Bridesmaids: The Most Important Female Comedy of All Time? The Gchat Review

Bridesmaids, the Kristen Wiig-penned and Judd Apatow-produced "anti-chick flick," has officially been declared a success. Most reviewers, including our own, seemed to enjoy it. The film beat low expectations and took in nearly $25 million in its opening weekend. This probably means there will be more women-centric comedies! Yay! But we know you're wondering: What do two average bloggers, Myles Tanzer and Rosie Gray, think of Bridesmaids? We took it to Gchat to find out. [Spoiler alert, obviously.]

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Bill Gates Confounded by Gmail, Book Alleges

A new book says that Bill Gates didn't understand why Gmail offers so much darn space. The Huffington Post has excerpts from Steven Levy's In The Plex, a book about the rise of Google. After hearing that Gmail has 2 gigabytes of storage, "[Gates] looked stunned, as if this offended him." Wait until he sees all the emoticons Gchat has, he might have a heart attack.

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Big Questions via Gchat: Woman Falls on Train Tracks, Daily News Scores Cell Phone Pic

Another person fell onto the subway tracks in New York City yesterday. This time, a heroic train operator avoided tragedy, slamming on the breaks at the Fifth Ave. and 59th St. station just before hitting the woman. This story is on the cover of Sunday's Daily News. It is an amazing story! But some questions remain -- too much for any one blogger -- so we brought in a special guest to work through the issues at hand. Runnin' Scared, please welcome New York weekend warrior Mike Vilensky:

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