The Parents of the "Killer" Nanny's Victims Welcome Baby Boy Nearly a Year Since the Murders

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Yoselyn Ortega
On Saturday, Marina and Kevin Krim, the parents of two young children who were killed in their Upper West Side apartment by their nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, announced the arrival of a baby boy. It is welcome good news in a gruesome murder whose first anniversary comes in less than two weeks.

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After Lung Ailment, Koch May Leave Hospital Tomorrow Or Thursday

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ed kcoch.jpg
Here's a bit of good news for the "How'm I'm doing?" Mayor.

On Saturday night, former New York City chieftain Ed Koch, 88, was hospitalized at New York Presbyterian/Columbia for feeling lethargic due to swollen ankles and doctors' reports that said his lungs were filled with liquid. After three days of treatment and signs that his conditions are improving, word has gotten out that he might leave the hospital either tomorrow or Thursday.

Unfortunately, Koch has had a recent rough streak of medical problems: in September, he was hospitalized with anemia and, in December, he faced a bout of respiratory infection. This will be his third hospital visit in less than a year.

But, in this case, it was reported that he watched the inauguration yesterday with "play by play commentary." So things are looking up for the man that ran New York for a decade.

We hope for the best to Mr. Koch.


Jewish Guild For The Blind Hires Back Music Therapist For Seniors After Voice Investigation

Arlene Gottfried
Debbie Moran, at the piano, will be reunited with the blind seniors she's worked with for 20 years
We've got some good news to report this Friday: the Jewish Guild for the Blind has hired back its music therapist, Debbie Moran, after a cover story and an on-going series in the Voice highlighted problems at the nonprofit organization.

In March the Voice reported how Moran, who had worked with elderly, blind seniors as the Guild's music therapist and choirmaster for 20 years, had been laid off, even though the part-time employee earned only about $5,000 a year. The reason cited for Moran's axing was "Medicaid budget cuts," even though a review of the nonprofit's tax filings by the Voice seemed to show no such apparent cuts (a fact recently confirmed by government sources), and despite the fact that the group's CEO, Dr. Alan Morse, had received an 82% compensation increase just two years ago, bringing his pay up to over $1.5 million annually.

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5 Great Sitcom Christmas Episodes to Watch on YouTube

Because we've already scarred you with five barely watchable Christmas movies available on Netflix Instant, here are five great TV Christmas episodes you can watch on YouTube. They all come with a valuable lesson at the end , so be sure to watch each one in its entirety if you are a sanctimonious prick.

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Where to Donate Christmas Cheer Today: A List of Charities

In caveman days, if you wanted to give someone something, it usually meant you had to go outside. Back then, being outdoors had about a 10% survival rate, so giving was reserved mostly for daredevils and idiots. During the dark ages, the only giving going on was of the bacterial kind, so the whole endeavor was generally pooh-poohed. In the eighties, giving was replaced by trickling down, and most people forgot how to do it altogether. Thanks to the Internet, not only is it better to give than receive, nowadays, it's almost as easy. Because Christmas is all about giving, we've listed a bunch of charities you can donate to from the comfort of your computer.

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Golfer Wins His Weight in Ham After Hitting Hole-in-One

There are good days, there are great days, and then there are days like the one Scottish golfer Elliot Saltman had Friday at the Bankia Madrid Masters tournament in Spain. Saltman drained a hole-in-one on the 204-yard third hole and won the glorious prize--his own body weight in ham. That's 238 pounds of cured and salted pork product to call his own. Other holes at the tournament yield a car or a watch to any golfer who sinks their tee shot, but Elliot Saltman hit the jackpot by doing so on the third hole. After winning the sporting world's single most cherished prize, Saltman said, "I've been trying to lose weight, but now I'm thinking I should have just kept it."

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Watch the Verrazano Bridge Deer Rescue

Here's your heartwarming adorable animal rescue story for the day. A deer dubbed "Rudolph" by cops was rescued from the water under the Verrazano Bridge yesterday. Apparently his back legs had been bound by twine, which led to his struggles. Fortunately, a good citizen called 911 and the deer was rescued, "tranquilized for his own comfort," and taken to Great Kills Park Marina in good condition, reports NBC NY. Watch the video of the rescue, above.

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Plane Flies Into Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel Doesn't Budge

via BBC
An ultra-light airplane flew into a Ferris wheel in Australia after it couldn't gain enough altitude during take-off. How light is an "ultra-light" plane, you ask? Light enough to crash into a dinky festival Ferris wheel and not knock it over. Four people were trapped--two men in the plane and two children at the top of the Ferris wheel--but no serious injuries were reported. The pilot and his passenger were stuck in the aircraft as it dangled in the spokes of the giant festival ride for three hours while rescue workers sprayed the plane with foam to prevent a fire. The Sydney Morning Herald reports "investigators will examine why a Ferris wheel was installed next to an airstrip." The incident happened tomorrow, you know, 'cause of the time difference.

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Brooklyn Photographer William Wadman, Other Artists Pitch In for Vermont Flood

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Hey, check out this great Norman Rockwellesque photo illustration by Brooklyn photographer Bill Wadman. He's selling limited editions as part of heART, an art sale to raise funds for victims of the Vermont flood.

Go to the eBay page of the fundraiser to see this and other items for sale.

Clemency Granted For Underage New York Public Library Fines

library fines .jpg
Remember taking out books at the library as a kid? Remember the ensuing library fines when you couldn't get it together to return the books in time, and how you're pretty sure there are still never-returned library copies of Nancy Drew books from 15 years ago in your parents' house? In a noble attempt to not scare kids away, the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Public Library and the Queens Library are all going to forgive fines on overdue library books. Up until now, if you accrued more than $15 in late fees, the libraries would stop you from borrowing any more materials. From now until Halloween, the "New Chapter" initiative will absolve kids under 18 from having to pay for their overdue books. The libraries say 100,000 kids will benefit from the program.

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