Hey Girl, Your Train Is Probably Running Really Late Right Now [Updated]

Image via Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling
Just take a deep breath and focus on that laughable haircut.
Hey, girl. It's really early, the snow has turned into muddy, slippery crunch-ice, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority is reporting delays on the 2, 4, 5, 6, D, Q, J, Z, and N, which is a lot of train lines. It's only Tuesday and this week already feels like a long and hopeless tunnel stretching into oblivion, like a deserted subway of the soul. So, what are we going to do? We're going to explain what's going on here, and then we're going to console ourselves with a two-year-old Ryan Gosling meme. Oh yes we are.

According to the latest from the MTA, there are three separate issues contributing to the morning's delays. The northbound 2, 5, and D are delayed because of "signal problems." So are the southbound N and Q. So is the 6, in both directions for the same reason. One of those mysterious "earlier incidents" at Cypress Avenue is also contributing to the 6's sluggishness. A train with mechanical problems at Broad Street means that the southbound J and Z are terminating at Chambers. That's a lot of problems, girl.

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The Temperature of 2012: Cold, With a Chance of Flurries (and Sweater Vests)

Welcome back, all! Perhaps you've been working for days already, or perhaps you've been relaxing on a balmy beach -- in any case, we're here to ease you through your troubled Tuesday. First up: Weather. It is cold, the coldest all year (you've heard that joke already?): 27 degrees with a low of 16, though it "feels like" 15 degrees currently and will feel like 8 degrees by 9 p.m. It's windy, and there is a chance of flurries. Use this opportunity to take your coat out of the closet and wear it. It will thank you, and you it.

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Debt Deal Passes; Mailman arrested for Diamond District Theft; Anders Behring Breivik Reportedly had Plastic Surgery in America to Look More Aryan

Last night, President Obama announced that congressional leaders and the White House had made a deal to raise the debt ceiling. The agreement, which is expected to be voted through today, raises the debt ceiling $900 billion to get the country through the year. A special congressional committee will be tasked with coming together to make cuts to generate $1.5 trillion more in savings with across the board cuts of Medicare and the defense budget included. [Politico]

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First Same-Sex Couples Wed in New York City

first brooklyn SSM.jpg
Steven Thrasher
Michael Furey and Bienvenido Amagna, the first same-sex couple to wed in Brooklyn.
Today's the day! Same-sex marriage is officially legal in New York State, and the weddings are rolling along. The first couple married in New York City was Phyllis Siegal and Connie Kopelov, who exchanged wedding vows at 9 a.m. today at the City Clerk's office in Lower Manhattan. Our Zoe So just witnessed the first gay couple married in Queens, 33-year-old Shane Serkiz and Gregory Levine, 32, both teachers who live in Astoria. Intern Esther is live in Staten Island, where the first couple to get hitched were Bedila Sanchez and Lavern Rivera, together for 21 years. Esther and Zoe, plus my colleagues Steven Thrasher, Jen Doll, and Harry Siegel, are reporting on the first day of same-sex marriages across the boroughs, so follow them on Twitter for updates. Here's Steven's video of the first gay marriage in Brooklyn, of Michael Furey and Bienvenido Amagna:

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Thailand to Elect Female Prime Minister; Fighter Jet Intercepts Plane Near Obama

Thailand looks set to elect its first-ever female prime minister, CNN reports. Exit polling shows "Yingluck Shinawatra of the Pheu Thai party with a wide lead over incumbent Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva of the Democratic Party." Shinawatra's party also appears to be set to take the majority of seats in Thailand's House of Representatives. The election has been hotly contested due to violent protests and clashes between supporters of the two political factions. [CNN]

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American Drones Carry Out Strikes in Somalia; Maria Shriver Files for Divorce

The United States has stepped up efforts against Islamic extremist groups in Somalia, the New York Times reports. Unmanned drone attacks late last month marked the first American military action in the nation since 2009. Shabab members were targeted after reports that the group was carrying out discussions with Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen about organizing possible attacks against the United States. [NYT]

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