Chris Christie and Roger Ailes Have a Secret Relationship; It Sucks to Work For AOL

Fox News boss Roger Ailes loves Chris Christie and has made no secret of his desire for the New Jersey governor to run for president in 2012. Christie maintains that he's 100% not running this time around, though that hasn't stopped a relationship from blooming between the powerful Republican pair, with Ailes working in some capacity as a "confidential adviser" to Christie, which according to the governor's office, protects correspondence between the two. Gawker reporter John Cook filed an Open Records Act request -- not unlike the ones we've followed in the cases of Osama Bin Laden and Sarah Palin -- "seeking any correspondence between the two men, as well as any records of meetings or phone calls with Ailes from Christie's schedule or call logs." As these things tend to go, the reporter was denied. More details inside a Friday evening edition of Press Clips, our daily media column, also including more dirty on AOL and the week's whiniest lawsuit.

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Roger Ailes of Fox News Thinks Sarah Palin Is a 'Stupid...Idiot...Loose Cannon,' ...or 'Smart'

The cover of New York magazine this week features another Fox News/Republican party exposé from reporter Gabriel Sherman (see also: "Chasing Fox," Sarah Palin), this time focusing on the network's boss Roger Ailes, who never fails to make an interesting (and infuriating) subject with his problematic philosophies and politics, in addition to his insanely successful business sense. The latest dive into his dastardly psyche centers mostly around Ailes's ideas for the Republican Obama challenger come the 2012 election. Anyone who has been paying attention knows: The field is a mess, full of half-serious psychos or has-beens with delusions and little chance at victory. Along with the candidate of Ailes's dreams, Sherman reveals some background on Fox's internal struggle with Glenn Beck, a potential pivot for the network and, in its most gossipy sections, the true feelings Ailes has toward Sarah Palin. (Predictably, Fox sources are already refuting the Palin parts.) We've got more of the juicy details inside Press Clips, our daily media column. Plus: Adweek keeps swinging and The New Yorker strikes a deal.

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Osama, Obama Mix-Up Is Because of 'Bin' in Laden; NYC Reporters Fight at City Hall

Above is a newscaster confusing the names "Osama" and "Obama" three times within 30 seconds. She's far from the only one! In fact, it happened enough times in the media that the Columbia Journalism Review decided to look into why. Also in a Friday edition of our daily Press Clips media column: Reporters brawl at City Hall, Judith Regan goes quietly, and the best newspaper front of the week!

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Pulitzer Prize Winners Win Pulitzer Prizes, Money; Roger Ailes Spies on Employees

Did you win a Pulitzer Prize today? Us either. If you're from the Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald or The Tennessean, you also did not win, even though you were in fact nominated in the category of Breaking News Reporting. That $10,000 prize -- "For a distinguished example of local reporting of breaking news, with special emphasis on the speed and accuracy of the initial coverage, using any available journalistic tool, including text reporting, videos, databases, multimedia or interactive presentations or any combination of those formats, in print or online or both..." -- went to no one. That might just be the most exciting part of today's Pulitzer Prize announcements, unless you are related to a winner or work for a winner or are a winner (in which case, get back to work). Or if you really like Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad, which we did. Additional information, plus some more thrilling local media news, in our afternoon Press Clips column.

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Glenn Beck to Quit Fox News Show; New York Times Paywall 'Harder' For Poor People

Though his contract is not up until December, early 2011 has seen its share of speculation about the fate of Glenn Beck and his hugely successful Fox News show. Both Beck's camp, namely his company Mercury Radio Arts, and the Fox News side have flexed in the press to prove that neither really needed the other. Beck, who started on radio, has a huge following online, in print and throughout the country's gun stores, and could branch out successfully any which way, his side said. He's a loose cannon nutjob and his numbers are falling fast anyway, said Fox News. The public semi-battle, fought mostly by anonymous sources on both sides, was doubtlessly a negotiation tactic. Today, news comes that the sides have come together and the show will end, but their relationship will not. More info inside Press Clips, our daily media column, plus embarrassing quotes from the boss at the New York Times and ASME reactions.

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Will Rupert Murdoch's Children Use the Judith Regan Scandal Against Fox News' Roger Ailes?

Roger Ailes could have a big mess on his hands based on court documents made available today, which allege that the Fox News chairman encouraged a former employee to mislead federal investigators. The exclusive New York Times report quotes court documents indicating a taped phone call exists, in which Ailes tells Judith Regan, a high-powered publisher at HarperCollins, which is also owned by Fox's parent company News Corporation, to lie to investigators about her affair with former New York City police commissioner Bernard B. Kerik. It gets more interesting because Regan walked away from News Corp. with a settlement of almost $11 million. Find out what Rudy Giuliani had to do with it all, and what it could mean for Ailes and Fox News, inside Press Clips, our daily media column.

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