In Adrian Schoolcraft Lawsuit, NYPD Can Only Access Some of Graham Rayman's Reporting Notes

Whistleblower former police officer Adrian Schoolcraft has been suing the City of New York and the NYPD since 2010. That was two years after he began secretly recording his bosses at the 81st Precinct as they illegally ordered their subordinates to manipulate crime data and meet certain quotas of arrests and stop-and-frisks. That staggering police misconduct was, of course, the subject of former Voice reporter Graham Rayman's "The NYPD Tapes," which detailed not just Schoolcraft's recordings, but the NYPD brass's reaction to them: on Halloween 2009, Schoolcraft was dragged from his house and involuntarily committed to Jamaica Hospital's psychiatric ward, where he remained for six days.

Schoolcraft sued the city in federal court, alleging that the hospitalization violated his civil rights and was nothing more than retaliation for his whistleblowing. In December, lawyers for the city subpoenaed Schoolcraft's tapes from Rayman , also asking for his notes, correspondence, emails and other reporting materials.

"I have no intention of cooperating," Rayman told the New York Times at the time, adding that submitting to such a subpoena would be "malpractice" for a journalist and would have "a chilling effect on what all journalists do."

In a ruling issued yesterday, U.S. Southern District Court Judge Ronald Sweet ruled that Rayman doesn't have to turn over much of his reporting material. Although the city will get access to some non-confidential materials, they won't get Schoolcraft's tapes.

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Robert Pinter's Lawsuit Against NYPD for Targeting Gay Men in Video Store Entrapment Stings Allowed to Go Forward: Federal Judge

In a ruling which could lead to a range of new lawsuits against the Police Department, a federal judge has refused to dismiss a claim filed by a gay man who says the NYPD targeted and arrested men in porn video stores in violation of their civil rights.

The judge in the case, Shira Scheindlin, has become something of a thorn in the side of the Bloomberg administration. Scheindlin presided over the landmark stop-and-frisk class-action lawsuit, which led to the unprecedented imposition of a monitor over the department.

Now, Scheindlin has ruled on the case of Robert Pinter, who for years has been involved in a campaign to stop the NYPD from hanging around gay video stores and arresting men on prostitution charges merely for frequenting the shops.

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NYPD Criminal History Search on Adrian Schoolcraft, Father and Sister May Have Violated State Rules, Records Show

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Two weeks ago, the Voice reported that the NYPD performed criminal records searches on whistle-blowing police officer Adrian Schoolcraft, his father, Larry, and his sister during the course of an administrative, non-criminal investigation into Schoolcraft's decision to leave work an hour early back in 2009. Now, we're a little closer to knowing whether the police violated state rules in performing those searches.

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Horsone Moore, Inmate, Commits Suicide in City Jail

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A parolee with a long history of mental health issues hung himself in a special unit for mentally ill inmates in a Rikers Island jail, the Village Voice has learned.

Horsone Moore, 35, of Brooklyn, was found dead at the Anna M. Kross Correctional Facility less than 48 hours after entering the jail system. He was arrested October 11 for violating his parole.

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Adrian Schoolcraft, NYPD Whistleblower, Gets Law and Order: SVU Treatment

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Well, folks, last week, the Adrian Schoolcraft saga finally made it into the "ripped from the headlines" realm of Dick Wolf's television empire with an episode of Law and Order: SVU titled "Internal Affairs" that aired October 9.

This episode is a curious mash-up of three stories that have carried their share of headlines over the past three years: Schoolcraft, who blew the whistle on manipulation of crime statistics; the "rape cops" case involving Police Officers Mata and Moreno, who were acquitted of sexually assaulting an intoxicated young woman; and the initial cover-up of sexual assault in upper Manhattan.

Read on, then, for an recap of the episode, annotated for the Hollywood treatment vs. what really happened.

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Related Companies Gets Massive Tax Exemption for Shopping Mall, Skyscraper at Hudson Yards

Remember that $328 million subsidy for a shopping mall and skyscraper being developed by the Related Companies? Well, as expected, the city's Industrial Development Agency went ahead and approved the massive giveaway despite questions about its propriety.

The 25-year tax exemption comes on top of a $106 million tax break for another skyscraper on the site. The project is also getting $3 billion in city bonds to extend the 7 subway line. The snail's pace of building the platform, which will undergird the 13.3 million-square-foot project, has already cost the city more than $100 million in taxes it expected to have collected by now.

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Larry Davis Jr., Correction Captain, Indicted for Inmate Assault; Case Draws Union Criticism

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Last week, a Bronx grand jury indicted Correction Captain Larry Davis Jr. for hitting an inmate with a baton after the inmate assaulted Davis's brother, who is a correction officer working in the same jail, the Village Voice has learned.

The criminal case against Davis has sparked a wave of criticism of Bronx prosecutors, the DOC, and the Department of Investigation from Correction Department unions, who argue that he is being unfairly treated.They say Davis Jr. simply had an lapse in judgment, fully cooperated with the investigation, and gave statements admitting to the misconduct. And they criticize the department for assigning the two brothers to the same jail.

Read on for the full story.

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Ken Tarr, Serial Hoaxer, Now Scamming Would-Be Coaches

Our friend Ken Tarr, about whom we wrote at length in June, has a new scam rolling. As Voice readers may recall, Tarr got himself on to eight reality TV shows in six months with amusing stories that carnivorous TV producers failed to recognize as fake (or didn't care).

Now Tarr has turned to the sports arena.

Steven Mauriello, NYPD Deputy Inspector and Adrian Schoolcraft's Antagonist, Takes Off the Kid Gloves

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Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello, the main antagonist of whistleblower cop Adrian Schoolcraft, has broken a long public silence, and is fighting back against Schoolcraft's allegations in recently filed court papers, the Village Voice has learned.

Mauriello [pictured at far left with Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly] was Schoolcraft's commander in the 81st Precinct in Brooklyn. During the three years since Schoolcraft sued Mauriello, other police bosses and the city, Mauriello has remained largely quiet, expect to deny Schoolcraft's claims. Now, in a motion for counterclaims, his lawyer Walter Kretz accuses Schoolcraft of mounting a manipulative "revenge campaign" against Mauriello. (In the motion, Kretz cites a book by this reporter, titled "The NYPD Tapes," among other documents.)

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Charles Hynes, Brooklyn D.A., Goes Negative in Effort to Resurrect Campaign

Call it the battle of questionable campaign aides. The campaign of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes and that of Ken Thompson, the man who beat him in the democratic primary, are trading attacks around claims that each campaign used politically connected operatives with criminal records in their runs.

The 23-year incumbent Hynes lost to former federal prosecutor Thompson by 11 points what was the biggest upset of this year's primary election. Hynes still held the Republican and Conservative lines in the general election. After initially saying he'd step out gracefully, even personally telling Thompson that he would, he abruptly changed his mind and started campaigning.

He is slated to officially announce what an aide described as an "aggressive and enthusiastic" campaign Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, Thompson on Monday received an endorsement from Senator Charles Schumer, who lauded "Thompson's commitment to justice, unquestioned integrity and experience protecting the public."

Read on.

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