Tonight is the Last Night Ever To Enjoy The Current Nevada Smiths

via Nevada Smith's Facebook
Grown people excited about balls at Nevada Smiths
It's been known that Nevada Smiths, that lovable East Village soccer bar where grown men went at six am to watch mostly scoreless games, would have to vacate its current Third Avenue home. And as EV Grieve recently noted, they're moving into a new location, a block north in between 12th and 13th, on Third Ave. But then Nevada Smiths announced via its own site that tonight would be the watering hole's last hurrah until the new year.

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Ciao, Silvio: Berlusconi Expected to Resign [UPDATED]

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World politics is about to lose a pioneer in the field of bunga bungas. Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's controversial prime minister, is set to step down this evening after Italian Parliament approved of a series of austerity measures. The New York Times reports Berlusconi is following the lead of Prime Minister George A. Papandreou of Greece, who bowed to pressure and "resigned last week to make way for a technocrat-led unity government." This news is sure to upset Silvio Berlusconi, as Silvio Berlusconi is Silvio Berlusconi's greatest supporter and fan.

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Friends Gather to Remember Bob Arihood

Last night, friends of Bob Arihood gathered outside Ray's Candy Store at 7th Street and Avenue A to pay their respects. Bob passed away last week, and about 60 people met at his old hangout to say goodbye to the man who had left such a mark on them and the neighborhood itself.

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What Will Andy Rooney Talk About During His Last '60 Minutes' Appearance?

Tonight, after 33-years on CBS's 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney will be stepping down. Rooney's short segments, 1,096 of them in all, were must-see TV. His essays were observations on everyday life, but he was at his best when he was complaining about modern life. Tonight, 60 Minutes is airing a retrospective on Rooney's career, plus one last Andy Rooney essay to close the show. What will it be about?

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RIP Bob Arihood, Chronicler and Best Friend of the East Village

via East Village Corner
Our friends at EV Grieve inform us of some sad news about East Village mainstay Bob Arihood. Bob died Friday evening in his East Forth Street apartment after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 65. For the past five years, Bob was editor, head photographer, lead journalist, and curator of Neither More Nor Less. Bob chronicled the neighborhood like no one else did. A resident since 1972, Bob would record and report the people and places that most outlets simply let flutter away. We weren't lucky enough to know Bob personally, but we were smart enough to know that if we heard sirens on Avenue A at 2 a.m., Bob would already be there with his camera.

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Last Edition of News of the World Published Today

The above is the cover of the very last edition of Rupert Murdoch's dastardly red-top News of the World. News Corp is shutting down the paper as of today after the extent of NOTW's voicemail hacking scheme was revealed. Their goodbye story is apologetic and careful: "We praised high standards, we demanded high standards but, as we are now only too painfully aware, for a period of a few years up to 2006 some who worked for us, or in our name, fell shamefully short of those standards. Quite simply, we lost our way. Phones were hacked, and for that this newspaper is truly sorry. There is no justification for this appalling wrong-doing."

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Urlesque Bids Us a Sad Farewell With a Meme-Packed Video

Urlesque is officially closing up shop today. In an appropriate goodbye post, Jason Newman strung together the most popular memes of the last three years into a video backed by "The End of The Road" "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" by Boyz II Men. Can you identify all of the memes in the video? Don't worry, we've got you covered with links to all of the meme-related fun. Goodbye, Urlesque..."thanks for the "meme-ories!"

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Cathie Black, We'll Miss You: A Retrospective

Cathie Black, the former magazine executive turned chancellor of New York City schools, is leaving her position after only about 100 days in office. Say it ain't so, Cathie! What will we do without your hilarious gaffes? Let's hope that Mayor Bloomberg's replacement Dennis M. Walcott, the Deputy Mayor for Education and Community Development, has a similar sense of humor (or whatever). As we watch Black walk through that official city door for the last time, we shed a tear and take a special look back at the great moments we shared together. Cathie Black, this is your life -- briefly -- as the schools chancellor of New York City.

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Suze Rotolo, 1943-2011

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The Village lost a life-long partisan and a true voice last Friday, with the passing of Susan Rotolo after a long illness, at home in her Noho loft and the arms of her husband of 40 years, Enzo Bartoccioli.

Suze Rotolo was a talented artist (the maker of artist books and delicate book-like objects), as well as an illustrator, a sometime activist, an erstwhile East Village Other slum goddess, a devoted wife, a proud mother, a poet's muse, a good comrade, and late in her too-short life, a published author. She was intensely private but as the radiant young woman on the cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, she became a legendary figure and even a generational icon. Just writing that I can hear her annoyed chortle--although she did humorously allow, after years of dodging rabid Dylanologists, that she was some sort of "artifact."

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"Ooh La La"

I know, I know. I should be out of here already. But since I'm already on this terrible, indulged roll, one more very, very important piece of business:

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