This Website Generates Fake Brooklyn-Based Artisanal Companies

Cass Chin
Want another laugh at the expense of Brooklyn hipsters? Created by Cass Chin, the website generates fake but remotely believable names of Brooklyn-based companies. Looking for environmentally conscious, farm-to-table mustache wax? Got that. How about free-range, socially responsible nipple tassels? Got that, too. Just click "about us" to generate new combinations. It's a good, righteous laugh.

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Did You Lose Your Chicken in Downtown Brooklyn?

This is what happens when you google "hipster chicken."
Via Brownstoner, there's a chicken lost in Brooklyn that's been located by some kind soul who is trying to help it find its way back home. (Home, we hope, is a place amenable to chickens, as this story would go very differently if it were an escaped, gonna-be-food kind of chicken.) Their tipster, who is fostering the chicken, writes, "I found a chicken last night around Downtown Brooklyn and am trying to find its owner. This is not a joke. Since she likely would have been run over and killed and looked like someone's pet, I brought it home and am now trying to locate its owner. BTW, I already have a rabbit and for the record, the rabbit is not afraid of the chicken but the chicken is terrified of the rabbit."

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Senator Chuck Schumer Declares (Booze-Funded) War on Hipster Booze-Juice

You've seen them in your local bodega, deli, or drug store. They sit there, those brightly colored cans containing malt liquor, sugar, caffeine, and mystique, waiting for the young and not-sober-for-long masses waiting to pick them up and drain them down their thin, thirsty gizzards. Sparks. Four Loko. Pick your poison, and pick it now, because whatever piss-like poison is yours, The End May Be Near for it. New York State Senator Chuck Schumer has declared a shady war on Hipster Booze Juice.

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In New York Magazine Feud, Restaurateur Keith McNally Is Actually Defending Hipsters

When you're the name behind go-to New York City eateries like Pastis, Balthazar, Schiller's, and Minetta Tavern, what do you care about a one-star review in lowly New York magazine? If you're Keith McNally, you care, goddamnit. Enough to write an incensed letter personally attacking the critic, and more importantly, defending your clientele.

After New York food critic Adam Platt dropped a single star on McNally's new pizza joint on the Bowery, Pulino's, McNally shot back. And since the food world loves a good power struggle, the feud made headlines across blogs like Eater and New York's own Grub Street, in addition to the Observer and even today's New York Post.

But what everyone seems to be missing in this story is that, as things tend to do in New York City, it all comes down to hipsters. That's right: McNally knows whose table he puts food on, and thus, who puts food on his. Loud downtown kids with their indie movies and tattoos!

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