With Business/Birther Quips, Romney Flip-Flops With Humor

A week or so back, fellow Voice scribe James King argued that Vice President Joe Biden brings nothing to the Democratic ticket except awkward gaffes and constant smacks to the head by the DNC. This came off the news that Biden told a crowd of mostly African-American citizens that Romney's policies would "put y'all back in chains." Ouch.

But the thing about Biden is that he is a consistent gaffer; throughout his career in politics, he's been prone to mess up the names of states, the audience he's speaking to and other sensitive subjects. So, it comes as no surprise when we read a headline that includes 'Biden' and 'gaffe' in the same sentence; Obama chose him more so for his foreign policy knowledge, not for his keen knack for bad publicity.

That's what separates him from Romney's unintentional statements. With Mitt, his gaffes show us a flare of Mitt that is both cruel and contrary to past statements. By now, the entire country has pretty much accepted the fact that he has flip-flopped on every policy notion argued in Congress since 1865. It's whatever; we get it, people change over time. 

But, in the past day or two, Romney has somehow ventured into a new area of flip-flopping that has been previously untouched by the Republican ticket: humor - something he has never been an expert on, except that time he told David Letterman that he was the generic guy in the photo that came with the picture frame. Whether it was unintentional or not, Romney rehashed criticisms he used himself just months ago for talking points; in one case, in the form of a joke.

Let the gaffes begin.

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Oscars 2011: Ranking the Red-Carpet Fashion Highs and Lows

You had us at beard.
At Refinery 29's Oscar Viewing Party at the W Hotel in Union Square last night, we waited eagerly to be wowed by the celebs on the red carpet. Alas, that moment never came. We mostly shrugged, "meh"ed, and nodded. Not even Helena Bonham Carter, whose eccentricity has kept us entertained in the past, could hold our attention with her basic black corset dress. Perhaps last month's Golden Globes simply sucked out everyone's rebellious fashion potential for the Oscars -- or maybe, because loads of them got creamed for it, celebs decided to dress safe...in other words, boring. Maybe that's why James Franco seemed baked, and why the show overall sort of blew. But we don't want to be a complete drag, so here are our picks of the fashion highs and lows from last night's Oscars.More »

Your "Wait, What?" of the Day: NY1 Can't See Their Heads in Front of Their Own Faces

Blockquotes! Those magical parts of blog posts bloggers use to fill space with information they're too laze to re-purpose themselves: They happen. And sometimes, when bloggers like this one throw a paragraph in blockquotes, they're too blithe to notice the intensely "WTF" part of them they might've glazed over. In this case, it's NY1's education reporter Lindsay Christ, who -- while at the scene of the MetroNorth fire currently being extinguished -- delivered a money "WTF" moment for all to enjoy.

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MacGruber Bombs, SNL Movie Curse Lives On

It was naive to think it could turn out any other way, marketing gimmicks, the show's resurgence, and Will Forte be damned. The latest Saturday Night Live skit-turned-feature film is crashing and burning, taking in a paltry $1.5 million at the box office on Friday, leaving the action parody unlikely to crack $5 million for the weekend. Not quite It's Pat numbers -- the total domestic gross of that film sits at $60,822, according to Box Office Mojo -- but still struggling to be in the same league as The Ladies Man. In other words, MacGruber makes Coneheads look like a comic-book sequel.