Mayor Bloomberg, Fracker-in-Chief?

In the late 1980s, George Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Energy & Development Corporation with a degree in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M, wanted a method that could find and extract formerly unseen deposits of natural gas. With a combination of horizontal drilling and something known as hydraulic fracturing, Mitchell pioneered the use of 'fracking' - a practice that pumps toxic chemicals into the Earth to simply push out the goods. Soon enough, gas companies picked up the money-making practice, spawning a new gas boom across America. 

Years later, Forbes lists his worth at $2.2 billion, making him the 206th richest man in the world.

With that being said, Mitchell was the perfect mascot to have alongside when Mayor Michael Bloomberg penned an op-ed in the Washington Post this past week, coming out in clear defense of the controversial energy extraction method. In it, he lists the economic justifications for the practice - how it lowers costs and leads to more jobs - and also pledges $6 million to the Environmental Defense Fund in order to establish "safe" rules for frackers.

But, in the piece, the Hozziner comes off as a representative of Big Oil more than a mayor, especially with Mitchell, whose considered the Father of Fracking, as a co-writer. And this policy transformation for the Mayor is what's most confusing about the op-ed.

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Kissena Park Steps Up Efforts Against Poachers and Foragers

Kissena Duck.jpg
This Kissena Park duck is not dinner.
A crew of Prospect Park squirrel and bird poachers was nabbed earlier this summer to much media fanfare about the city's hunter-gatherer "trend," pitting conservationists against urban foragers of all stripes. This particular band of hunters stirred a small debate among our commenters: Were the poachers victims of our harsh economic times, homeless and hungry and fending for themselves in this unforgiving city, Survivor-like? Or were they cruel hicks, with raw squirrel meat stuck in their fangs as they littered willy-nilly?

Writ large, to higher questions of the relationship between human and what passes for nature in New York: Why would you do this? As in, eat anything from a New York City pond or field that has been peed on by countless dogs, or hunt adorable animals, or help yourself to or destroy public property? On the other hand, why would you not? What could be more "sustainable" and locavorish than making a salad from young dandelion greens harvested from a nearby park?

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Subway Masturbator Taken on by Fiery Redhead (Video)

Just as the videographer foretold, "This shit's going on YouTube, yo," the video of a fiery redhead calling out her subway offender went viral today when Jezebel, Animal, and other websites picked up the story. But should we all really be that shocked? Watch.

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US Airways Flight 1101: Suicide Bird Strike Lands Direct Hit, Forced to Make Emergency Landing

geese of terror.jpg
Again, with the fucking birds.

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