You Can Take a Ferry to Governors Island Every Day This Summer

Image via The Trust for Governors Island
Revelers at the 2013 Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn party
For many years, Governors Island was New York's premier home for crumbling, decrepit army barracks. Over the past few years, though, it's become home to hipper pursuits, like the much-loved art fair. City officials realized there was actual money to be made here, and in 2012 they launched a $260 million redevelopment project to build out 30 new acres of park space on the island, including lawns, play areas, two ball fields and, best of all, a hammock grove.

More importantly, at least where you're concerned: you can finally go there during the week. For the first time, Governors will be open seven days a week, and the ferry from lower Manhattan will run from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day, with the last boat back from the island departing at 6. While the ferries used to be free, they now cost $2, meaning, yes, it's still cheaper to get out there than to your office.

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