'Douchebag' Principal, Oppressive School System Beat Teen Blogger Again in Court

Avery Doninger, at the age of 16, wrote on her blog that her school's administrators were "douchebags" because they were messing with an upcoming battle of the bands called Jamfest, and she urged her readers to bombard Superintendent Paula Schwartz with emails and calls "to piss her off more." But Doninger's punk spirit resulted in getting her barred from running for senior class secretary, and even though she won the election anyway as a write-in candidate, she wasn't allowed to serve. Today, a Manhattan appeals court ruled against her, like a bunch of douchebags.

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Complaining About the TSA Will Get You Targeted by the TSA

Well, what do you know about this: If you bitch and moan and kick and scream about getting screened (or groped) by the TSA, you are that much more likely to get screened that much more thoroughly (or aggressively). Especially if you do it in the airport security line, where the TSA screeners can hear you.

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Blogger Fined $60,000 for Telling the Truth

John Hoff (via)
A Minneapolis blogger was ordered on Friday to pay $60,000 in damages to an ex-community leader who lost his job because of the blogger's reporting -- even though that reporting was accurate. John Hoff connected Jerry Moore, who was employed by the University of Minnesota to study mortgage foreclosures, to a mortgage fraud. Even though the accusations turned out to be true, the jury ruled against Hoff in a suit and awarded Moore $35,000 in lost wages and $25,000 for emotional distress.

It was a bad day for the First Amendment.

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Our Favorite #@&*%ing Swear Words


A Brooklyn writer took to the New York Times today to bitch about people who "curse" too much. The worst offenders, he says, are "20-somethings whose informal language consists of a liberal use of profanity blended into their OMG-juvenile act."

"Is there a cure for this rampant vulgarity?" he asks.

We say... "No." But to investigate this sociolinguistic WTF, we culled a list of our own favorite vulgarities (from a staff of, well, 20-somethings) to celebrate the great art of swearing. Our defense of F-bombs and other profanities, after the jump.

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What Happens When You Call Barack Obama a Pussy? You Get Banned. From America.

Eat a Spotted Dick.
You're British? You wanna call our president a "pussy"? Guess what: You're the pussy. Not only that, but we'll ban you. From America.

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Bloggers Be Crazy: White Supremacist Hal Turner Found Guilty of Threatening to Kill Three Judges

Hal Turner mugshot_d4a80.JPG
WNYC, it isn't. Via NYT CityRoom, after two previous mistrials, white supremacist-nationalist internet radio host and blogger Harold "Hal" Turner -- who broadcasts from his home in North Bergen, New Jersey -- was convicted today of threatening to assault or kill not one, not two, but three federal judges from Chicago after blogging about them upholding a local handgun ban. He's looking at doing up to 10 years of hard time. What were the comments?

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