Queens Assemblymember Fears Chalk-based Graffiti Toy Will Usher in New Urban Dystopia

Photo Credit: Kevin Labianco via Compfight cc
Is it chalk or cocaine? And is there really any difference?
State Assemblymember Phillip Goldfeder is very worried; there's a toy on local shelves that's turning children into criminals.

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The Queens Graffiti Mecca 5 Pointz Was Never Just About the Painting on the Outside

C.S. Muncy
Nicole Gagne doesn't remember the fall itself, or any of the month that followed. She spent almost all of it in a hospital bed, pumped full of a painkiller that had the happy side effect of causing temporary amnesia.

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5 Pointz: Before and After the Whitewashing

Categories: Graffiti

C.S. Muncy
For the second time this week supporters and artists gathered at 5 Pointz in Long Island City, but rather than to rally for a last-ditch fight against the developers trying to raze the building, the crowd was there to mourn. In the middle of the night and with police protection, workers painted over nearly every single piece of art on both the outside and interior of the building.

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$100,000 KAWS Poster Stolen From Marc Ecko Gallery by Hipster-Type Person

A guy wearing a mustache, dark glasses, and...is that a hoodie? apparently ripped a $100,000 poster from the wall of the Marc Ecko art gallery on West 23rd Street on Thursday at around 6 p.m. This hipster or hipster-esque person knew what he was doing, and casually rolled up the loot, put it in a tube, and left. He was photographed by the elevator's security camera, however. And he is wearing a hoodie, as well as jeans, a baseball hat, sunglasses, and running shoes. A hipster, then...or just a hipster mustache? But seriously, does this guy sort of look familiar to you, too?

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Joseph Waldo, Notorious "Moustache Man," Nabbed By NYPD

moustache man.jpg
via CBS
Moustache Man, the graffiti writer who scrawls "moustache" in cursive on people's upper lips in subway ads, has been apprehended by New York's Finest. Joseph Waldo, 26, was taken into custody last night, for the grave crime of scribbling a mediocre graffiti tag on advertisements with a marker. More »

Anti-Graffiti PSA From 1988 Is Deadly Serious

If you're going to do graffiti, a) work a little bit faster than this guy, b) don't just stand there like an idiot while a cop is obviously approaching you, and c) outrun him, he's not that fast.

[via Kottke]


Is Banksy's Identity for Sale on Ebay?

"If you win this auction I will mail you a piece of paper revealing the true identity of "Banksy": This according to Ebay seller daigroandujo, who leaves us public folk only six more days to elbow our way to the prize of an English man's privacy. Perhaps the morning trudge from bed to bathroom will make a detour to the medicine cabinet for a healthy dose of skepticism?

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Park Slopers Ponder Perplexing Existential Questions Wrought by "You Would" Graffiti

One of these messages is confusing. Photo circa 2009.
The New York Post notes some strange goings-on in the nabe of Park Slope, where "You Would" tags have apparently never ventured...until now. Graffiti artists have begun to write all over traffic-control boxes and other "blank canvases" with the intriguing phrase, often in pink marker. People are perplexed! They are amazed! What does it mean? What could it mean? Why pink? Does this denote gender bias?

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Police Are Watching That Secret Subway Station Art Spot

New York Times
Police have arrested 20 people for trying to access a "formerly secret guerrilla exhibition of underground street art" beneath an abandoned Brooklyn subway station, the New York Times reports. The paper -- whose 2,000 word feature on the clandestine art space probably caused some of this increased interest to begin with -- says police and transit officials don't plan to remove the art installation, but are working hard to keep people out.

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Momo's Eight-Mile NYC Paint Line Hits the Big Times Four Years Later, Thanks to Blogger

A line of orange paint that winds around Lower Manhattan for about eight miles, and is "possibly the biggest graffiti tag in the world," landed a feature in the New York Times this weekend, thanks largely to a renewed interest in the project sparked by blogger Nick Divers of Best Roof Talk Ever. Now, four years after the art project, and though the artist Momo "decided not to publicize it widely," the story is being told in a famous newspaper. And it's all thanks to a blogger, which the Times both names and links to!

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