MTA Accepting Bets On Whether There Will Be Another Sandy Within Three Years

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Here's some unsettling news: The MTA thinks there is a good chance New York will be hit by another Hurricane Sandy within the next three years--or at least a good enough chance that the transit agency is hedging its bets against the possibility that there won't be.

The MTA is selling a $125 million catastrophe bond; it's money that will go toward managing flood risk, and offsetting the cost of future storm damage. The bond offers high interest rates, and protection from the volatility of the stock market. The catch is investors only get to keep their money if there is not another Sandy-scale disaster before 2017.

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Armageddon! Meteor Strikes Russia, 850 Injured

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The headline really says it all...And this article in the UK Daily Mail has a pretty comprehensive run-down of the 10-ton meteor strike yesterday in the Chelyabinsk region, about 900 miles east of Moscow and near Kazakhstan. (This one is far more dramatic than the Perseid Shower pictured here.)

The meteor was traveling at 19 per second, or 20,000 miles an hour, shattered about 18 miles up, and sent shards across the region, including one chunk which left an 18-foot-wide hole in the ground. The city of Chelyabinsk suffered substantial damage from the shock wave, including tons of broken glass, a shattered factory and 82 injured children, including two in intensive care.

Later today, another larger--but still fairly small--meteor called Asteroid 2012 DA14 is due to pass Earth at a distance of 17,000 miles. That one is 150 feet across and weighs 130,000 metric tons.

The Mayor Warns Us Of NYC's Carbon Emissions... With Balls!

It's no doubt that we New Yorkers live in a fumed-out city; just take a gander over to Broadway in Midtown around 4pm on a weekday and you'll find it difficult to look beyond the cloudy exhausts coming from the thousands of taxicabs that clog the streets. Some may say it's an essential part of New York's grittiness (really?) while others may argue the urban sprawl offsets the sheer amount of carbon we're letting loose in the environment.

Or, if you're Mayor Bloomberg, you may see it as a huge, huge problem.

This little informercial seen above came from the Hozziner's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability. It's based off a September 2011 study conducted by the Office entitled "PlaNYC, Inventory of New York City Greenhouse Gas Emissions: September 2011." And has enough balls to get you worried about just exactly how much we New Yorkers are unknowingly screwing with Mother Nature.

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ManBearPig Resurrected: Is Global Warming To Blame For Sandy's Destruction?

As you know, weather happened in New York City this week, leaving dozens dead, millions without power, and pundits arguing about whether "Global Warming" is an actual thing.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg appears to be on the side of Al Gore and the Inconvenient Truth-ers -- yesterday, the mayor endorsed President Barack Obama in this year's presidential election, citing "climate change" contributing to Hurricane Sandy's wrath as his primary reason.

Governor Andrew Cuomo fell short of blaming the hurricane on Global Warming during a press conference Wednesday, but he noted that New York needs to come up with a better way to prepare for "a 100-year flood every two years."

Global Warming is a touchy subject -- many look at it as a serious problem that could potentially lead to the destruction of the planet. Others see it as a left-wing conspiracy dreamed up by Gore -- et al -- to scare the shit out of people.

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Mike Bloomberg Gives Obama Luke-Warm Endorsement; Cites Global Warming, Hurricane

New York City Mike Bloomberg has announced his pick in this year's presidential election, in a surprise endorsement that was likely brought on by the hurricane that ripped through the Northeast earlier this week.

Bloomberg, an Independent, who has said for months that he wasn't sure whether he'd give an official tip of the cap to either candidate, wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg Views this afternoon announcing that he's (kinda-sorta) endorsing President Barack Obama in this year's election.

His reason: the possibility of global warming.

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No Matter What We Do, the Election Has to Leak Into Hurricane Sandy

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Serious conviction: Most of New York's media folk are stuck indoors, looking for something to write about to fill blogs with content. Guilty as charged myself. However, while social media collapses with updates of Sandy's destruction, there have been flares of America's severe electoral illness. Symptoms include: taking any event and asking "What does this mean for the election?"

Given, the election is a week away (yeah . . . we know) so it's only natural that we think of the near future. But there's something to be said about the election leaking into a national crisis or the act of politicizing the wrath of Mother Nature -- we reported on a similar all-political-everything matter involving Romney and hurricanes a few months back, when he told a woman to "Call 2-1-1" if the going gets rough. There's also something to be said when we're talking more about the implications for the election than its possible correlation to, uhm, global warming.

Here's a couple of 'Sandy's impact' narratives that I've come across on the Interwebs: 1) Romney pledged to cut FEMA (and then re-pledged), which will come back to bite him in the ass now; 2) studies of incumbent presidents losing elections when it's shitty out; 3) studies of voter backlash on presidents during weather-related crises; 4) voters will think Obama is more "presidential" signing emergency declarations for Pennsylvania and New Jersey; and 5) a combination of previous points with additional "What about the children?"-like questions.

Also, here's the sad truth for bloggers: The storm will not affect the election. 

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Here's Some Old-Timey Video of New York's 1938 Hurricane -- Which Was Not Caused By "Global Warming"

The Global Warming crowd is claiming that climate change is part of the reason that a hurricane is about absolutely crush New York City.

"Substantial evidence indicates that global warming may be responsible for the recent increasing intensity of Atlantic hurricanes, including increasing their size and contributing to a lengthening hurricane season," the group Climate Nexus said in a press release last week.

The group gives the impression that hurricanes can be blamed on "Global Warming" because hurricanes don't usually find their way as far north as New York and New England. But "Global Warming" wasn't supposedly happening in 1938, when New York also got slammed by a deadly hurricane.
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