New York Is Dirty, But Not the Dirtiest

According to a ranking of America's dirtiest cities by Travel and Leisure magazine (thank you, Travel and Leisure), New York City is not at the very top of dirtiness in terms of cities that are dirty -- that honor goes to New Orleans. But fear not, New Yorkers, we're still in the top 10. We're still dirty!

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New Yorkers: Miserable, Maybe, But Not Suicidal!

According to a new joint study from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, and England's University of Warwick, New Yorkers are the least likely of Americans to commit suicide. Even so, that does not mean we're particularly happy. Researchers determined that people's overall feelings of well-being may actually relate inversely to suicide rates, meaning that the "happiest places" end up having the higher suicide rates. Researcher Andrew Oswald explained that "discontented people in a happy place may feel particularly harshly treated by life," A/K/A, misery loves company. Whereas if you're the happiest person in a roomful (or state) of unhappy people, you probably feel pretty much okay, if in need of some new friends.

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'Japanese Hipsters' Love the MTA's Hip-Hop Style

One man's abhorred commuting method is another man's most stylish possession, or something like that. So we shouldn't be surprised to learn that the MTA is a huge hit in Japan, particularly among "Japanese hipsters" who "wear subway logos as part of a trend 'somewhat similar to the hip-hop or punk fashion,'" according to Ket Matsuno, who teaches marketing at Babson. The New York Post reports that more than 20 percent of city transit merchandise sold in 2010 was purchased in Japan.

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Can We Please Stop Bemoaning the Loss of "Edgy" New York?

Sex shop does not equal New York City.
The Huffington Post had a pretty cool idea! What if they tackled this whole "New York City" thingamajig head on? What if the loss of Times Square sex shops, Off-Track Betting parlors, and "rock clubs" (in particular, one named CBGB) have changed the deepest nature of our city, making us dull and average and prepackaged like American cheese? Wouldn't an exploration of that be fascinating? Plus, give good SEO?

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New Yorkers: Most Stressed in the Country (We Wouldn't Respect Ourselves Any Other Way)

Relaxation may make you fuzzy around the edges. Is that what you want?
Relaxation is overrated. Which is why this new survey that New Yorkers are the stressiest people in the nation -- with 75 percent of us citing stress about money -- is, like, well, OBVIOUS. Who are the 25 percent of New Yorkers who don't have stress about money? Can we move in with them? And what kind of New Yorker are you if you don't say you're stressed, regardless of the question?

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Dear New York City Haters...Here's What You Don't Know About Us

Wow. We have been overwhelmed with the response to our post, "50 Reasons to Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in New York City." See, the thing is, we wrote it because, for better or worse, we love living in New York City. Like any relationship, there are ups and downs. We could tell you about the downs, sure, but on Wednesday, after much of the nation was hijacked by Tea Partiers, it seemed that an up was in order.

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Dear Rest-of-America: New York's Cabbies Are Not the Rudest, You Are Just All Ignorant Pussies

DNA News posted today on a recent survey calling New York City's taxis the second-best in the world next to London's Black Cabs. They also called the drivers of New York's taxis "America's Rudest," with Paris coming in second place. To which New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commissioner responded with an "O RLY?"

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The Racist Tea Party Protester's Guide to Washington D.C.

So: You're visiting our nation's capital, Washington D.C., this weekend! You will join Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and go scream at a building and scare the rest of a sensible nation with your poorly-spelled protest signs promising to "mow the lawn of freedom with patriot blood" or whatever, right? Well then, you should probably know what scary areas to avoid, like the ones that have BLACK AND/OR HISPANIC PEOPLE in them.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rudy Giuliani, Friends Forever: AHNOLD Comes to New York

The LA Times' Gregory Rodriguez worried this morning about New Yorkers dominating the national media conversation and if Los Angeles was a city in need of finding itself needing to "do better to think a little more provincially." Maybe that's what Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was trying to research on his trip out here, the photos of which were just posted to his blog!

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NYC Tour Bus Guides Silenced by Having Metaphorical Vocal Chords Disemboweled

grey line tour bus new york.jpg
The other headline was "Subset of NYC Long in Need of Being Told to 'STFU' Finally Mandated by City to 'STFU,' " but there're precious Google results to be had, here.

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