Fox News Desperately Wanted Saturday's March for Eric Garner To Be a Bloodbath

All photos by C.S. Muncy for the Village Voice. See more Eric Garner march photos.
Thousands of people marched through Staten Island Saturday to protest the July death of 43-year-old Eric Garner at the hands of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, and to call for justice for all victims of police brutality. There were no arrests during the "We Will Not Go Back" rally and march, which was organized by Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network, backed by a host of labor unions and social justice organizations, and attended by a smattering of politicians, including City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and former Governor David Patterson.

The lack of violence surely came as a serious disappointment to Fox News, which spent the days leading up to the march solemnly predicting that the whole thing would melt down into a full-scale race war.

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Fox News and Glenn Beck: Atheist Billboard in Times Square Is "Mean," Comparable to Peeing on Someone

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A still from the billboard.
'Tis the season when Fox News just has tons and tons of material, bless their tiny hearts. The channel's annual "War on Christmas" meltdown has become a bit of a running gag with the rest of the world, "a gift to busy news producers trying to fill the airwaves," as Politico put it earlier this week. This year, of course, the big controversy has been over whether Santa is a white guy (Megyn Kelly says yes, everyone else whispers nervously, "She knows that dude is imaginary, right?")

But now White Santagate is being replaced with something even more fun: Earlier this month, the American Atheists, the country's largest atheist group, put up a 40-by-40-foot digital billboard in Times Square. It begins, "Who needs Christ during Christmas?"

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Count All the Hilarious Ways Bernard Goldberg Contradicts Himself in Just One O'Reilly Factor Segment

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Yesterday, rather than discuss the Supreme Court hearing that demonstrates just how out of touch conservatives are from the rest of America, the gang at Bill O'Reilly's Retirement-Home Fist-Shaking Hour took up the news that mattered most to their audience: the hurt feelings of denim enthusiast and talk-show bogarter Jay Leno. (And also Matt Lauer, a man we have no opinions on because, Christ, who's watching TV when Matt Lauer is on?)

RELATED: Special Report: Jay Leno has always destroyed what he wants in the process of acquiring it

O'Reilly hauled Bernard Goldberg out from the Fox mausoleum he shares with Charles Krauthammer. Over the next five minutes Goldberg and O'Reilly asserted the five following bits of contradictory nonsense:

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What Happens When Fox News and Fox News Latino Cover the Same Story? Hilariousness

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fox nation latino logo.jpg
As we never get tired of pointing out, Fox Nation is a web-site where totally non-racist editors post links to stories guaranteed to anger up the blood of their no-doubt-about-it racist readers, many of whom immediately take to the Fox Nation comment threads to uncork monstrous slurs those editors then have to delete. It's a brilliant scheme guaranteeing those editors never go out of work: Cram internet babies full of anger protein, and then hose out the diapers!

Still, those editors have accepted something that their readers haven't, yet: That non-white people in America have a legitimate say in things! Also, sometimes they use "money" to purchase "goods" from "advertisers."

To cash in on that, Fox has launched Fox News Latino, a much less hateful news site featuring stories on topics Fox Nation avoids, like soccer and countries we aren't at war with. Much of it is as uplifting as regular Fox is upsetting: "Latino Wins ING Miami Race" and "NFC Wins Pro Bowl, Cruz Sets Record." (Interestingly, the vanilla Fox Nation site has yet to try headlines like "Whites Hopeful for Win at Torrey Pines.")

But once in a while all-white Fox Nation and pro-brown Fox News Latino cover exactly the same story. Times like that are delicious.

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FoxNation's 2 a.m. Wishful Thinking

This screengrab was snapped by our own Alan Scherstuhl from the FoxNation blog at 2 a.m. -- several hours after Governor Mitt Romney conceded defeat in last night's presidential election.

It came roughly four hours after precisely none of these predictions came true.

Wishful thinking?

To quote Alan, "Dewey, Truman, etc."

A Leaked 'Racist' Obama Video Was Released on Fox News Last Night


Welcome to the month of October, where Election Day begins to make everyone go absolutely insane, especially those in the media. This will happen when one single narrative dominates the news for too long: Those involved get dizzy, latching on to anything out of the usual that will provide a worthwhile headline. For examples, just check in on all the premeditated debate talks and expectations and predictions and nonsense that have consumed the Internet the past few days. 

Or check out what went down on Fox News last night. 

