New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Show: Beauty in the Bronx

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Though snow continues to fall across the city, spring has finally arrived at the Bronx's New York Botanical Garden, where the conservatory's annual Orchid Show is in full bloom. To celebrate, we rode the train uptown, took off our jackets, and spoke with Marc Hachadourian, the manager of the Nolan glasshouse and the garden's orchid curator.

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Penn Station Florists See a Goldmine in Desperate Commuters

Race through Penn Station today, and you're likely to find an assortment of insanely expensive wilted roses -- and thousands of desperate men willing to pay $45 for a bouquet that normally costs $18.

For Fredo, a flower vendor who has set up shop next to an Auntie Anne's in the cavernous halls of Penn Station, rush hour on Valentine's Day is the Black Friday of the flower-selling season.

"People run by to catch their trains. They're grabbing bouquets, yelling about the prices, throwing me the cash and running," he said. "These guys gotta get home, and if they don't bring flowers, they know they're in trouble."

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Macy's 37th Annual Flower Show: Fake Daisies and Dogs in Floral Snuggies

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Heather Holland via The Lush Side
It's a good thing the wall of daisies was artificial, since the near-freezing wind that swept through Herald Square would have made short work of any exposed bloom at Macy's annual Flower Show on Sunday. Still, Midtown tourists and shoppers took little notice of the icy chill, and flocked to the department store to see the store's new, colorful interior.

The real must-see attractions, though, were the pets in floral dog-Snuggies. One pup, looking thoroughly pleased with his/herself, sat in a glamorous baby stroller, ears and nose peeking out from an assorted rainbow of foxtails and lilacs.

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