded the Fifth on all occasions, arguing that he had a "reporter's privilege" - a doctrine that keeps the press out of cases like this on the basis that they are simply the middlemen of information. And, in 2011, a federal judge ruled that he had a "qualified privilege" to keep his mouth shut, saying that a subpoena gave no right for the government to "rifle through a reporter's notebook." 

But, on Friday morning, it looked like the Department of Justice could care less.
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Blogger Fined $60,000 for Telling the Truth

John Hoff (via)
A Minneapolis blogger was ordered on Friday to pay $60,000 in damages to an ex-community leader who lost his job because of the blogger's reporting -- even though that reporting was accurate. John Hoff connected Jerry Moore, who was employed by the University of Minnesota to study mortgage foreclosures, to a mortgage fraud. Even though the accusations turned out to be true, the jury ruled against Hoff in a suit and awarded Moore $35,000 in lost wages and $25,000 for emotional distress.

It was a bad day for the First Amendment.

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Westboro Baptist Church Says Obama, SCOTUS Going to Hell

Westboro Baptist Church to Obama and the Supreme Court: "You're going to hell." Well, not in so many words. What Westboro lawyer Margi Phelps said was that she had "no objective indicator otherwise" that the nine judges of SCOTUS are not going to hell. As for Obama, he is "most likely the beast spoken of in the Revelation." WBC is so predictable. Excuse me while I fail to be shocked by this one.

Also, guys, the Supreme Court just ruled that by dint of the First Amendment, you can continue your hateful funeral protests. Way to show your gratitude.


The Newspaper Rack Victory: One Small Step for Print, One Giant Leap for Spare Change

Eat a dick, Hudson News.

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