It all started at around 3 p.m. today, when Matt Drudge, the man behind the conservative web blog the Drudge Report, send shock waves through the constantly shocked Twitter-sphere with this:

The "NOT from MOTHERJONES" label was a reference to the "47 Percent" video that has brought the Romney campaign to its knees, so the announcement by Mr. Drudge laid equal emphasis on how important this video would be, in terms of the election. And at 9 last night on Fox News, the video -- an unseen outtake from then-senator Obama's speech in 2007 with Reverend Jeremiah Wright by his side at Hampton University in Virginia -- from The Daily Caller was released on the unsuspecting American public.

(For whatever the reason, the video's embedding code will not work. So you can watch it on the Daily Caller here.)

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Fox News Accidentally Shows Man Blow His Brains Out On National Television (NSFW)

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There was a car-jacking in Phoenix, Arizona this afternoon that resulted in a more than hour-long police chase. And it didn't end well; the suspect blew his brains out -- and Fox News accidentally aired the apparent suicide live on national television at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Buzzfeed was quick to post video of the newsroom SNAFU on its website.

The shooting was followed by a lengthy apology from host Shepard Smith (which isn't shown in the Buzzfeed video), who ended the broadcast noticeably annoyed.

See the video below -- it's tough to watch and definitely NSFW.

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Fox News Producer Will Keep His Job After Hilariously Biased Anti-Obama Video

It is political and comedic dogma now that Fox News is the opposite of a "fair and balanced" network. Their opinionators are stacked with conservative voices (Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck - remember him?) and any attempt they have made at portraying a leftist voice has failed miserably (Where in the world is Alan Colmes?).

So it was surprising that this video was received so wildly by those in the media who know how things work on Roger Ailes's network. Ed Schultz of MSNBC said that the ad more or less confirms that Fox News is an "arm of the Republican Party." Noted but that's a little harsh.

What has made it an interesting story, though, is that it almost cost producer Chris White, the man behind the video, his job. Keyword: almost.

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Stuart Varney Finally Acknowledges Occupy Wall Street Had Nothing To Do With Embarrassing Craigslist Ad

Stuart Varney offers no apology for falsely linking OWS to an embarrassing Craigslist ad.

Two days, two Voice articles, and four emails later, FOX Business Network host Stuart Varney has finally acknowledged that a Craigslist ad recruiting paid demonstrators for a "protest" in Zuccotti Park had nothing to do with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

However, he offers no apology for the embarrassment his linking the ad to OWS has caused the movement. Rather, he just hassles the guy who actually posted the ad for tricking him into thinking the occupiers were behind the ad.

If you're not familiar with Varney's show falsely linking the ad to Occupy Wall Street, click here (basically what happened is someone on Varney's staff stumbled upon a Craigslist ad recruiting paid protesters to go to Zuccotti Park earlier this week to "hang out" during a protest. No where in the ad does it mention anything about Occupy Wall Street, but because OWS rhetoric (the whole "99 percent" thing, Zuccotti Park, etc.) was used in the ad, Varney's show determined it was the work of the occupiers. Oops -- as we proved Wednesday, OWS had nothing to do with the ad).

See video of Varney finally acknowledging that OWS had nothing to do with the ad below.

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Fox News' Stuart Varney Does Nada To Correct False Claim Intended To Humiliate Occupy Wall Street

Stuart Varney's successfully made the jump from financial reporter to spreader of false rumors. Good journalism, pal...
Yesterday, Fox News' Stuart Varney claimed he found an ad Occupy Wall Street placed on Craigslist offering $10 an hour for people to pose as protesters and "hang out" in Zuccotti Park for two days of protest. As we revealed yesterday, Varney's claim is bullshit -- Occupy Wall Street had nothing to do with the ad, and it was actually posted by a for-profit price club business.

Varney used the claim in an attempt to humiliate the OWS movement, joking on his TV show yesterday about how funny it is that a group that's so anti-capitalism would offer a cash incentive to "hang out" in a park. Varney's fans used his false claim to suggest that even OWS members know their movement is losing steam.

So Varney's corrected his error, right? Wrong -- we've reached out to Varney and the PR squad at News Corp -- Fox News' parent company -- multiple times since we exposed Varney's false claim asking for an explanation, or an apology, or a correction -- anything. We've heard nothing back -- all while the faux-story is building up steam on Varney's Facebook page.

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