Outside the Israeli Consulate, 26 People Get Arrested for Lying in the 2nd Avenue Crosswalk

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All photos by Zachary Roberts for the Village Voice
Norman Finkelstein and dozens of others lay down in the middle of 2nd Avenue in front of the Israeli Consulate.
Outspoken critic of the Israeli bombing and occupation of Gaza Norman Finkelstein was one of 26 demonstrators arrested today outside of the Israeli Consulate. The protestors laid down along the crosswalk of 43rd Street and Second Avenue, blocking traffic. All 26 were arrested and taken to the 7th precinct, where they are being charged with disobeying a lawful order.

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French Boat to Gaza Intercepted by Israel, Detained (VIDEO)

Update after the jump: Video from the boat's Twitter.

The Dignite-Al Karame, a French yacht carrying just 16 passengers (and the final remnant of what was once envisioned as a large scale Flotilla 2.0 taking aid to Gaza) was intercepted this morning by the Israeli Navy, Haaretz is reporting. According to the mission's twitter, @BateauGazaFr (still being updated), the boat was redirected to Ashod and no one was harmed.

"The Israel Navy took over the vessel minutes after the IDF chief issued the order, and there was no resistance on the part of the passengers," Haaretz reports.

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Captain Arrested by Greek Authorities as U.S. Boat to Gaza Attempts to Leave Athens

The journey of The Audacity of Hope, the U.S. boat which was going to join an international flotilla attempting to break the blockade of Gaza this weekend, appears to have been very short lived. Not long after attempting to launch from Athens, the Hope's captain has been arrested by Greek authorities, according to the U.S. Boat to Gaza campaign. "Passengers remain on the ship in solidarity with the jailed captain and detained crew on boat," the campaign says, which also supplied the above dramatic video.

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